New Toyota Prius price and specifications announced

The all-new, fourth generation Toyota Prius is available to order now and will arrive on UK roads in March 2016, priced from £23,295.

Read on for the first details on the equipment specifications and grade line-up.

True to Prius’s tradition of being a pathfinder for advanced technologies, the new model combines an improved, more efficient full hybrid powertrain with a number of new safety, comfort and convenience features. It also displays a striking new look inside and out, with sleek exterior lines and a low stance made possible by the Toyota New Global Architecture chassis.

As well as being technically advanced, stylish and well-equipped, new Prius remains a thoroughly practical car that is easy and enjoyable to drive.

Toyota Prius 2016 equipment specification

Prius has an established role as Toyota’s technology ambassador and the fourth generation model remains true to this tradition, complementing its advanced hybrid powertrain with a range of innovative features for safety, comfort and convenience.

Toyota has introduced a new grade line-up for the 2016 Prius, strengthening its appeal for business car drivers with new Business Edition and Business Edition Plus versions. Active and Excel versions are the entry point and top of the range models respectively.

All Prius models have LED headlights with Automatic High Beam, electric driver’s seat adjustment, Smart Entry with push-button start and the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with touchscreen control and DAB radio reception. An enhanced Toyota Safety Sense package is also standard, as detailed below.

A new dual-zone air conditioning system is also standard, equipped with a function that detects whether the front passenger seat is occupied and automatically adjusts air vent opening and air flow accordingly, for more efficient and energy-saving operation.

Higher grade models gain more advanced features, such as a colour head-up display (a Toyota first), wireless phone charger, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert, heated front seats and an auto-dimming rear view mirror.

New Prius marks the first European appearance of SIPA, Toyota’s new Simple Intelligent Park Assist system. As well as providing automatic steering into a parallel or series parking space, the system can also help the driver exit a tight space. An automatic braking system provides a safeguard against colliding with parked vehicles or obstacles.

Key features of Active grade models include: –

  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • Dual-zone automatic air conditioning
  • Smart Entry (driver’s door) and push-button start
  • LED headlights
  • Toyota Touch 2
  • DAB radio
  • Electrically adjustable driver’s seat
  • Driver’s seat lumbar adjust
  • Dual 4.2-inch colour TFT multi-information displays
  • Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Road Sign Assist
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Automatic High Beam

Additional/enhanced features on Business Edition grade models include: –

  • Soft-touch cabin trim
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Smart Entry (all doors and boot)
  • Colour head-up display
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Heated front seats
  • Leather steering wheel trim
  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror

Business Edition Plus adds the following: –

  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Toyota Touch 2 with Go (satellite navigation and connectivity functions)
  • Simple Intelligent Park Assist
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • The new Prius Excel is additionally equipped with: –
  • Leather upholstery
  • JBL premium audio system
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Toyota 2 with Go Plus (satellite navigation and connectivity with added functions)

Prius Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense provides an integrated package of safety warning and assistance systems on all versions of new Prius, with the addition of two new features.

A radar-controlled Adaptive Cruise Control system is included, which automatically keeps the car a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and the pre-collision warning system is able to detect pedestrians in the car’s path, as well as other vehicles. These are in addition to the Pre-Collision Brake Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Alert, Road Sign Assist and Automatic High Beam.

New Prius colours and trims

New Prius is available in seven exterior colours, including Hypersonic Red, a new pearlescent shade that offers extra depth and reflective qualities. The interior is available in Cool Grey or Black, with matching trim and cloth upholstery. Leather seats (Excel grade) are in Cool Grey with black shoulder sections, or Black with contrast blue stitching.

New Prius option packs

A number of option packs are available for new Prius to add style, protect the cabin and bodywork and provide extra in-car entertainment.

The Parking Pack (£350, Active and Business Edition) equips the car with front and rear parking sensors, while the Protection Pack (£300, all versions), adds front and rear mudflaps, scuff plates, a rear bumper protection plate and a boot liner.

Customers can also opt for a Black or Chrome Pack (£350, all versions), which adds rear diffuser, front fog lamp and side sill trims in a piano black or bright chrome finish.

A range of integrated rear seat entertainment options is available, including single or twin iPad holders and DVD players. These can be specified for all models in the range.

New Prius orders and pricing

The new Prius is available to order now, with deliveries to customers from 1 March next year. Find out more at

See the full Prius price list for the new range below.

Prius Active£23,295
Prius Business Edition£24,195
Prius Business Edition Plus£25,995
Prius Excel£27,450


  1. Hi juat want to ask how many % is the rear window tint of toyota business edition plus , is it can pass the requirements for a private hire car when getting a license?thanks

    1. Hi Renato. Unfortunately we cannot say whether it will officially pass the requirements set by a different organisation. We would expect it to, given the Prius’ popularity as a private hire car, but we recommend you contact the people who issue licences to confirm. Please let us know if you need any further information from us to assist. Thank you.

