Prius: still Japan’s best seller

Although the Prius only launched in Japan on 18 May, it sold so well that it became the country’s best seller for the entire month. And while the car’s had all of June to notch up sales, it’s still great to see that it’s repeated the feat.

Figures from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association reveal that 22,292 Prius were bought in June, almost 9,000 more than its nearest rival and way ahead of any other hybrid cars.

That’s not the only good news for the next Prius, though. At the end of June, it was awarded Car of the Year 2009 by

The judges were impressed with several of the 10-car shortlist – including the iQ which, despite being described as a two-seater in the video above, can comfortably seat three adults and a child. Though they commended three cars, they agreed that new Prius ‘stood head and shoulders’ above the rest.

“This year’s judges… were unanimous in their acclaim for the new Prius,” said WhatGreenCar managing editor Dr Ben Lane.

“In addition to the new model’s best-in-class cradle-to-crave environmental credentials, the panel particularly commented on the way the car seamlessly integrates green features as part of its design.

“If Apple made a car, it would probably be the third generation Prius,” he added.


  1. I was invited to the Prius event at Mira Nuneaton on the 11th of July 2009 – I was most impressed with the whole day – the 30+ white Prius peeling off in order left a lasting impression. The whole event was extremely well organised and a unique experience – however the driving was, of course, the icing on the cake. Having been driving the 2nd generation Prius for only 11 months and have already covered 18,000 miles and experiencing 48.6 miles per gallon since new I am truly a convert (I have even had to tax it recently – had to save up for the £15.00 bill!!)- there was nothing about the car nor the event that I could, or want to complain about – suffice to say I am talking to my Toyota dealer and will be placing an order for my 2nd new car in less than a year in the very near future – well done Toyota!!

  2. I attended the Prius pre-launch event at MIRA on 9th July. This was an early evening event and I wish it had started earlier as I had a long way to travel home. That however, is the only criticism I have of a very well run presentation and demonstration. It was an absolute pleasure to see and drive a very advanced motor car. It may have almost the identical shape as the present Prius but the technical improvements are considerable and the package is very very impressive.
    I love driving my Prius and long to be able to move on to the latest model when I can.

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