All-new Toyota bZ4X makes production debut

Toyota bZ4X

The all-new Toyota bZ4X is the first model in our beyond Zero family of zero-emission battery electric vehicles. Displayed here in production-ready form, this spacious and comfortable SUV will launch across Europe in 2022.

Its arrival will also introduce a new leasing programme designed to cover the principal aspects of ownership – a one-stop concept that is designed to provide peace of mind for people acquiring their first BEV.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X: pricing and specifications

The on-the-road prices for the Toyota bZ4X start from £41,950 for the entry-level Pure model and rise to £51,550 for the special Premiere Edition. A full breakdown of the pricing structure can be found in the table below.

bZ4X Pure FWD £41,950 
bZ4X Motion FWD £45,750 
bZ4X Motion X-MODE AWD £48,350 
bZ4X Vision FWD £47,650 
bZ4X Vision X-MODE AWD £50,250 
bZ4X Premiere Edition X-MODE AWD £51,550 

The bZ4X will be offered in three equipment grades plus a special, high-specification Premiere Edition version to mark its significant debut. 

The Pure grade is the entry point to the line-up, with features including 18-inch alloy wheels, multimedia system with eight-inch display, seven-inch digital combimeter, reversing camera, smart entry and start and a climate control system with remote operation function that lets owners warm-up or cool their car ahead of a making a journey. Options include roof rails and a towing pack. The bZ4X Pure will be offered exclusively with front-wheel drive. 

The bZ4X Motion introduces a rear spoiler, rear privacy glass, power back door, parking sensors and an entry illumination sequence. The cabin has heated front seats – the driver’s seat with eight-way power adjustment – an ambient lighting system and a wireless charging tray is provided. Options include a Skyview fixed panoramic roof, 20-inch alloys and an expanded Toyota T-Mate safety and driver assistance package. Customers can choose the bZ4X Motion with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with Toyota’s new electric X-MODE system, which gives bZ4X class-leading off-road driving capability.

Toyota bZ4X

The Vision grade is at the top of the regular model line-up with a prestige specification that includes five-double-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors with auto-brake function, Remote Controlled Parking Assist, synthetic leather seat upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, power back door with kick sensor and a heated steering wheel. It will also come with a digital key, allowing the vehicle owner to provide access to the vehicle to others by means of a smartphone app. Options include the Skyview roof and towing pack. As with the bZ4X Motion, front-wheel drive and X-MODE AWD drive versions are available. 

To mark the introduction of bZ4X in the UK, a special Premiere Edition model has been prepared. This provides all the features of the Vision grade together with a nine-speaker JBL premium sound system and the Skyview panoramic roof. Available exclusively through Toyota’s online retail service, it comes as standard with X-MODE all-wheel drive. 

Toyota bZ4X: exterior design

The exterior design is sleek, powerful and uncluttered, led by a distinctive hammerhead frontal shape. When viewed in profile, the bZ4X has a low roof and slender A-pillars, while the combination of thick sills and large wheels (up to 20-inch in diameter) express the car’s authentic SUV character. At the rear, the design similarly emphasises the corners, with a distinctive tail light that spans the width of the vehicle.

The design also incorporates aerodynamic elements that manage airflow and contribute to the driving range. These include apertures in the front bumper corners that create smooth air curtains; a full underbody cover; a split roof spoiler and rear ducktail lip spoiler; rear diffuser; and a precisely angled rear screen. The slim lower grille has a shutter that adjusts to channel cooling airflow to the battery and helps reduce wind resistance.

Beneath the surface, the bZ4X is the first Toyota to be built on our new, dedicated BEV platform. Known as e-TNGA, it incorporates the battery as a structural member of the chassis – a feature that creates high body rigidity, a low centre of gravity, and excellent front/rear weight distribution.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X: interior design

The long wheelbase has helped us create a spacious, open and comfortable five-seat cabin that has the welcoming ambience of a living room. There is class-leading leg room for all, with a one-metre distance between the front and rear hip points, while the load area offers 452 litres of storage with the rear seats in place.

Adding to the sense of openness and outward visibility is the slim and low-set instrument panel, which allows the seven-inch instrument and information display to sit above the line of the steering wheel, directly in the driver’s forward eye line.

Toyota bZ4X

The centrally mounted multimedia platform is our latest and most powerful system, offering a 12-inch touchscreen that gives access to cloud-based navigation. It also provides BEV-specific features such as driving range, driving support and charging station details. The driver can interact with the vehicle by sight, touch and voice, while over-the-air updates provide seamless software upgrades and new services.

