Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission now on sale

Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission

You have spoken! Toyota can confirm that a new GR Supra with six-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT) is now on sale in the UK, engineered to delight drivers who love the control and rewards offered by precisely timed manual shifts. Its addition to the line-up means Toyota will offer all three of its GR models available in Europe with manual transmission and three pedals either as standard (GR Yaris) or as an option (GR Supra, GR86). 

To mark the occasion a Special Edition model (pictured above) featuring a Matt White paint finish and a tan leather interior with black accents has been announced.

Customers can purchase the GR Supra manual, the latest addition to Toyota’s GR range of pure-bred sports cars online at

Toyota ambassadors will also be present throughout the festival (23 to 26 June) to answer questions and guide people through the sales process on the spot. Customers can also visit their local Toyota showroom to initiate an online purchase, or they can use their own smartphone, tablet or computer. Sales through the Toyota national retail network will open on 27 June.

Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission

A new transmission, including a new clutch, has been engineered specifically to suit the power and torque characteristics of the 3.0-litre engine. At the same time, GR Supra’s braking control systems and suspension have been retuned for even better performance – changes that are being introduced throughout the model range. 

The new-look range features two manual versions: the 3.0-litre Pro and the standard 3.0-litre, which is lighter in weight by almost 40kg compared to the standard automatic*, adding to the car’s handling agility. *Previously part of the 2021 GR Supra range.

Toyota GR Supra Manual: UK prices

There are two manual models, in standard GR Supra and “Pro” equipment specifications, plus the Special Edition version as displayed at Goodwood. They join the 2.0 and 3.0-litre automatic versions in the range, as detailed below.

ModelEngineTransmissionOTR Price
GR Supra2.08AT£49,495
GR Supra3.06MT£53,495
GR Supra Pro Special Edition3.06MT£55,995
GR Supra Pro3.08AT£57,495

In standard GR Supra trim, the new manual model weighs in at 38.5kg less than its 3.0-litre auto counterpart, thanks to the lighter transmission and a specification that includes 19-inch lightweight forged alloys, enhancing the car’s poise and agility.  

Key equipment features include a 10-speaker sound system, Alcantara seat upholstery, cruise control and front and rear parking sensors.  

The Pro version adds features including power-adjustable seats with leather upholstery, a 12-speaker JBL audio package, a head-up display and LED dual-beam headlights. GR Supra with manual transmission sales will commence on 23 June 2022. 

Toyota GR Supra Manual: The gearbox

The GR Supra’s new manual transmission has been engineered and tuned specifically for use with the coupe’s straight-six engine. The engineering team were able to modify existing transmission housing, driveshaft and gear set components and remove elements that were not required, such as the acoustic package, which further reduced weight. 

At the heart of the transmission is a clutch that has been re-engineered with a larger diameter and reinforced diaphragm spring. With a larger friction area and a stronger spring, this has the high-performance capability appropriate for use with GR Supra’s high-torque engine. 

Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission

The (iMT) transmission uses an intelligent control system programmed with new software that prioritises sporty performance. When upshifting, the parameters are tuned to optimise engine torque at the moment of clutch engagement and release; on downshifts, the software has been fine-tuned for consistent performance. The iMT is set as the default but can be switched off in Sport mode if the driver prefers. 

To avoid a sluggish take-off and a low in-gear acceleration feel, the final drive ratio has been shortened, from 3.15 (in the GR Supra automatic) to 3.46. The result is response and gearing appropriate for sports car performance.  

GR Supra Manual: Suspension and steering tuning

All GR Supra versions, both automatic and manual, benefit from retuned suspension. The measures include more rigid vulcanised rubber in the front and rear anti-roll bar bushes and re-tuned shock absorbers. The mechanical components in the electric power steering and the system’s operating parameters have also been re-tuned. 

GR Supra Manual: Revised centre console and gear shift

The changes to accommodate the new manual transmission were not confined to the powertrain. Close attention was also paid to how the new system could be accommodated in the driver’s cockpit. 

This was not simply a matter of changing one shift lever for another; consideration had to be given to ensuring the gear knob was optimally placed for precise, rapid and rewarding gear changes. 

Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission

The existing centre console design allowed insufficient clearance between the shift lever and the air conditioning control panel. To achieve the perfect ergonomics, the console unit and the control for drive mode selection have been redesigned. In addition, the lever ratio has been changed and the effort required to make shifts and engage reverse gear has been adjusted. The revised layout provides a comfortable 42mm clearance between the shift knob and air conditioning panel. 

The feel of the gear shift in the hand and the weight of operation is part of the human sensory connection with the car, so attention has been paid to the weight and shape of the gear knob and the quality of shift engagement. As a result, Toyota adjusted the effort level to engage reverse and opted for a heavier gear knob (200g) for a more pleasing inertia effect when used. 

GR Supra Manual: Traction control and Anti-roll programme 

GR Supra’s traction and braking have been optimised for operation with manual transmission. With an automatic, it’s possible to use second gear when pulling away uphill when opposite wheels are on surfaces with different grip levels – for example, when the car is parked partly on an icy road margin. Progress is smooth with no rolling back or wheel slip. With a manual gearbox, first gear has to be used and releasing the clutch brings a greater risk of wheel spin. To address the issue, Toyota engineers have tuned the car’s traction control (TRC) to achieve smooth operation like that experienced with the automatic. The system is also optimised for GR Supra’s characteristic high engine torque, wide tyres and rear-wheel drive. 

Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission

A highly agile vehicle with high peak friction tyres may be sensitive to sudden “snap-off” oversteer – something that is hard to control with the car’s vehicle stability control (VSC) alone. To counter this behaviour, an anti-roll programme (ARP) has been adopted for both the manual and automatic versions of GR Supra. This intervenes at an earlier point with the VSC to cover any sudden loss of grip when the car’s high-response suspension setting is used. 

In addition, the Track mode has been tuned to allow for easy drifting with freedom of throttle control. The vehicle remains agile, but then there is less risk of spinning thanks to specific engine and torque control. 

Toyota GR Supra Manual: Braking agility and stability

The car’s behaviour when accelerating out of a corner is a key element in the “fun to drive” quality Toyota has developed for GR Supra. For the new manual version, the traction control has again been the focus of measures to ensure an ideal balance of agility and stability when exiting a corner on the throttle. TRC intervention has been calibrated to maintain stability – the car keeping faithfully to the driver’s intended line – while allowing the right amount of power for a sporty feeling. 

New Hairpin+ function

The ambition to make GR Supra fun to drive in the most demanding scenarios has helped inspire the introduction of a new Hairpin+ function. This is designed to allow more freedom and reward specifically when taking tight bends on an uphill gradient (more than 5 per cent) with a high-friction road surface, like those found on European mountain routes. 

More “free” wheel spin can make such routes more enjoyable to drive, so Toyota has optimised engine torque control to allow a greater difference in the degree of left and right-side wheel spin. 

Weight saving

The standard GR Supra 3.0-litre manual model benefits from weight-saving measures that together achieve a total reduction of 38.3kg, compared to the kerb weight of the previous, 2021 3.0-litre automatic model. 

Fitting the new manual gearbox and new 19-inch alloy wheels saves 21.8kg; a further reduction of 16.5kg is gained by changing the audio system and deleting the seats’ leather upholstery, power adjustment and lumbar support – features that are part of the standard specification of the 3.0-litre Pro model. This reduction enhances the car’s handling agility. 

Revised Toyota GR Supra model range 

In the UK, the GR Supra range retains the 2.0-litre Pro automatic as the entry model, alongside the 3.0-litre Pro automatic. The 3.0-litre manual is expected to be the most popular GR Supra version, with the 3.0-litre Pro manual and automatic models positioned at the top of the line-up. The new GR Supra range also benefits from new paintwork options with the addition of Moareki Grey and Dawn Blue. 

Toyota GR Supra technical specifications 

EngineGR Supra 2.0 GR Supra 3.0
Type In-line 4-cylinder with single twin-scroll turbo In-line 6-cylinder with single twin-scroll turbo 
Fuel systemDirect injection Direct injection 
Valve mechanism DOHC 16-valve with variable lift control (intake) and variable camshaft timing (intake and exhaust) DOHC 24-valve with variable lift control (intake) and variable camshaft timing (intake and exhaust) 
Displacement (cc) 1,998 2,998 
Bore x stroke (mm) 82 x 94.6 82 x 94.6 
Compression ratio 10.2:1 11.0:1 
Max. power (bhp/DIN hp/kW @ rpm) 254/258/190 @ 5.000-6,500335/340/250 @ 5,000-6,500 
Max. torque (Nm @ rpm) 400 @ 1,550-4,400500 @ 1,600-4,500 
Emissions levelEuro 6D Temp Euro 6D Temp 
Transmission GR Supra 2.0GR Supra 3.0 8ATGR Supra 3.0 6MT
Type8-speed Sports Automatic 8HP 51 8-speed Sports Automatic 8HP 51 6-speed manual 
PerformanceGR Supra 2.0GR Supra 3.0 8ATGR Supra 3.0 6MT
Power-to-weight ratio (kg/kW) 7.7:1 6:1 TBC 
Max. speed (mph) 155 (electronically limited) 
0-62mph acceleration (sec) 5.2 4.3 4.6 
Exterior Dimensions GR Supra 2.0GR Supra 3.0 
Overall length (mm) 4,3794,379
Overall width (mm) 1,854 1,854 
Overall height (mm) 1,292 1,292 
Wheelbase (mm) 2,4702,470
Front tread (mm) 1,594 1,594
Rear tread (mm) 1,589 1,589 
Load capacity (VDA l) 290290
Weights GR Supra 2.0GR Supra 3.0 8ATGR Supra 3.0 6MT
Kerb weight – without driver (kg) 1,3951,495 1,502
Kerb weight – ECE (kg) 1,470 1,570 1,577 
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1,710 1,815 1,795 


  1. Just bought one of the last 3.0 manual Supra’s available with demonstrator miles, in poor man spec 🤦🏻 . I chopped in my 71 plate Supra 3.0 pro auto . I’ve lost the full leather memory seats , JLB sound system, heads up display and active lights. 🙏🏼
    After taking a wet test drive in Derbyshire I decided I need the old school manual sport feel if this is to be the last Supra. RIP proper engined sports.

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