Hypermile halfway

It’s late, we’re safely ensconced in hotel rooms in Gloucester, and really we should be going to sleep. But first to bring you up to date with how we’ve done.

Gloucester is, unexpectedly, our 12th city, as we hadn’t realised that Newport (which we passed through on the way from Cardiff) was a city. Apologies Newport.

We’re happy with the way today went, although just before we got here the fuel gauge ticked down below half way. We’re hoping it’s a pessimist.

Tomorrow we start earlier than we managed today. We’re fairly confident of reaching Oxford, but not so sure about London. Fortunately, there’s more open road and fewer cities, so we hope we’ll do a little better.

It feels like the traffic’s been against us, and the weather certainly has, but iQ has honestly been a joy. It didn’t seem phased, even when rain was blatting down on us in Wales. And again when we left Wales.

And now.

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