iQ nets first UK award – from Top Gear

In Japan, iQ’s won the Good Design Grand Award, Car of the Year, and most recently Consumer Choice of the Year.

We’re happy to report that it’s kicked off its UK plaudits with a biggie: Top Gear’s Small Car award for 2008.

You’ll have to buy issue 186 of Top Gear magazine for the full story, but the team took iQ to Montauk – setting for Charlie Kaufman’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – giving some substance to recent rumours that the car was coming to America.

“This is a product that perfectly encapsulates the Zeitgeist of ‘Less'”, writes Matt Master.

“It’s less than three metres long, or a foot and a half shorter than the Aygo, in fact. It also produces less CO2 (just 99g/km) and uses less fuel. And less, here, does indeed mean more.”

IMAGE by Flickr user Aurelien Fontalive

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