More from the Prius press launch…

As Darryl’s just explained, I’m holding the fort back at Today/Tomorrow Towers while he, Tom and our film makers capture the events at the Prius’ European press launch in Stockholm.

A few technical hitches mean that Tom hasn’t been able to provide the Twitter updates we hoped to bring you, but that didn’t stop him putting finger to keyboard and keeping track of his thoughts. Here are his impressions of yesterday:

Just arrived a few minutes ago after sat nav nightmare through the centre of Stockholm which saw Jo (film maker) and I take an hour extra to arrive at the staging post for refreshments, before heading on to Yasuragi (hotel).

I had a good drive of the car, and after the initial acclimatisation process found it drives really well – though I’m sure you knew this. Driving through the Stockholm streets was pretty impressive – even if I did see a few of the same roads too many times. And I could do without crossing another bridge for a while.

For the onward leg to the hotel after our stop, the Sat Nav lady stopped talking to us. Must have upset her.

Arrived at the rather clever hotel to find rogue’s gallery of the three generations of Prius. Amazing how far it’s come in just a few years.

The new body shape – the only car in the world which doesn’t look rubbish in white? – is a real development of the previous Prius.

Going to a Q+A session in a few minutes, and after that hopefully will get a word with UK Toyota MD Miguel Fonseca, who seems a friendly chap.

Jo got some good footage of the beating heart of Stockholm as we went off-piste, including moody shots of the angelic Prius reflected in shopfronts etc.

Darryl’s coordinating it all for us, so we won’t miss any tricks!

Meanwhile, the rest of us are keeping busy preparing for upcoming events in the UK, and following up your questions – more answers, more news, more photos and more video soon!

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