50 Better Ways to Spend Summer – second winner announced

We have named a new winner in our competition, ’50 Better Ways to Spend Summer’ – congratulations to Jonathan Holland, who described an uplifting experience that impressed all of our judges!

Jonathan will be going to see the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

The four day event starts on the 9th August, and sees more than 100 balloons flying over the city of Bristol. Weather pending, the show starts at 6am every morning and runs until 9.30 in the evening.

We’ll let you all know how Jonathan gets on at the fiesta – and on the back of some more positive  weather forecasts, we have our fingers crossed for fine conditions!

The competition isn’t over though so we still want to hear from you with your UK holiday ideas.

If we think it’s interesting, exciting, maybe a bit different, then we may choose you as our next winner. We will then make your idea a reality!

Enter via the official Toyota Facebook page.

If you, like Jonathan, plan to see the Balloon Fiesta this year here are some suggestions for other things to do in Bristol.

Bristol is famous for the street art of Banksy. Banksy is known for his public displays. His art is often sprayed onto walls, and includes striking and humorous images sometimes combined with slogans.

We recommend a self guided tour which takes around 3 hours and takes you into all parts of the city to show you the real works of Banksy. For more details read the GPS My City website.

Based at the Great Western Dockyard, Brunel’s SS Great Britain is Bristol’s number one attraction. The ship lies in the original Great Western Dockyard where she was built. The Dry Dock and a massive fabrication workshop alongside were constructed specifically to build the ship, making it the world’s first purpose-built integrated iron steamship works. For all the details about SS Great Britain, see the website.

Also located on the historic dockside is the M Shed. For the first time, Bristol has a museum dedicated to telling the amazing history of the city, through the objects and stories of the people who have made the city what it is today. Check out the M Shed website, here!

Finally, Bristol offers many culinary delights. We can recommend The Pony & Trap, an award winning country pub. Goldbrick House offers customers a champagne/cocktail bar, terrace, restaurant and rooms. For a truly inspirational seasonal eating experience, we suggest you make a reservation at Casamia. This award winning restaurant (1 Michelin Star) celebrates the changing seasons through their menu and this is also reflected in the whole theme of the restaurant.

And for eating in the heart of the city, we recommend The Cowshed. They focus on the quality of the farming or production methods and the ethics and integrity of the grocer, breeder or supplier.

Check out our online magazine, This Way, which gives inspiration for things to do this summer in the UK taken from some of the best entries to our 50Better Ways to Spend Summer competition.

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