What is Toyota Smart Connect?

Toyota Smart Connect

Toyota Smart Connect is our latest multimedia platform, which offers consumers more powerful hardware, faster response times, more intuitive operation and new functionality.

Yaris Cross

The system has a clean, clear and simple interface that is operated through a nine-inch, high definition touchscreen display. It offers crisp graphics and easier visibility in different lighting conditions, while its embedded SIM card provides a constant connection to online services. These services are included in the data package provided as part of the new car specification.

Being always-connected means that software and service updates can be automatically applied over-the-air, without the need to return to a Toyota centre. But it also allows the integrated satellite navigation system to provide moment-by-moment information on traffic events through a combination of connected cloud services and community feedback. Following such guidance will help to make journeys as time-efficient and trouble-free as possible.

Smart Connect provides wireless smartphone integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Similarly, by downloading the MyT connected services smartphone application, owners can remotely control a number of helpful features. These include remote locking and unlocking, on-board climate controls and activating the hazard lights (particularly useful when searching for your car in a crowded car park). Owners can also use the MyT app to access information such as driving behaviour data or to set reminders about servicing, road tax and insurance.

New services and features will be automatically added to Smart Connect as the system evolves. First among these is a new ‘Share to Car’ feature, which will allow owners to plan their journey at home and send those details to the car before setting off.

Which models are equipped with Smart Connect?

The new Yaris Cross compact SUV is the first model to receive this new multimedia platform but further vehicles will receive it in due course. The table below provides information on the specific multimedia system that is included in each Yaris Cross trim grade.

Icon 8-inch Toyota Touch 2  N/A
Design 8-inch Toyota Touch 2 Tech Pack option adds Smart Connect 
Excel 9-inch Toyota Smart Connect City Pack option replaces Toyota Smart Connect with Toyota Touch 2 
Dynamic 9-inch Toyota Smart Connect City and Advanced Safety Pack option replaces Smart Connect with Toyota Touch 2 
Premiere Edition 9-inch Toyota Smart Connect City and Advanced Safety Pack option replaces Smart Connect with Toyota Touch 2 

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  1. The dealers I have spoken to say the 9” screen outweighs the extras in the city pack, but I have found the decision on which to have a very difficult decision. Do you have any helpful comments.

    1. Hi Judith,
      It really depends on what benefits of each pack would be best for you.
      The Advanced Safety Pack includes the 9″ Toyota Smart Connect system with Wireless Apple CarPlay.
      However, this doesn’t include features that come with the City & Advanced Safety Pack such as Panoramic View Monitor, WiFi Connectivity, Dynamic Guide Lines on Reversing Camera and Voice Recognition.
      The City & Advanced Safety Pack includes all of the features mentioned above. However, it comes with the 8″ Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with wired Apple CarPlay instead of the 9″ Toyota Smart Connect system.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. It’s as clear as mud, to be honest. Does the voice recognition include talking to Siri on my phone? Does the lack of inbuilt WiFi mean the inbuilt sat nav won’t work? I can happily live without some of the features of the city pack. However, what does the new 9” screen really give me to compensate the lack of other features.

      2. Hi Judith,
        Voice recognition will include Siri if your phone is connected to Apple CarPlay.
        Furthermore, the Satellite Navigation works on GPS and not WiFi, meaning this will not effect it.
        The 9″ Screen gives you the Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system instead of Toyota Touch 2.

      3. Got a question on the smart connect system. Collected my Dynamic Yaris Cross yesterday. Struggling to get system working. On pressing Navigation it says it needs updating. But when I try that it says it’s up to date. I cannot change the clock. Also on MyT it says about the multimedia system to connect it needs to scan a QR code on the head unit where is that. Are my problems because the registration hasn’t been sorted properly

      4. Hi Mark,
        Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new Yaris Cross!
        Our Multimedia Team would be best placed to assist you with this query.
        You can contact them here – https://fal.cn/3eeaN.
        Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      5. Just a bit confused as you explained about the city & advanced pack, you didn’t mention “automatic parking assist”, is this feature available on Yaris Cross regardless of which pack we choose then? Is it included in Advanced pack?

