Yaris GR Sport joins growing Yaris hatchback family 

Yaris GR Sport

Toyota has revealed the new Yaris GR Sport, the latest addition to the multi-award-winning Yaris family. The Yaris GR Sport joins the Yaris hatchback, the 2021 European Car of the Year and the performance-focused, World Rally-inspired GR Yaris

The GR Sport is available with Toyota’s 1.5-litre self-charging hybrid electric powertrain. The front and rear suspension systems have been upgraded on the Yaris GR Sport, with the shock absorbers optimised to react quicker at lower speeds, improving steering response and ride comfort. The rear springs have been tuned to suppress body tilt or wheel lift under acceleration and braking.

Yaris GR Sport

 The car’s body rigidity has been strengthened with additional underfloor bracing on each side, improving handling and stability. Aerodynamic performance has also been addressed with additional liners in the front and rear wheel arches to reduce drag. 

The Yaris GR Sport is fitted with bespoke 18-inch alloy wheels, distinguished by red accent lines that reinforce the model’s Gazoo Racing association. The front grille has a new mesh design featuring a “G” motif pattern and at the rear, there is a new T-shaped rear diffuser. Customers have the option of a new Dynamic Grey exterior paint finish that’s exclusive to the model. 

Yaris GR Sport

The Gazoo Racing theme continues inside with GR logos on the steering wheel, headrests, starter button and driver’s instrument display. The seats have a new cloth upholstery with red accent stitching; (there is also the option of Ultrasuede™. Red stitchwork is also featured on the perforated leather steering wheel trim and gear shift. There is new GR Sport-exclusive gunmetal silver trim on the door panels, side air vents and steering wheel. 

Yaris GR Sport

The Toyota Yaris GR Sport will be available in Europe during the second quarter of 2022. Details of UK model specifications will be announced nearer the on-sale date.


  1. Hello, i have put my name down with my local toyota outlet and paid a deposit for a yaris gr sport however i can’t find the full equipment list for this model so i can compare with the excel. Can you help

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Yaris GR Sport will be available on our website soon.
      We hope this helps.

      1. Yes I have the same problem

        I was even told in Stourbridge branch by a not very helpful sales person that the Hybrid Yaris Sport is a limited edition and fully sold out!! .. I asked her a couple a times I wanted the 5 door Hybrid & not the 3 door GR pocket rocket

        But looking to see one in a showroom then I can place my order once I know the specs & options

        Many thanks

    2. You need to add the City Pack to upgrade to equivalent of Excel.
      Otherwise, there ate no parking sensors, auto retractible mirrors etc on basic GR Sport.

  2. Toyota,

    Please can you confirm why the optional extras of the new Yaris GR Sport vary on your price list here:


    Vs your build/configurator here:


    To be clear: your most recent price list includes optional extras such as:

    – Hybrid Essential Protection Pack: rear bumper protection plate (black), boot liner, front and rear mudflaps
    – Hybrid Protection+ Pack: rear bumper protection plate (stainless steel), boot liner, front and rear mudfl aps and rubber fl oormats
    – Chrome Pack: front bumper trim and rear boot door trim
    – Chrome+ Pack: front bumper trim, rear boot door trim and side sills
    – 17″ wheels (when the car has 18″ by default)
    – Nextbase front and rear-facing dash camera (Centre fitment only)

    …and more (you get the picture).

    Can you confirm why please and whether you will update your build/configurator?

    On a final note, third party broker, CarWow state all the Yaris models up to Excel, but not GR Sport (1.5), whereas the GR Sport Corolla IS included?

    You can see how confusing/frustrating it is for the customer!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The City Pack is priced the same on the price list as on the configurator at £1,290.
      As for the other accessories, the configurator should be updated soon.
      We hope this helps.

      1. Hi Toyota,

        Many thanks for your prompt response. I was not querying the pricing of the City Pack, but expressing surprise that the City Pack appeared to be the sole ‘extra’ available to select as an add-on on the configurator Vs. the price list which includes numerous options. It really isn’t ideal or clear for the customer, although I appreciate you have kindly confirmed this will be updated soon (with thanks!).

        Could you also confirm whether CarWow will be instructed to add the Yaris GR Sport as a model on their website too? As mentioned, the Corolla Sport GR is listed but given the Yaris GP Sport has just launched, it is understandable that it isn’t there yet, but an indication that it will be added would be appreciated.

        Thanks again for all your help. I’m querying as I am very interested in this model and just want to make sure the correct information is available to me (and other prospective customers!).

        With thanks again,


      2. Hi David,
        No worries at all, we are always happy to help.
        Models such as the Yaris GR Sport that are not on the road just yet may not be available on some insurance websites.

      3. Hi Toyota,

        Given you have formally launched the vehicle, when will it be expected in showrooms?

        Thank you,


      4. Hi David,
        Thanks for your comment.
        Demonstrator vehicles should be arriving in April.
        We hope this helps.

  3. This is how the Reveal GR SPORT should have been.

    Featuring the New Yaris hybrid GR sport.

    The new variant of GR Sport.
    This GR Sport has Slightly more power then the current Yaris Hybrid. Its has a whopping 151HP a upgrade from 116HP from Regular Yaris hybrid.

    Upgraded GR Sport gets a 1.5L Turbo Petrol engine. So you can enjoy the fast responsive acceleration.

    This Yaris now Has 4WD System! giving it better Grip & power on the Roads.

    And comes some New colours added for this car. Lime Green,Fusion Red,Light Blue, Teal.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks again for sharing your feedback on this.

      As we’ve said before, GR Yaris is the performance version. Yaris GR Sport gets visual upgrades and some tweaks to the handling.


  4. Hi Toyota,

    Can i just get confirmation then that the CO2 emissions of the GR Sport trim level will be the same as say an EXCEL trim level, at 98grams?

    And also, that the DYNAMIC trim level is no longer available?

  5. Hi,

    I am about to place an order for the Yaris GR Sport and have a question about the optional upgrade to the ‘Ultra Suede Seats’ and when this might be available? I have test driven the GR Yaris and unfortunately I am not allowed one (unhappy wife) however, the GR Sport Hybrid is a great looking compromise, but I really want the Ultra Suede seats. Do you have any further details please? thank you.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, we are not offering ultra suede seats in the UK.

  6. Hi Toyota, I have already put a deposit down on a GR Sport 5 door Yaris with a very helpful salesman Joshua at Cameron Toll Edinburgh Toyota dealership and was wondering if you have a rough idea when you’re going to open the order books for this model?
    Regards Peter

  7. Hi, we ordered a Yaris Dynamic in mid-November 2021, with June 2022 estimated delivery date. I note that the Dynamic has since been replaced by the GR Sport. “Processing order” is still showing when I log in, with no indication of specific model, just colour (Scarlet Flare Bi-tone).
    Just wondering which car we’ll get!

    1. Hi Andrew,
      If you have ordered the Yaris Dynamic, this is the car you should get.
      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre for further information.

  8. Just picked up my toyota yaris GR sport 5DR HB 1.5 vvt-i just wondering on the V5 it says yaris GR sport Hev cvt other than that its a brillant car to drive should have done this sooner

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Congrats on your new car and thanks for choosing Toyota!

      HEV stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle and CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, although your vehicle technically has an eCVT.


  9. Hi ordered my 5 door gr on 1st March still not got it keep getting told different dates latest one is Oct 12 I googled French toyota it says they didn’t build any in May or June my toyata branch is awful I think they are lying to mr

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thank you for your order.
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on the estimated ETA of your Yaris.

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