Hypermiling – we did it – 504.2 miles on one tank of fuel

Thanks very much to everyone who followed and supported us – we had a great time!

UPDATE: 16.15 Wednesday 28 January 09

The boys finally had to call it a day on a lay-by just outside Oxford a couple of minutes ago. They’ve managed to get 504.2 miles out of their single tank of fuel, and tagged 18 cities along the way. Official figures for the fuel efficiency – 65.7mpg – said they’d only make 462 miles. But apparently, 72mpg is not too much to ask of iQ. Simon and Mark will be blogging in more detail about the hypermile challenge soon.

UPDATE: 15.00 Wednesday 28 January 09

Simon and Mark have just reported that they’ve passed the 462 mile mark . . . so every mile they now do is beating the official fuel efficiency stats for iQ. They’ve got 20 miles to go to Oxford and their 18th city. Keep going boys!

11.30am Wendesday 28 January 09
Simon and Mark set off bright and early this morning from Gloucester, heading (hopefully) to Hereford, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford and . . . just maybe . . . London.

Twitters from the car this morning report that although they’ve just tagged Worcester, they’re now down to their last bar and the iQ’s six-bar fuel gauge (the second to last one disappeared at 360 miles). It’s looking tight!

The main obstacles in their path? “Hills, corners, other drivers, red lights, rough roads, standing water, human physiology,” says Simon.

Follow the challenge – will we reach 18, sorry 19, cities on one tank of fuel?

You can keep up to speed with the progress of Simon and Mark on the iQ Hypermile challenge by checking back here – we’ll update regularly – or by following the This is iQ Twitter feed.

Simon and Mark will be updating GPS data regularly here.

And there are plenty of pictures to enjoy in the This is iQ Flickr feed.


  1. Well I know they reached the City of Wolverhampton today. I saw it on the A4123 Birmingham New Road inside the city limits!!

  2. Some quick arithmetic tells me that’s about 810 km on 32 litres of fuel. Given the amount of city and rush-hour traffic you say you’ve taken in, pure motorway driving (at the speed limit or slightly less) and empty roads should get you considerably further… which I find intriguing, as I have to do an 830 km trip every now and then. My current car can do that on one tank with a bit of careful driving – but that’s a 65 litre tank.

    Not that I can afford to buy an iQ, of course…

  3. Your maths is sound Julius, but we did brim the fuel tank, so we had a little extra fuel in the filler pipe!

    We realised during the attempt exactly how much harder it is to drive efficiently in heavy city traffic. On the motorways at 60mph or so it was easy to keep the car’s real-time economy figure above 60mpg for most of the time. Headwinds and hills took their toll, but we’re sure we would have managed a lot further had we stuck to trunk roads only.

  4. Excellent work fellas! You’d probably trip the “suspicious data” filters at fuelclinic.com with numbers like that 🙂

    – Doc Miles

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