Toyota Yaris GRMN reviews round-up

The UK’s top motoring journalists have got behind the wheel of the new Toyota Yaris GRMN at a press launch in Barcelona. Here is a round-up of their Yaris GRMN reviews after putting our feisty little hot hatch through its paces on the road and track.

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Top Gear: 8/10
“As a car to launch Toyota’s new Gazoo Racing brand, it’s a brilliant demonstration of the engineering prowess that will go into future products.”
Top Gear Yaris GRMN Review

Auto Express: 4/5
“The Yaris GRMN is a proper little hot hatchback to drive, with enthusiast appeal by the bucket load. As a precursor to a whole new range of fast Toyotas in the future, it’s an impressive start.”

Auto Express Yaris GRMN Review

Evo: 4/5
“An endearing effort with much to appeal to the enthusiast driver.”
Evo Yaris GRMN review

Autocar: 3.5/5
“What matters most is that Toyota has created a true driver’s car worthy of an enthusiastic following, and that augurs very well for things to come.”
Autocar Yaris GRMN review

Carwow: 7.8/10
“It’s a reliable, practical and reasonably cheap-to-run small car that also happens to be an absolute riot to drive and – had they not all already been sold – could even prove to be a savvy long-term investment.”
Carwow Yaris GRMN review

“What it has proved is that Toyota is more than capable of producing a feisty and focused hot hatch. One that, on this experience, feels about as good as supermini pocket rockets get.”
Pistonheads Yaris GRMN review
“It’s wickedly fun, distinctly different and a bit more interesting than just about anything else of its ilk. What’s not to like about that?” Yaris GRMN review

Motoring Research: 4/5
“Toyota has transformed an ordinary car into an extraordinary one and the future looks rosy for the Gazoo Racing brand.”
Motoring Research Yaris GRMN review

Car Magazine: 4/5
“The Yaris GRMN reminds us what hot hatches used to be about – unfussy, uncomplicated machines with the biggest engine possible crammed under the bonnet and suitable chassis reinforcements to ensure the handling matched the performance.”
Car Yaris GRMN review

Car Keys
“In its own right, the Yaris GRMN is a fantastic and very capable performance machine with an endless ability to put a smile on your face.”
Car Keys Yaris GRMN review


  1. Lovely car that, if my current circumstances were different, I’d snap up straight away. But I can’t justify £26k on a small car, despite the obvious effort that’s gone into its development.

    I suppose I’m also a bit disappointed that the car is a limited run one-off special rather than an actual addition to the rest of the range too – but for the lucky people who can afford one, this is a future classic in the making.

    Hopefully a ‘regular’ hot Yaris is something that will be on the not-too-distant horizon as the world is crying out for a decent hot hatch with Toyota reliability and build quality.

    1. Hi there,
      We are pleased to hear that you are a fan of Yaris GRMN. We have no information regarding a Hot Yaris at this moment in time, but keep your eye out for new updates. Many thanks

  2. I think it’s about time someone produced a car true to it heritage and I will be looking to buy one as we have had Toyota cars and with a foot of snow on still started and the Mercedes had a flat battery the Toyota had not been started for two months says it all

  3. I’m waiting to see one in the flesh & release date. Hoping my car keeps its value up by then & maybe i’ll be putting pen to paper.

  4. Just about the only thing I’m disappointed with in my GRMN is the weakness of the Halogen headlights, especially in rain and on dark country roads. Is there an upgrade to LED or HID?

    Also what is confusing is there is a blog release from Brussels, 08 January 2018 stating the GRMN has LED headlights, quoted here;

    “Toyota Yaris GRMN
    Detailed touches that express the car’s special character include a front lip picked out in red and distinctive black ornamentation for the LED headlights, generating extra visual impact.”

    Now, is this an error or did some markets get LED but not UK?

    Some help and advise for an upgrade would be most welcome.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for contacting us. If you could please provide your vehicle’s reg or VIN we can assist you with this further.


      1. Hi Robert,

        The headlamps for Yaris GRMN are fitted with halogen bulbs. There is also no option to have LED headlamps fitted to other Yaris models or an upgrade option. The daytime running lights and front light guide/clearance lights will be LED, however the low and high beam will be generated using a normal filament type bulb.

        Hope this helps.

    2. Recall on airbags. Despite knowing since 2015. Just received a letter saying metal parts may cause injury if they go off. Purchased about 5 months ago yet Toyota knew about problem since 2015. Need to check your Yaris

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