What do the Toyota Prius, BT Tower and The Narnia Chronicles have in common?

Toyota Prius

In the same week that Vicki Butler-Henderson included it in MSN Cars’ top 10 low emission money saving cars, the Prius has been named as Eliza Doolittle’s car of choice. According to a recent interview in The Independent, the singer admits she swaps her rollerblades, packs up her things and heads out in the car with her friends:

I drive/ride… a Toyota Prius. I know they’re supposed to be environmentally friendly. I’m not sure if they actually are making much of a change, but I love mine anyway. All my friends call it a spaceship. And it is cheaper to run; I hardly ever have to fill up with petrol.”

Toyota’s flagship hybrid isn’t the only thing Eliza shares her affections for – London’s iconic British Telecom Tower, The Chronicles of Narnia and Levi’s all play a part in her life. To find out how, click here to read the full interview.

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