2018 Toyota RAV4: More hybrid models lead revisions updated SUV

Toyota’s petrol-electric hybrid power is proving the number one choice for customers buying a new RAV4, accounting for two-thirds of UK sales of the compact SUV. From October there will be even more versions to choose from, as hybrid becomes available across the entire range of new 2018 Toyota RAV4 models.

Extending the hybrid choice is part of a programme of strategic changes to the RAV4 line-up that will make it an even more attractive prospect, perfectly in tune with customer preferences. Key changes include a new grade structure, revised equipment specifications, option packs and additional colour choices.

2018 Toyota RAV4

2018 Toyota RAV4: new grade structure

Toyota’s ground-breaking introduction of the RAV4 Hybrid last year caught the public’s imagination, with customers proving eager to experience the benefits of petrol-electric hybrid power in a compact SUV. Hybrids are currently accounting for two-thirds (65.3%) of all RAV4 sales.

For 2018, hybrid power is available across all new model grades: Icon and Icon Tech versions have front-wheel drive, while Design and Excel versions also offer the choice of Toyota’s compact, lightweight and energy-saving E-Four electric all-wheel drive system.

The line-up continues to feature 2.0 D-4D diesel front-wheel drive models and 2.0-litre Valvematic petrol power with CVT automatic gearbox and mechanical all-wheel drive.

2018 Toyota RAV4

2018 Toyota RAV4: equipment features

The 2018 RAV4 offers impressive equipment features, with slight revisions to match the new grade structure.

The new entry-level Icon grade (see above image) is equipped with the Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with a seven-inch touchscreen, six-speaker audio, Bluetooth, DAB reception and reversing camera. It also comes with Toyota Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance features, Smart Entry and push-button start, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, dusk-sensing headlights, rain-sensing wipers and a power tailgate with a height memory setting ideal when the backdoor is regularly opened in a confined area, such as a domestic garage or multi-storey car park.

Icon Tech models additionally feature navigation and connectivity functions within the Toyota Touch 2 package.

The new RAV4 Design models ride on 18-inch machined-face black alloys and are fitted with LED headlights with automatic levelling. Black leather and Alcantara upholstery are used for the seats, door trims and armrests and the front seats are power-slide-adjustable with integrated heating and lumbar support.

At the top of the range, Excel grade (below) adds high-gloss black 18-inch 10-spoke alloys and matching black door mirror casings and underruns. Black, beige or grey leather upholstery can be specified and the driver’s seat gains a memory function. The multimedia system has additional functions, such as voice recognition, text-to-speech and 3D maps. Safety provisions are enhanced with the addition of a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

2018 Toyota RAV4

2018 Toyota RAV4: option packs and colours

The RAV4 Design can be specified with a Visibility Pack, equipping the vehicle with a Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Panoramic View Monitor. For Excel models, a new Assist Pack provides a hands-free, ‘kick-activated’ tailgate and panoramic view monitor.

The Panoramic View Monitor is a new feature for RAV4, helping make parking and manoeuvring easier. It combines images from four external cameras to create a near-360-degree, 3D view of the car’s surroundings, presented on the central multimedia screen. The driver can choose from two viewing modes: moving view and see-through view, to check for any obstacles or hazards that are out of their sightline.

The 2018 RAV4 is available in a new colour, Tokyo Red (see lead image). A full body colour treatment is available for Design grade models, in Tokyo Red and Silver Blade, taking in the bumpers and wheel arches. The underruns have a contrasting silver finish.

Model range and prices

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 range is on sale from 1 October. The models available and on-the-road prices are shown below. All new RAV4 models come with the peace-of-mind protection of a five-year/100,000-mile Toyota warranty.

Icon 2.0 D-4D FWD 6MT £27,450 
Icon 2.5 Hybrid FWD  £29,005 
Icon Tech 2.0 D-4D FWD 6MT £27,990 
Icon Tech  2.5 Hybrid FWD £29,545 
Design 2.0 D-4D FWD 6MT £30,160 
Design 2.0 Valvematic AWD CVT £32,325 
Design 2.5 Hybrid FWD £31,715 
Design 2.5 Hybrid AWD £33,740 
Excel 2.0 D-4D FWD 6MT £31,405 
Excel 2.0 Valvematic AWD CVT £33,570 
Excel 2.5 Hybrid FWD £32,960 
Excel 2.5 Hybrid AWD £34,985 

All information is correct at the time of publishing.


