Addison Lee builds a large fleet of Prius hybrids

Addison Lee Prius

As London’s leading private hire taxi service, Addison Lee knows that its drivers and customers expect the best. That’s why the firm has worked with Toyota for several years, building the largest fleet of Toyota Prius hybrids in the capital. So why do they #LoveHybrid?

In part, the switch to Toyota hybrid power came from customer feedback and expectations. In reflection of Addison Lee’s commitment to efficiency through technology in the way it manages its operation, clients similarly expect to see these attributes in the vehicle that they travel in.

Addison Lee’s fleet of 400 hybrid Toyotas – a mixture of Prius and seven-seat Prius+ – demonstrate the company’s forward-looking commitment to improving the efficiency of its business and the overall experience for drivers and customers.

“People are very aware that [Prius] is a very ‘green’ car in the market, and people want to be in a ‘green’ car” says Addison Lee’s Fleet Manager, Rob Daniels.

It’s not just the fuel efficiency that creates a love for Toyota hybrids. For the drivers who spend many hours traversing the congested inner city streets, hybrid power can lower stress levels and improve the driving experience.

“When you’re driving such a smooth car, it impacts on your mood [and] helps you to become calmer on the road,” explains Addison Lee driver Declan. Passengers also experience these calming effects when they leave the frenetic hustle and bustle of the streets and climb into the comfortable and quiet interior of a Prius.

Like other companies who run a fleet of Prius hybrids, Addison Lee also benefits from the car’s excellent mechanical reliability.

Taxi driver Declan continues: “I find this the most reliable, in terms of mechanics, car that I’ve driven, and I’ve driven for over 29 years.” This is possible thanks to Toyota’s many years of development and experience with its Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which underpins the Prius’ hybrid performance.

Highlighting the importance of Toyota hybrids to the Addison Lee experience, Chief Operations Officer Catherine Faiers says: “Prius is synonymous with hybrid. It’s the name and the brand that everyone recognises and you know that it’s a ‘green’ and fuel-efficient vehicle, so for customers it’s an important part of the purchasing decision.”

To find out why you will #LoveHybrid, get behind the wheel of a Toyota hybrid by leaving a comment below, and we’ll get in touch to arrange a test drive.

Details in this article were correct at the time of publication.

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