      6. Hi Mike,
        On the Excel Grade, you can Advanced Parking Assist if you purchase the City Pack.
        On Dynamic and Premiere Edition grades, you can get Advanced Parking Assist if you purchase the City & Advanced Safety Pack.

  2. I’m looking to order a RAV4 black edition which will come in Q1 2022, Will the this upgraded be included on the RAV?

  3. Hi, I have read that ‘Fuel Assistant’ and ‘Smart Park’ are features available on Toyota Smart Connect System, can these features be used in the UK?

  4. Hi,

    I am from Romania. I have just ordered a Corolla which, they say, has Toyota Smart Connect. It is something very new and not even the dealer can know for sure what is it all about. Should I expect my car to have a 9 inch display instead of 8 inch, as it was until now?

    Thank You!

    1. Hello, thanks for your question.

      We can only comment on UK vehicles. Please get in touch with Toyota in your local area.


  5. Hi, I’m still confused. On the Cross Excel it has a 9 inch screen. The city pack replaced it with an 8 inch screen. What are the benefits of the City pack and do you need to connect a phone with a wire for voice recognition commands on the 9 inch but not on the 8 inch City pack upgrade ?

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Advanced Parking Assist feature in the City Pack is not compatible with Smart Connect, so it is removed, and Toyota Touch 2 is added.
      Further to this, the City Pack also includes a Panoramic View Monitor, Voice Recognition, Dynamic Guide Lines on Reversing Camera and more.
      Also, when you refer to voice recognition, are you referring to Apple CarPlay?

      1. Many thanks for your reply.
        Regarding my voice recognition question. Once the 9 inch HD touch screen is connected without a wire to an IPhone does it not have voice commands ?
        Seems odd that the City Pack upgrade appears to replace a better screen with the old 8 inch Touch 2 !

      2. Hi Ian,
        As mentioned in our previous comment, the Advanced Parking Assist feature in the City Pack is not compatible with Smart Connect, this is why Toyota Touch 2 is used.
        Furthermore, you will be able to use Siri through Apple CarPlay wirelessly using 9″ Toyota Smart Connect.

  6. Hello,
    I have placed on order last week for a Corolla Touring Sports Exclusive MY22 on local dealer from Romania, Delivery time estimated on 30.03.2022

    Can you help me with one information ? on brochure is written that will have Multimedia system “Toyota Smart Connect” from the Dealer

    It will have this ? or Toyota touch 2 ?

    If you don’t have this information, where can I search for it ?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Ovidiu,
      We are only able to advise on UK specification vehicles.
      Please Toyota in Romania for further assistance.

  7. hi, I ordered a CHR a couple of months ago and at the time asked if there would be any updates to the outdated infortainment system (Satnav) and if there were I would wait until these improvements were implemented, my car will be delivered in the next two weeks and I,m disappointed I will not get the updated version as I have just spent a lot of money, can the old system be updated to the new system?

    1. Hi Graham,
      Unfortunately, Toyota Touch 2 cannot be upgraded to Toyota Smart Connect.
      Please let us know if we can assist you further.

  8. Hi,
    Since collecting my Toyota Yaris Cross, I have noticed that my Apple Car is disconnecting every few minutes, and then reconnecting after a few seconds. Sometimes, I must perform a scan to reconnect my iPhone again.
    Despite updating the Smart Connect and my iPhone to the latest versions, the problem persists.
    Could this disconnectivity be normal or should something be done to resolve it?

    1. Hi Mostafa,
      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new Yaris Cross.
      Our Multimedia Team would be best placed to assist you with this query.
      You can contact them here – https://fal.cn/3eeaN.

  9. Hi. When is the new Toyota Smart Connect Multimedia system coming to the Corolla range? I saw a few online articles from auto websites that its been already included and you can order it, but when configuring a Corolla in your website all body types and trim levels come only with the old touch 2 system. Thanks!

  10. Putting aside for a minute that it’s preposterous for me to have to pay extra for my new Yaris Cross to downgrade the infotainment system in order to enjoy other features, does the Touch 2 give me detailed tyre presure information as the Smart Connect does?

    If as I expect it doesn’t, what other features do I lose? Is there a comparison of the two systems?

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