Autocar calls Toyota Mirai “A huge technological achievement”

Autocar has driven the forthcoming Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle in Japan and has decreed it to be “A huge technological achievement.”

The publication was complimentary of the Mirai’s driving experience and wrote : “The low-down weight (the Mirai is well-balanced front-to-rear) gives the car a little bit more agility than you might expect and it is keen to respond to inputs at the wheel.”

There was also high praise for the interior design and the quality of the materials used inside: “The surface quality of the plastics seems high…and the large central touchscreen feels right when you’re seated in the car….”

Summing-up, Autocar concluded: “(The Mirai is) a huge technological achievement. It’s a practical, useable series-production hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle.

“…the energy density of the gas and ability to refuel quickly means this technology has much going for it.”

Read the full Autocar review here.

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