      1. Do you know exactly how many percent is the tint for the car toyota prius business edition plus ?

      2. Hi Renato – we believe we’ve also been talking to you on Facebook, where your question has been answered. Thanks!

  2. I have booked a test drive in the new Prius. I have owned both a Gen2 and Gen3 now own a Hybrid Auris Excel Ts. All the previous cars suffered from reflections in the side windows from brightwork around the dash. Are the caps to replace the awful white plastic bits on the steering wheel and consultancy available in uk yet?

    1. Hi Ian. We hope you enjoy your test drive, and would love to know your thoughts! Interior inserts are due in November, although this is subject to change.

      1. I did enjoy my test drive. It is a vast improvement on the Gen3 and the demonstration car showed an average of 64mpg even on 17″ wheels. Very good to drive and the first hybrid to feel quick. The interior trim is however awful. Sanitary white and piano black should not be in a car. The colours available in uk are also not good. I have not seen the red, the blue is too dark, silver the same as all other Prius,s Uber colours. It is obvious GB do not expect sales from private buyers. Then there are the options. No option for sensors on the Business ? No front camera on any.
        Very nice car, let down by lack of thought into the benefits of the features and choice of options.

      2. Hi Ian,
        Glad you enjoyed your test drive. Thanks for all your feedback! We will pass it on.

  3. I have now driven two demonstration cars both on 17″ wheels. Still like the car but where can I find one to test on 15″ wheels.? I find it odd that anybody would sacrifice 9mpg to drive a hybrid. I can not find anybody who has driven one on both set of wheels who can give me an honest opinion. Is there a Toyota place in the north where we can see all versions, colours, and drive on both size wheels.?

  4. Hi Ian,
    We’re looking into this for you and will get back to you when we have heard back from our customer relations team!

    1. Hi Ian,
      Our team have advised that we have no guaranteed visibility that the cars may still be at Centres but we can say how long the Centre has had the specified vehicle. We would recommend you approach the Centre beforehand to make sure they still have the vehicle.

      15″ wheels are standard on Active and Business Edition Grade and below there are Centres which may possibly have a Prius with 15″ wheels.

      Actives at:
      Vantage Preston (arrived at Centre 20.4.16), Johnsons Southport (30.9.16), Jemca Sidcup (13.7.16), Vantage York (27.4.16),

      Business Edition:
      Western Toyota Edinburgh East (20.6.16), FRF Swansea (due by month end in October), Listers Grantham (19.9.16), Birder St Boswells (17.5.16)

      Hope this helps! 🙂

    2. I am undecided as to which model best suites my needs. While I need neither sat.nav or IPA I was impressed with the display of parking sensors on the Business + test drive. Is the information displayed the same way on the Business model with the parking pack. Also is privacy glass an option on B+? I liked the B+ but have not been able to test a B with options I want.
      Please can you clarify how the changes to UK taxation and congestion charges from March 2017 will affect Prius models.

      1. Hi Ian,
        Thanks for getting back in contact with us. The rear-view camera display is standard on all models, so the display will be the same. However, privacy glass is not available as an option on any grade of Prius.
        The UK taxation for Prius models with combined CO2 emissions of 70 will pay a first year rate of £25 and a standard rate of £140 following on from that year. The Prius models with combined CO2 emissions of 76 will pay a first year rate of £100 and a standard rate of £140 following on from that year. The standard rate of £140 is the same across the board after the first year of taxation. Hope this helps and if you need any more information regarding this, please follow this guidance: Many thanks 🙂

      2. If registered before 1April is it free for the life of the vehicle?
        It is the integration of the sensors, not the camera I am interested in. Does the Parking Pack on the Business have the same visual distance display on the dashboard as the Business Plus?

      3. Hi Ian,
        Hi Ian,
        Any cars registered after 1st April 2017 will have these charges and vehicles registered before will not.
        After speaking with our product team, they have advised that the front and rear parking sensors are only standard on Business Edition Plus and Excel. As part of the parking pack, Business Edition will get parking sensors that give audible warnings that get progressively louder as you get closer to an obstacle. The visual display is only available on Business Edition Plus and Excel.
        Does this answer your question? Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with 🙂

  5. Thanks to all the information received from Ella I have finally placed an order for a Business Plus.

    I still have not seen any cars in the Red or Blue and have been unable to drive or even see one on 15″ wheels however I picked the Red on 15″. Still dislike the White interior bits but hopefully by the time it arrives there will be a solution.
    Hopefully this will be the last car I new car I buy,as like the other three Hybrids the dealers do not appear to want to sell them, know very little about them, and have no idea what a feature vs benefit analysis is. Its been very much this is all we can get, take it or leave it. If I had found any other type of vehicle as good as Toyota Hybrids I would have lost my patience long ago.
    I am hopeful it will arrive in time to be under my Christmas Tree,but this is a hope rather than an expectation.
    Thanks for all your help and the Owners Club Forum. If it was mandatory reading for Toyota reps and marketing buying a Prius would be a lot less frustrating.

    1. Hi Ian,
      You’re welcome Ian! We’re glad to hear you’ve ordered your new Prius. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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