Passenger comfort is assured by an energy efficient heating system that maximises driving range. Rather than a standard air conditioning system, the bZ4X uses a heat pump to warm the car by drawing heat from the external air. Fast-reacting infra-red radiant heating can also be installed below the steering column and instrument panel to warm the lower legs of front seat occupants.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X: battery and performance

There are both front- and all-wheel drive versions of the bZ4X. The front-wheel drive model is powered by a 150kW electric motor which produces 201bhp and 265Nm of torque; it offers 0-62mph acceleration in 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 100mph. The all-wheel drive model is powered by two 80kW electric motors – one for each axle – that produce a total of 214.5bhp and 336Nm of torque. Top speed is unchanged but the dash to 62mph is reduced to 7.7 seconds.

This new all-wheel drive system was co-developed with Subaru, and allows the driver to select settings for various off-road conditions. These segment-leading capabilities will help the bZ4X tackle the route ahead with confidence, irrespective of where it leads.

We have drawn on almost 25 years of experience in battery technology to ensure the new lithium-ion unit has world-leading quality, durability and reliability. Our development target was to retain 90% of the battery’s original capacity after ten years or 150,000 miles. Such is our confidence in this unit that an extended care programme will guarantee the battery will still operate at 70% capacity after up to ten years of ownership or 600,000 miles driven.

Toyota bZ4X

This is made possible because multiple systems have been put in place to monitor the voltage, current and temperature of each individual battery cell. In a Toyota first, the battery is water cooled, while there are safeguards in the manufacturing process to prevent foreign matter from entering the battery, and further countermeasures to mitigate any material degradation when in use.

The battery itself has a 71.4kWh capacity and is expected to offer a driving range of more than 280 miles (subject to homologation) in the front-wheel drive model. An 80% charge can be achieved in around 30 minutes using a 150kW fast-charging system (CCS2), while an 11kW three-phase on-board charger will be available from the fourth quarter of 2022 to further improve charging performance. An optional solar panel roof will be available in some European markets – potentially generating enough electricity to power the car for 1,110 miles over the course of a year.

Toyota will operate a programme of rebuilding, reusing and recycling for the battery, ensuring the lifecycle of its components and materials is maximised.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X: driving

The bZ4X is the first production Toyota to offer a steer-by-wire system, though this will be introduced in Europe at a later date. Known as One Motion Grip, it dispenses with the mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and front wheels, instead using electronic means to adjust the front wheel angle according to the driver’s intention.

With no physical connection in the system, not only is legroom improved but unwanted vibration from the tyres is not transmitted through the steering. However, the driver still experiences valuable feedback through independent control of the steering torque, with different drive modes programmed with unique steering characteristics to suit prevailing conditions.

Similarly, the throttle is controlled through a wired rather than mechanical connection. It offers the option of single pedal driving using boosted braking energy recuperation to let the driver accelerate and slow the vehicle using only the throttle pedal.

Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X: new vehicle leasing programme

Our all-new BEV will be introduced with a completely new approach to vehicle purchasing and the customer’s ownership experience. It is our hope the majority of European sales will be via a new, all-inclusive leasing contract that covers the vehicle, maintenance, wall box charger and access to connected services, including one of Europe’s largest vehicle charging networks.

If customers wish, Toyota insurance can also be included, along with roadside assistance and vehicle accessories.

Toyota bZ4X

Technical specifications

Type AC synchronous electric motor-generator 
Total output (bhp/DIN hp/kW) 201/204/150 214.5/217.5/160 
Front motor output (bhp/DIN hp/kW) 201/204/150 108/109/80 
Rear motor output (bhp/DIN hp/Kw) – 108/109/80 
Torque (Nm)265 336 
Hybrid battery Lithium-ion 
Number of cells 96 
Rated voltage 355 
Battery capacity (kWh) 71.4 
Max. speed (mph 100 100 
0-62mph acceleration (sec) 8.4 7.7 
WTLP combined cycle (miles/kWh) TBC TBC 
Driving range (miles) >280 >255 
Overall length (mm) 4,690 
Overall width (mm) 1,860 
Overall height (mm, inc. antenna) 1,650 
Wheelbase (mm) 2,850 
Interior length (mm) 1,940 
Interior width (mm) 1,515 
Interior height (mm) 1,160 (1,145 with panoramic roof) 
Load space volume, including beneath deckboard (l, VDA) 452 
Towing capacity- unbraked (kg) 750 


