2021 Hilux accessories: the widest range of accessories yet

2021 Hilux accessories

Toyota has put together its largest range of approved accessories yet for the 2021 Hilux, offering customers a wealth of add-on features to make their pick-up even more practical, secure and stylish. The choice extends to more than 40 individual items across a wide and competitive price range to suit all budgets.

With items priced and fitted individually, customers are free to choose exactly what they want for their Hilux, instead of having to select option packs.

Notably, each one has been tested to ensure compliance with WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) performance criteria and customers can include them as part of their vehicle finance package. All accessories meet Toyota’s requirements for lasting quality and, when purchased with a new vehicle, come with a five-year/100,000-mile warranty.

2021 Hilux Invincible and Invincible X

The accessories list gives customers the freedom to customise their Hilux, keeping the powerful styling themes of the Invincible and Invincible X models, which feature, respectively, chrome and matt black styling features.

The Invincible can be fitted with a full chrome sport bar and sidebars with integrated steps, plus an aluminium roll cover, while for the Invincible X the same accessories are available in matt black.

2021 Hilux Accessories: Bed utility options

2021 Hilux accessories

The Hilux’s generously proportioned deck can be fitted with a number of useful work/leisure accessories (pre-vehicle registration for convenience), including bespoke lockable storage boxes that fit perfectly against the back edge or sides of the load space. A sliding deck floor can be fitted for easier loading and unloading of heavy items, up to 300kg in weight. For extra security, it has a textured non-slip surface and tie hooks.

The bed and side panels can be protected with choice of liners, in precision-moulded, hard-wearing polyurethane, with optional covering for the rails. Aluminium and spray-on linings are also available.

2021 Hilux Accessories: Bed covers and cross bars

2021 Hilux accessories

Bed covers, both stylish and practical, can also be fitted pre-registration. The leisure hard-top is colour-matched to the Hilux’s paintwork and comes with pop-out side windows and interior LED lighting. A lockable aluminium tonneau cover is a robust and smart option, or customers can opt for a manual roll-cover in black or aluminium, or a soft cover in hard-wearing vinyl.

Toyota’s lockable cross bars are aerodynamically shaped and can be fitted to the roof of the cab, or across a hard tonneau cover.

2021 Hilux Accessories: Tow bars and more

2021 Hilux accessories

Toyota’s accessory tow bars are now supplied with multi-use seven and 13-pin adaptors as standard for primary and second back-up electricity connection. Flanged and ball and pin units are both available.

The extensive accessory range also includes floor mats – in hard-wearing rubber or textile – high-beam lamps, 18-inch matt black and 17-inch machined alloy wheels, an alarm system and dash-cams. Details of the full range on offer can be found online at toyota.co.uk or from local Toyota centres.


  1. I thought if you have to much stuff on the vehicle you take away from the 1000 pound payload. And take it out of being a commercial vehicle. Is that true.

    1. Hi John,

      Payload is a tricky one because there are two types of payload figure. You are asking for taxation reasons and HMRC use the Gross Vehicle Mass minus Kerb Weight figure. For the heaviest Hilux
      (Invincible X Auto) the payload is 1085kg. HMRC only assign a weight to the hardtop, which is standardised at 45kg. This means the vehicle still has a payload of over 1000kgs. Obiously the rest of the Hilux range is lighter, so they have more payload to play with.


      1. Hi
        Before work order me one, could you confirm the payload for the standard invincible. When I build it on the website on the summary, the payload comes up as 1025kg that’s with no accessories added.
        We want to add a hardtop (45kg), which according to that figure would take us below a tonne?

      2. Hi Robert,

        The payload figure on the website is Gross Vehicle Mass minus Mass in Running Order. This figure indicates the the payload for keeping your vehicle legal on the road. We think it is either an Icon or Invincible you are looking at.

        As you are asking about a work vehicle, we assume you are asking for tax reasons. HMRC use the Gross Vehicle Mass minus Kerb Weight, which for the Icon and Invincible models is 1100kgs, leaving plenty of wiggle room for your hardtop!


  2. Is the tailgate of the latest Hilux model connected to the central locking system and if not, can it be retro fitted at a dealership prior to delivery ? Also, can the central locking system also be extended to connect to the hardtop rear window shown on the vehicle at the top of this page ? Many thanks

    1. Hi Alan,

      The rear tailgate can only be locked/unlocked physically, not as part of the central locking system. We don’t have an official Toyota system that can do this, so you would be looking at aftermarket solutions, which we can’t officially recommend. Some of the Truckman hardtops do have central locking and we’d recommend contacting your nearest Toyota dealer for more information. Thanks.

  3. The leisure hardtop as shown above where can I get one from for my new2021 hilux , Which supplier does it come from – also you say you’ve got 40 other accessories – suppliers, Where can I find a brochure / list of please

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks for your patience whilst we’ve checked this out with our wider team.
      The leisure hardtop can be ordered through your nearest Toyota Centre, who will be able to explain the most suitable options for your vehicle.
      For our full range of accessories, we would recommend downloading the Hilux brochure from our website: https://fal.cn/3emhv.
      We are currently selling MY20 Hilux accessories, which means that there is the slight possibility that the option range may differ for MY21 vehicles, but we would recommend discussing your options with your Toyota Centre to check that the accessories you plan to order will be suitable for your vehicle.

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