2022 Toyota C-HR and Corolla: What’s changed?

2022 Corolla

Toyota has updated the popular Corolla and Toyota C-HR model lines for 2022, introducing new multimedia technology, trims, colours and a revised special edition. Orders can now be placed for these models, with customer deliveries expected early in 2022. But what detail changes have been applied?

2022 Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s philosophy of continuous improvement ensures that the Corolla never relies on past achievements but is constantly refined to fulfil its role as the perfect partner for everyday mobility.

2022 Corolla

Platinum White Pearl (lead image) and Silver Metallic (below) body colours are being introduced across all body variants – Hatchback, Touring Sports and Saloon – with the added of option of a bi-tone combination for Hatchback models. In addition, Design grade saloon models are gaining a new 17-inch ten-spoke alloy wheel design with a bright machined finish as standard.

For the Touring Sports model, Toyota is extending its partnership with leading bicycle manufacturer Trek. This relationship has already seen the elevated estate take on duties as a support vehicle for the Trek-Segafredo pro-cycling team. But now the revised special edition will continue through to December 2022 with a higher specification and 2.0-litre hybrid powertrain exclusively.

As well as the familiar 20mm raised ride height, wheel arch mouldings and front and rear under-runs, the 2022 Corolla Touring Sports Trek introduces new 18-inch alloy wheel designs and chrome door window frames. Meanwhile, the cabin features piano black door handles, black leather upholstery and a satin chrome deco line across the instrument panel and front doors.

2022 Toyota C-HR

Toyota is updating the mid-size SUV with subtle yet sophisticated style touches. The popular Design grade is enhanced with new 18-inch alloy wheels, while the cabin sees a new combination of fabric and supple synthetic leather with trim details accented in a cool gunmetal tone.

Deep Amethyst is a new colour option available on all grades, and can be specified as part of a bi-tone finish on the Toyota C-HR GR Sport grade.

2022 C-HR

2022 Corolla and Toyota C-HR: now with Toyota Smart Connect

Our latest Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system will be provided as standard or an option on all 2022 Corolla and Toyota C-HR models (pictured below) except those in entry-level Icon grade. Operated via an eight-inch high-definition touchscreen, this new platform takes connectivity and functionality to a higher level with a processor that operates 2.4 times faster than the current system.

As the name suggests, its features include instant access to a series of smart connected services, such as cloud-based navigation with live traffic information, 3D city mapping, highway signage and fixed traffic camera locations. All data and information is delivered via the communications module, so no phone pairing is required for smart connected services and no additional data costs are incurred.

2022 C-HR

The driver can also make use of a new on-board voice agent that recognises natural, conversational requests to operate the multimedia and navigation.

Software updates are made seamlessly over the air and smartphone integration is provided wirelessly via Apple CarPlay or with a wired connection for Android Auto. A four-year Toyota Smart Connect package, including local parking and road event information, over-the-air updates and the voice agent, is included in the vehicle’s purchase price.


  1. I have just seen a video from my dealer of my new Corolla GR sport 2.0l, pickup later this week. It is a white Bi-colour I notice the roof is white although the bi-colour (black rap) has been applied to the aerial and door tops and pillars. Have Toyota changed the look of the b-colour models??

    1. Hi Frederick,
      Congratulations on your new Corolla GR Sport.
      Can we confirm what other colours you were expecting to be black please?

    2. A lot of vehicles are shipped with a white protective plastic coating to protect the paint from bird droppings – normally the roof & bonnet are covered as these are most likely areas to be contaminated during transport from the factory to the dealership.

      Its likely the dealer just hasn’t removed the protective plastic yet.

  2. If I order today a brand new Toyota Corolla GR MY 2022…
    Hatchback 1.8 or 2.0 ltr, both are supplied with 18” Alloys.
    Estate 1.8 come with smaller 17” Alloys & only the 2.0 ltr is supplied with 18” Alloys.
    Please can you clarify if I am correct please ?

    1. Hi Nige, thanks for your comment.

      It’s great to hear of your interest in the Corolla. Yes, that information is correct. Which body style and grade are you looking into?


  3. Hi Toyota,

    Within the next week or so, I will be making an order for a 2.0 GR Sport. Could you confirm that that all the new upgrades mentioned will be in this car ?? Also will I be able to order it in the Deep Amethyst as that doesn’t show on the configurator, and would the roof be black ?? Thanks…

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, orders placed for the C-HR would now be the MY22 variant. The website is due to be updated with the new features and colour offerings shortly.


      1. Thanks for the reply, I spoke to a salesman today and he said, at the moment he is unable to order the Deep Amethyst via the system. Have you got an ETA on this ??

      2. Hi David, thanks for the update.

        We’re really sorry to hear that. The MY22 C-HR is available to order. The team at your Toyota Centre will need to get in touch themselves to raise their issue in placing the order.


  4. I have just ordered a new 2022 Carola TS Icon Hybrid and I am trying to find out what colours Toyota are offering for this model,so far all the links are shown as European,is there any chance you could give me the link for the Uk
    Richard H Woodley

  5. Hey,

    I placed an order for a Corolla Hatchback Excel yesterday, can you confirm I will get the updated Toyota Smart Connect?


    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your comment.

      It is likely that your Corolla will be the MY22 variant which includes Smart Connect, however we are not able to confirm this. Your local Toyota Centre will be able to provide further confirmation on this.


      1. Hey,

        I contacted my Toyota Centre and they confirmed my Corolla will be the MY22, I’m very pleased, thanks for the help!

  6. Hi Toyota, I am planning to order brand new COROLLA 1.8 HYBRID at my local dealership [FISH BROS SWINDON ]. How am I going to tell the difference between 2021 and 2022 model? Thanks MOHIB.

    1. Hi Mohib, thanks for your comment.

      It’s great to hear of your interest in the Corolla. The new MY22 variant adds two additional colour options along with Smart Connect on the Icon tech grades and above. Your local Toyota Centre will be able to confirm nearer the delivery date if your new Corolla will be the latest MY22 variant.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes, we’re pleased to confirm that owners of Corolla models produced since 2019 now have the possibility of an upgrade to their Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mobile integration.

      Get in touch with your local Toyota Centre to get booked in.

      Thank you.

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