Hilux How To: Wading through Water

The new Toyota Hilux is an ultra-tough workhorse that is ready to take on any challenge, including wading through water.

Watch our short film to find out how to do this correctly and safely, or read on below for more details.


Hilux can wade through water up to 700mm (27.5″) deep, so if possible, scout the crossing on foot to check the depth.

With Hilux in four-wheel drive, drive slowly into the water in a low gear. Hilux has plenty of clearance to enter and exit the water – it has a 31-deg angle of approach, and 26-deg departure angle.

Once in the water, accelerate slightly and maintain a steady speed. Hilux will create a natural bow wave, keeping the water level low at the front of the vehicle.

Ease off slightly as you approach the other side, and Hilux’s four-wheel drive system will take you back onto dry land.

Finally, always test your brakes after driving through water.

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