hosts Toyota Prius Q/A for the week

The Ethical Living Blog on the Guardian’s website is hosting a week-long question and answer session with the Prius team at Toyota.


We’ll be taking any questions you may have related to Green Motoring, anything from the solar-powered air-conditioning through to Toyota’s future plans for electric cars – and indeed the future of motoring itself.

So pop over to the Ethical Living Blog between Monday and Friday this week to see how the Q/A is going, and maybe post a question of your own.




  1. Very interesting read and good answers to the questions. Makes me even more confident that I am doing the right thing buying a new Prius.

  2. Why do people buy in to Hydrogen cars, can’t they not see that they’re just a ploy to keep us dependent on the oil companies – they are a con. Plug in fuel/electric (or compressed air?) hybrids are the way forward, do most of your driving on cheap mains electricity, and only use expensive oil company supplied hydrogen or petrol for longer trips. Eventually the battery only range will be enough to take you hundreds of miles, and the petrol station visits will be very few. As it is, few people realize that there is already a good battery for electric cars but the oil companies have bought the patient rights and have prevented their use in electric cars (killing off the GM EV1). Didn’t Toyota get fined £30,000,000 as they were putting these batteries in to production when the oil companies move in.

    Even ‘electric’ cars when they come, should have a small engine in them to provide ‘combined heat and power’, heating up the cabin in cold weather whilst extending the range.

  3. Hi there I hope if you can help my Toyota Prius 2012 brake padel not working suddenly I try to put foot parking break on and it’s seems to me not working at all padel comes beck up normally it should stay down When push down by foot no sound it’s feel like freely .

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