  1. Can anyone tell me if the 2018 UK RAV4 (Hybrid) can display the speed as a digital number in the center of the dashboard. I see that the dashboard has two analog dials with a digital section in the centre. Can that centre panel be set by default to display the speed? I could do this in my Kia and my wife’s VW. I would love to get the RAV4 and I would really like this feature.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us. The centre panel that you are referring to is the TFT screen, which has multiple options that you can flick though using arrows on the right hand side of the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the digital speed is not included. We will pass your comments on to our Product Team.

    We hope this helps.

  3. I have a 2018 Excel i-AWD RAV4 Hybrid – can you confirm if the rear/second electric motor on the back axle is permanently active at speeds under 7 mph and if slip is detected at speeds between 7mph and 44 mph then it will be brought in to assist? Or will it always assist if slippage is detected at any speed? What impact does “sport” mode have on this second/rear motor?

    1. Hi Zafira,

      Thanks for getting in touch. In order for us to assist you further, could you please provide your Registration Number or VIN?


      1. Hi,

        Thanks for providing your car’s VIN.

        The RAV4’s electronic control unit constantly monitors data such as vehicle speed, accelerator angle and wheel speed to calculate the optimal spread of torque. If it detects a need for more torque at the rear (such as if the front wheels are slipping), it instructs the rear motor to send a precise level of torque to the rear wheels to make up the shortfall.

        Up to 60% of the car’s total power can be sent to the rear axle. So when you’re pulling away, going up a hill or driving on a low-traction surface, having a measure of torque delivered to the rear wheels makes it easier to set off in a controlled manner. The E-Four system can also shuffle torque delivery across both axles to deliver a sportier, more assured driving experience. In other words, the rear electric motor can be initiated at at all speeds.

        Sport mode increases the responsiveness of the throttle and the steering – it has no effect on the performance of the electric motors.

        We hope this helps.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Due to this model being two-wheel drive, this affects the towing capacity. If you are looking for a higher towing capacity, you may be interested in looking at the current or new generation RAV4 2.5 hybrid AWD, as this can tow 1650kg (braked).


      1. Thanks for this info but I don’t understand the answer. It’s a large car with decent torque. 2WD should not stop it from being able to tow. Lots of 2wd cars can tow. My wife’s scenic is 2WD with a 1.5l engine and it can pull 1300Kgs?
        I have 3 and a half years left on my lease so can’t change it. I’m just interested to find out the limiting factor

      2. Hi Craig,

        The 2WD is still able to tow, however the towing capacity is lower on the vehicle than the AWD to protect the hybrid system. This therefore protects the reliability of the hybrid system, which is extremely important to us. However, the AWD is also available for those who require a high towing capacity.


  4. Now that we have 20MPH limits in all cities will FULL RANGE DRCC be a sw upgrade we might expect on RAV4?
    Also DRCC has 3 sensitivity settings – is there an option / future fix to have a 4th setting – dynamic off.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you are referring to Dynamic Range Cruise Control, as explained in the owners manual, it is not designed for built-up urban areas, more for open roads, such as motorways etc. In terms of your 4th setting feedback, we will ensure that this passed on to our product team.


      1. thanks for reply – I do completely agree where 20mph is purely used in residential areas, but Bath – for instance – uses 20mph on through routes within the town one section near outskirts drops from 60 to 20 and to have a limiter would be helpful to keep speed down while looking at the road ( I do not have my Prius head up in the RAV!!)
        Please note the term “Full range” DRCC was a term I saw on a Toyota website as a feature released across selected vehicles in 2016.

  5. RAV4 Excel Hybrid AWD (JTMDJREV20D200006): This is the first automatic car I have owned. With my previous cars in order to stop the brakes sticking/binding when the car was parked I left the car with the hand brake off and either in first gear or reverse. With the RAV I leave it in park and with the hand brake applied however I find that the brakes then stick and need the car’s movement to unbind themselves when I start it up again – how can I stop this happening in the RAV. Many thanks

    1. Hi Zafira,

      Thanks for getting in touch. After liaising with our Technical Team, we would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre in regards to an inspection of the vehicle.


  6. All very good but my question was how many break horse power was this car. RAV4 hybrid FWD 2018 ?

  7. Hello my car is RAV4 Excel Hybrid AWD (JTMDJREV20D200006): lots in the media about keyless entry vulnerabilities; does Toyota have any plans to improve security retrospectively to its keyless entry cars or is there anything I can do to disable the system at the moment (I use a Faraday bag to shield the key at home)?

  8. We have had our 2018 RAV4 hybrid for about 6 months and are puzzled by the disparity in the speed limit shown on the satnav and the dashboard between the speedometer and power dial which I believe picks up the road signs. The satnav is usually correct whilst the other one shows speeds up to 110 mph. Is something wrong ?

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