How to set your perfect driving position in your Toyota

Make your new Toyota fit you perfectly by learning how to set your perfect driving position. Correctly positioning your seat, steering wheel and door mirrors provides the best possible driving experience. Also, it helps you to remain safely in control at all times. Additionally, some Toyota models also have a seat memory function for added convenience.

The short films below show how to set your perfect driving position in the all-new Toyota Yaris, Toyota C-HR, Corolla, RAV4 and Aygo – just click the link to go to the specific film. Also, you can read on for a general guide on how to adjust these settings.

Setting your perfect driving position

Adjusting your seat

Begin by starting the engine or putting your Toyota in accessory mode by pressing the ‘Start’ button once.

The seat adjusters are on the seat base. Dependent on your Toyota model, these could be electric switches or manual handles and levers.

For Toyotas with electric seat adjusters, the switches on the side of the seat base are intuitive and easy to use. Firstly, the horizontal switch moves the seat in four ways: forwards and backwards to adjust your legroom, and up and down to adjust your headroom. Secondly, the upright switch alters the angle of the seatback. Lastly, a separate switch adjusts the lumbar support.

A seat memory function is available on some models. This makes it easy to switch to your perfect driving position at the push of a button. Memorise your settings by pressing ‘Set’ and a number on the door-mounted buttons until a beep is heard. Later, you can recall your driving position by pressing the appropriate number button.

For Toyotas with manual seat adjustment, a handle underneath the front of the seat is used to move the seat forwards and backwards. Simply pull up on the handle and move the seat to your desired position. Next, levers or handles on the side of the seat adjust the angle of the seatback and the seat height. Also, some models may have a switch to alter the lumbar support.

Adjusting the steering wheel

Setting your steering wheel correctly enables you to have a good view of the instrument panel and ensure that your arm position is comfortable.

Adjust the steering wheel’s position by moving the lever underneath the steering column to unlock it. The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down, and also forwards and backwards on some models. Lastly, return the lever to its original position to lock the steering wheel in place.

Adjusting the door mirrorsToyota C-HR mirror

Correctly-positioned door mirrors ensure that you have a clear view of the areas beside and behind your Toyota.

Adjust the door mirrors using a joystick or four-way directional switch on the driver’s armrest or beside the steering column. Firstly, select which side you want to adjust by pressing ‘L’ for left or ‘R’ for right, or turning the joystick in the required direction. Next, use the joystick or directional pad to adjust the mirror until it’s set perfectly for you.

On some models, the door mirrors can electrically fold. A switch on the driver’s armrest operates this function, and you can set it to ‘A’ to automatically fold the mirrors when the car is locked. Some models also have a reverse tilt function to give you a clearer view of the ground when reverse gear is engaged.

Toyota Yaris

Watch our short film to discover how to set your perfect driving position in your all-new Toyota Yaris.

Toyota C-HR

Watch our short film to discover how to set your perfect driving position in your Toyota C-HR.

Toyota Corolla

Watch our short film to discover how to set your perfect driving position in your Toyota Corolla.

Toyota RAV4

Watch our short film to discover how to set your perfect driving position in your Toyota RAV4.

Toyota Aygo

Watch our short film to discover how to set your perfect driving position in your Toyota Aygo.

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    1. Hi Lazaros, thanks for your comment.

      We can only advise on UK vehicles. We’d recommend getting in touch with your local Toyota Centre.


  1. At work we use a 70 plate Toyota Hilux, you can manually adjust the driver’s seat position forward or aft or the seat back angle. You cannot adjust the seat height on either driver or front passenger seats. How do you adjust seat height?

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your question.
      You cannot adjust the seat heights on all of the grades.
      Please may you provide your vehicle registration so that we can look into this further for you.

      1. Hi Dave,
        Thanks for getting back to us.
        Please may you confirm this is the correct Vehicle Registration, as our system doesn’t recognise it.

  2. Hello
    I have recently noted that I am not able to adjust my steering rack in and out to achieve my ideal driving position.
    The steering wheel moves up and down but does go in and out and feel stuck.
    I recently had a big service carried out by Toyota main dealer at 44000 miles and they also didn’t pick the problem (perhaps didn’t check the steering adjustment).
    I have a Toyota Corolla hybrid 2019 (reg: FB19KPR)
    Can I check if this a fault? And if so what can be done?
    Will it be covered in Toyota 5 year warranty?

    1. Hi Naveed, thanks for your question.

      Please contact your Toyota Centre regarding this. They are best placed to inspect and diagnose the issue.


  3. hello, I am a new driver and have just purchased a Toyota Aygo number plate LL70. I have adjusted the seat to its highest setting and i am still too low. i am feeling very uncomfortable to drive as I feel its quite low for me? is there a setting I have missed out? also I noticed the seat keeps dropping down again after awhile and I have to keep pumping it up is it normal?

  4. Hi Toyota Support,

    Could you please advise how to activate reverse tilt wing mirror function on Toyota 2019 Design.


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