Hilux How To: Correctly Loading the Cargo Deck

With its large and strong cargo deck, the new Toyota Hilux easily handles bulky or heavy loads. Hilux can carry up to 1 tonne of cargo, so it’s important to safely load the cargo deck to keep you, your load and other road users safe.

To help you load the cargo deck correctly and safely, please watch our latest film or read on below for more details.


Begin loading by evenly distributing the weight to keep it close to the centre of the vehicle. Load up to the bulkhead to prevent cargo from sliding forward under heavy braking.

Secure loads with straps that are anchored to Hilux’s tie-down hooks. Cover taller or bulkier loads with sheeting or netting attached to the tie-down hooks to prevent objects coming loose and falling out of the vehicle.

Before you set off, double-check that all straps are anchored correctly and fastened tightly, and then repeat these checks at regular intervals to ensure that nothing has come loose in transit.

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  1. my new 2021 Hilux invincible only has four tie down eyes half way up the side panels. How does this constitute adequate anchorage for 1 ton.
    No tie-down hooks.
    Bed was factory spray coated and fitted with roller cover
    I am looking for drawings of strong points – hidden tapped holes – or other information to fit more adequate tie down points. especially to bed floor

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Hilux Invincible does only have 4 tie down hooks in the bed. There are no hidden threaded holes etc covered by the LineX.
      Only the lower grade single and extra cabs have external tie down hooks.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. I do not believe it is possible to secure a load properly with just these four hooks. They are half way up the sides.
    Just Imagine trying to transport a one ton anvil and having a head on impact!!!
    Also if the side storage boxes are fitted there are only two hooks – both at the front.
    This will be a key consideration when buying my next pickup truck.

  3. Just test drove a new Hilux Invincible X today and boy what a disappointment in the load bed area. How does 4 points half way up the side comply with CE marking? My nissan navara np300 has adjustable tie down points.

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