Taxi safety screen to fight coronavirus transmission 

Toyota has created a new taxi safety screen for use in UK minicabs to help protect both drivers and passengers from the possibility of coronavirus transmission.  

Taxi and private hire car drivers are at risk from potentially catching coronavirus while carrying passengers. The lightweight Toyota safety screen is made from a clear polycarbonate material that can reduce the chances of virus transmission. 

taxi safety screen

The safety screen has been rigorously tested to meet Toyota’s high safety standards, including the full deployment of the cabin airbags. Installation of the safety screens only takes ten minutes by a Toyota-qualified technician and involves no structural changes or damaging of the interior. 

The Toyota taxi safety screen is held in place by large tabs on its lower edge that are inserted into the seatback pockets of the front seats. The screen remains stable and in place during transit at high speed, even when both rear windows are fully open. 

The transparent safety screen contains a central opening flap that customers can use for cash or card payments. Although the main use of the screens will be in minicabs and taxis, the screens can also be used for demonstration vehicles and accompanied test drives.  

During the design process, Toyota liaised with Transport for London to ensure the initial medium-size screen is approved for use with PCO licence holders in Prius models and the full Corolla line-up. Approval has also been granted for a larger screen for use in vehicles such as the seven-seat Prius+ and RAV4 SUV.

List of compatible Toyota and Lexus models

PN1 (Medium): PW710-02001 (TfL Approved)PN2 (Large): PW710-47001 (TfL Approved)
Corolla (HB) 2019/01 FMC Gen12 Prius+ 2014/11 MMC Gen1 
Corolla (WG) 2019/01 FMC Gen12 RAV4 2015/10 MMC Gen4
Corolla (Sedan) 2019/01 FMC Gen12 RAV4 2018/11 FMC Gen5 
Auris 2012/10 FMC Gen 2RAV4 2020/06 Plug-in Hybrid
Auris 2015/05 MMC Gen2  
Toyota C-HR 2016/10 FMC Gen1  
Toyota C-HR 2019/10 MMC Gen1  
Prius 2009/05 FMC Gen3 
Prius 2015/12 FMC Gen4 
Prius 2018/12 MMC Gen4 
Prius Plug-in 2016/09 FMC 
Prius Plug-in 2019/05 MMC  
Camry 2017/09 FMC Gen5  
Camry 2018/04 FMC Gen5 
UX 2018/10 FMC Gen1 
UX300e 2020/08 Gen1 

The taxi safety screens are made by Toyota Manufacturing UK and can be ordered through Toyota retailers across the country. Prices (with VAT and fitting included) are £195 for the medium screen and £210 for the larger screen.

Stuart Ferma, Toyota fleet general manager said: “Transportation services everywhere are having to be adapted to take the risk of coronavirus transmission into account. We recognise the particular vulnerability of cab drivers and have come up with a solution we believe is effective and reasonably priced. We hope that the many drivers who loyally use our vehicles across the UK will be able to make good use of the new screens.” 


  1. Hi, I had ordered this safety sheet from my local Toyota garage 6-7 weeks ago. Gave them my car details, still they order wrong size last Monday and told me new sheet will be fitted in a couple of days. It’s been more tha. A week now and still nothing from them. Their service is atrocious.

    I have lost so much because of this unnecessary delays especially after last Monday when I had to take my alternate sheet off because they were meant to fit new one.

    Even made a complaint about the level of service to their manager but still disappointed.

    1. Hi Atif,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’re really sorry to hear about this.
      Would you like to be put in touch with our customer relations team directly? They are best placed to explore your situation further and offer any necessary support.
      Once again, we apologise that you are unhappy with your experience with us.

  2. Hello,
    Recently I did a request from Toyota in Plymouth, about to install a that Screen partition in my car with registration CV10CYA,
    But the answer were that Toyota don’t do it for my car!!!
    Is it any chance if you could check and confirm that?
    Best wishes Sergio

    1. Hi Sergio,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      The Toyota Centre to which you spoke was correct – we do not produce a taxi screen for the model year 2009 Prius.

  3. Hi, I wanted to find out whether you guys have screen for Prius Reg LT15JHJ, also what’s the price, and what’s the is the difference between medium and large screen.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your Prius should be compatible with the medium taxi screen.
      Prices (with VAT and fitting included) are £195 for the medium screen and £210 for the larger screen, and the difference between the two is the size.
      We would recommend contacting your nearest Toyota centre to order this, and you can find your closest dealer, here:

  4. Hi
    Could you please check your safety screen are compatible with my Prius 3rd Gen FT60TCJ.
    If yes please let me know how many days we have to wait for delivery and fitting once placed the order.
    Are these screen strong enough because sometimes people with mental health issue or too much drunk try to smash them as claimed they can’t breath or don’t like them.

    1. Hi Zubair,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      Your Prius should be eligible to have a taxi screen fitted.
      This can be ordered through your nearest Toyota Centre, and they will also be best placed to advise on delivery and fitting.
      These screens are designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, not for physical protection from passengers.

  5. Hi I have a bmw 218 gran tourer. Could you kindly let me know if one of these shields fits my vehicle.

    1. Hi Rafi,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      Our taxi screens undergo rigorous safety testing within our cars in order to ensure their efficiency, and therefore these are only produced for Toyota vehicles.

  6. hi do you have any protective screen for Lexus IS300 and if so how much will be the cost please ?

    1. Hi Imran,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      Unfortunately, we do not produce Lexus safety screens at this current time.

    1. Hi,

      As it says in the list of compatible vehicles above, Gen3 Prius built from 2009/05 can have this screen fitted. Please contact your nearest centre so they can get this part ordered and fitted for you.


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