2016 Toyota Prius reviews round-up

The UK’s car reviewers have delivered their verdicts on the new Toyota Prius and it’s safe to say they think it’s the best Prius yet. Here’s a summary of what they have to say about our new hybrid.

Toyota Prius group tests

Toyota Prius vs Volkswagen Passat, Auto Express
Verdict: First place

“The Prius’ design won’t be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying it looks and feels a lot more distinctive than the Passat. However, the big benefit comes from its hybrid powertrain, delivering useful savings over the conventionally powered Volkswagen. The smooth ride and capable chassis mean it’s also good to drive, and now more refined than ever.”

Toyota Prius vs VW Golf GTE vs Ford Mondeo Hybrid, Auto Express
Verdict: First place

“The new Prius wins this test, but more importantly it has the all-round ability to be an outright contender in the hatchback class. Although the looks are divisive, clever packaging means the cabin is roomy, while the new platform delivers a surprisingly enjoyable drive. The hybrid powertrain demands no compromises.”

Toyota Prius vs Mazda 3 vs Volkswagen Golf, What Car? May Issue
Verdict: Second place

“The biggest surprise is the new Prius. Widespread improvements have brought the world’s best-selling hybrid much closer to rivales on driving dynamics and refinement.”

New Prius first-drive reviews

AOL Cars
“We like the way it looks, both inside and out, it’s arguably a more interesting ownership proposition than the average diesel hatchback, and a vast improvement on the old car.

“If you’re after an easy to drive medium-sized car that sips fuel, the Prius is hard to beat.”

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“Should you buy one? You probably should… This is a Prius better in every that its predecessors… and borders on being fun to drive. Who’d have thought it?”

4 stars

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It’s the best Prius yet – Top Gear

Auto Express
“We may not have been big fans of the Prius before, but we are now. There’s lots to admire in the engineering and technology… And it’s hard not to be swayed by the numbers.”

4 stars

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Auto Trader
“Think you’ve got the Prius firmly pigeon-holed? Maybe it’s time to think again… In terms of improvements, the new car is nothing short of revolutionary.”

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Toyota Prius 2016

“The looks of the Toyota Prius may divide opinion, but it’s an efficient, practical and comfortable car with a smart interior.

“Our pick of the range is the Business Edition model… The soft-touch materials on this model really make a difference to the feel of the car inside and you also get some nice extras such as heated front seats.”

4.4 stars

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EV Fleet World
“Effortlessly fuel efficient and much better to drive, the pioneering Prius is continuing to set the standard for hybrids in the UK.”

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Motoring Research
“If you want a car that’s easy to live with, reliable, clean and cheap to run, the Prius makes a better case for itself than ever.”

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Next Green Car
“From a technical point of view there’s a lot to appreciate and around town it feels great knowing you aren’t pumping dangerous fumes out of the exhaust much of the time. Taxi drivers are convinced of their reliability too. ”

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“Class-efficiency, distinctive design, generously equipped and comfortable cabin and ride.”

4 stars

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2016 Toyota Prius

“The new Toyota Prius is one of the most technically sophisticated cars on sale, yet its passengers will barely notice.

“At last a Toyota Prius we could learn to love.”

4 stars

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Top Gear
“It’s the best Prius ever, the best execution of the everyday hybrid concept.”

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What Car?
“With CO2 emissions so low, this does make a really compelling case for a company car. Tax costs come in at less than £50 per month for a well-equipped mid-spec model, even for 40% taxpayers, putting it in competition mainly with plug-in hybrids and even electric cars on that front.”

3 stars

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2016 Toyota Prius

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  1. I agree with the reviewers that the new Prius is a fabulous car answering most of the wish list items of people like me (a driver of the Mark 2 and Mark 3 Prius for the last 10 years). BUT… Toyota has lowered the seats drastically without putting height adjustment on the front passenger seat. This is a crazy ommission/cost cutting exercise and sadly my wife finds the new seat too low and too flat and uncomfortable. So regrettably we will not be staying with Prius. I hope Toyota Japan will realise this mistake and rectify it quickly, otherwise they may lose quite a few loyal customers.

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for your feedback, and apologies for the delayed response. The lower seating position is all part of the TNGA platform, which has been established to provide a more engaging driving experience. You can read about that here: po.st/JOIkhq. We’re sorry to hear you’ve been let down by the lack of height adjustment on the front passenger seat. This is valuable feedback, and we will pass it on to our product team. Thank you again.

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