How many miles can iQ go on a tank of petrol?

iQ’s only been on sale for a couple of weeks, so the chances are you’re yet to see it on UK roads, let alone have a go at driving.

But if you’ve read about the car you may know that with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of just 99g/km, it falls into road tax band A – which is free. According to the Government’s ActonCO2 website, it’s currently the only such petrol-engined car.

iQ’s 65.69mpg fuel consumption also makes it one of the most efficient cars on the road, but just how far can it go on a single tank of petrol?

We’re aiming to find out.

Next week we’ll be brimming the tank and heading off to see if we can beat iQ’s official fuel consumption figures. Matching them will see us cover around 460 miles, but we’re hoping to go way beyond that, in a route that will take the city car to 18 different British cities.

Of course, our hypermiling attempt won’t get that far unless we change our driving style, so we’ll be following the tips of competitive hypermilers, such as Jack Martin.

Jack managed more than 103mpg (equal to 124 miles per US gallon) 124 miles per US gallon (149mpg) in last June’s 21st Century Automotive Challenge. Here he shares some of his secrets.

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