Prius named Top Gear City Car of the Year


It’s been a great week for Prius. The full hybrid made the Green Car Journal Green Car of the Year shortlist and then was named WhatGreenCar Car of the Year, and now it has another award to its name: Top Gear City Car of the Year.

Announced in a special issue of the magazine, the awards are selected by the Top Gear TV, magazine and online teams, who aim to honour the most exciting and innovative cars to be launched in the last 12 months. The Prius is nothing if not innovative; Top Gear praised its technology and the “awesome numbers” of 72.4mpg and 89g/km for “a proper family five-door hatch”.


“You have to admire the Prius. It’s a testament to Toyota that it has refined this car over three generations to arrive at something quite ground-breaking,” said Conor McNicholas, BBC Top Gear Editor.

And we’re inclined to agree. Prius’ ability to run purely on electric power over certain distances makes it ideal for slow moving city traffic (not to mention the improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions that come with that). There is perhaps no better place to put that performance into practice than in the heart of London, where Prius remains exempt from the Congestion Charge.

We think the Top Gear award is another sign of the broadening appeal of the latest generation of Toyota’s full hybrid. New Prius has been in very high demand in the UK, attracting more than 4,000 customer orders since going on sale in August.


  1. Hi Melissa
    Too delivery of my T-Spirit last Tuesday. My Bluetooth connected first time to my Blackberry 8800 and I was able to upload the address book, but on disconnecting, I am unable to connect the device at all. I have tried deleting the phone and reconnecting but to no avail. The phone has no problems connecting to other devices e.g my PC so I dont think it’s the phone. The fact it connected first time means it cant be a compatibility issue. Have you or anyone else got any ideas?

    1. Hi Vin,

      Some tips from my own experiences of BlueTooth handsfree ownership.

      1) If you have problems connecting automatically, ensure “auto-connect” is enabled on the car and that the handsfree kit is authorise (on the phone) to automatically make Bluetooth connections.

      2) Ensure the phone isn’t connected to any other BlueTooth devices. I’ve sometimes had the odd problem and found that I had mistakenly left my headset turned on.

      3) Try a manual connection, if it fails the problem could be on either end. First try turning off the ignition to the car and fully reboot the system. Try connecting again. If that fails, reboot the phone and try again. The bluetooth stacks on phones have a tendency to crash, in my experience and a reboot will often fix it.

      4) If deleting a Bluetooth device, to start again, ensure it’s deleted from both ends – i.e. on the phone AND the car. Otherwise, one device will still have a pairing which it will try to re-use and this will confuse things no end.

      It’s definitely a positive thing that it did work once and I’m quite confident that the Bluetooth hung on one end or the other afterwards.

      So, in short, I’d recommend you delete the pairing from both ends and then reboot both devices and try again. When pairing successful, ensure auto-connect enabled on the car and that the car is fully-authorised on the phone handset.

      Good luck!

      1. Ben,
        You seem to be an expert so hopefully you will be able to help me.
        I took delivery of my prius today, and being a bit of a technophob it is like the starship enterprise at the moment. It has the sat nav and hard drive and i was reading one of your postings about ripping cd’s into it, how the hell do I do this, any chance of an idiots guide of how to do, with the emphasis on idiots guide.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Can you please clarify which model Prius you have? Is it a T3 or a T-Spirit?

    For further clarification, can you confirm which cable you are using to connect your iPod to your car? Is it using a USB cable or a 3.5mm headphone jack plug? When connected, can you successfully skip tracks using the steering wheel controls?

    With regard the Bluetooth query, you are require to send the contact information from the phone handset to the car – instructions for how to do this would be provided by your phone handset manufacturer.

    You seem to have already found the option on the car end of the system to initiate the transfer, at this point you would then choose the option on your phone to send the contacts. The exact results will vary, depending on which handset you are using.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Could you please tell me which model iPod you have connected to your Prius Integration Kit, as I have just taken delivery of my New T-spirit tried connecting my iPod classic does not connect why !!

    Charles Lea

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