  1. My current car is a 2018 Lexus NX 300h returning 33 to 35 mpg very disappointing not as good as my last 2 2.2 diesel RAV4’s which returned around 35 to 37 mpg not brilliant, I must say that my last two Rav’s were sold with less than 15,000 miles may be not reach there Ultimate performance in miles per gallon with So little miles on the clock the Lexus has 10,000 so maybe the same applies to the Lexus, toyed with the idea of going all Electric and definitely like the look of the bZ4X

    1. Hi Don,
      Thank you for your kind words about the bZ4X.
      However, it is important to consider that on cold days, your car will use more fuel as it warms up, but once it’s reached its optimum temperature, the MPG figures will increase.
      Also, during the winter, you’re more likely to be using the air-conditioning, lights and wipers, all of which will use some electrical power from the battery.
      If you regularly travel the same route, don’t be surprised if you get better MPG figures during the summer than in the winter!
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

        We are Toyota UK and cannot advise on offerings in the US. Please contact Toyota in your area directly.


    2. Hybrids have been the biggest con of all time.
      Love Toyota’s, but fuel economy of hybrid nowhere near a diesel.
      I have a 1.6 Honda CRV and get 70 mpg traveling to work.
      On the motorway get 55 mpg at 70mph.
      My choice would be hydrogen fuel cells, but infrastructure will take years. I am considering full electric, If and when I change car’s

  2. Hi, An excellent start Toyota.

    Will this have any V2G or V2L features like the Leaf and the EV6 respectively.

    Hopefully you will see sense and include all the safety kit as standard, none of this pay extra for blind spot detection, etc, etc. Also why is a reversing camera not standard kit across the range? It is this ‘forced upgrades’ that makes your pricing look seriously uncompetitive.

    Having said that I still don’t understand why cars aren’t fully built to order now – where you just start with a base model and add only the exact spec that you want.

    1. Hi Ted,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Firstly, we do not have any information on V2G or V2L features.
      For your other points, we will pass on this feedback to our Wider Product Team.

  3. Can you help please? I have been following the release of information about the bZ and a week or so ago I found a link that had, I think, four what were called ‘deep dive’ videos presented by Toyota management. One was about the Corolla Cross. Another about analogising toyota product evolution with natural evolution. But I cannot find them at all now. I’ve searched the blog, Europe, Global.Gone back through the big bZ launch presentation by Mr Toyoda but to no avail. Any idea what I’m looking for?

  4. Now you are close to revealing full specs for bZ models, can you confirm, or otherwise the following;
    1) Despite every single image I’ve seen of the bZ showing a grey optional interior, I have been told UK spec is only black. Why is grey not a no cost option in the UK? And can you tell me what markets will get it and why UK Marketing chooses we don’t?
    2) Can you now confirm that the adaptive triple beam headlights are in fact the same functionality as AHB systems as on Lexus grades?
    3) The bZ is 9cm longer and with a longer wheel base than the RAV 4, which provides extra interior space, leg room etc. Therefore I am expecting the rear seats to have a sliding mechanism to allow flexible prioritisation of passenger/boot space. If it doesn’t, It would seem a missed opportunity and a poor omission given some competitors have it.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for your comment.
      1) We are now offering a grey interior for the bZ4X!
      2) We don’t have information on whether the Adaptive High Beam are the same as Lexus I’m afraid. However there are 12 independent LED chips in the headlamps on one side are enabled/disabled for precise control of the illuminated and non-illuminated areas.
      3) May you clarify what you mean please? Would you like to know what the adjustments are for the rear seats/or if they can be removed for more boot space?

      1. Thank you,
        Regarding 2) that sounds like the LED’s function like Lexus.

        Regarding 3) Rear Seats, I was hoping the whole rear seat could slide fore and aft a limited amount to give more boot space and less leg room if required, or fully back to give maximum leg room.

        I hope that is clear

      2. Hi Rob,
        The rear seats are 60:40 folding, meaning that they can be folded forward to make the boot room bigger.
        We hope this helps.

      3. Hi Rob,
        Thanks for your comment.
        The grey interior is a no cost option, but is only available for the Vision and Premiere Edition grades.

      4. Order books and offers should have been available Jan 7th. Why did this not happen and when will it now happen?

      5. Hi Rob,
        Thanks for your comment.
        This was the initial schedule date, however due to unprecedented circumstances, this has been pushed back slightly.
        Please sign up for updates here –

      6. Thank you for answering all my question. If I end up lucky enough to be able to place an order, Vision will be my choice, so will be able to order Grey Interior.

        A small point, I did try to sign again for updates but the link is dead

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