Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R revealed

Yaris Hybrid-R front

The sensational Toyota Hybrid-R concept car has made its public debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Hybrid-R’s 420bhp turbocharged petrol-electric powertrain offers a glimpse of future hybrid engine technology – demonstrating ways in which it can deliver more than fuel efficiency and low emissions.

The three-door “super” supermini pairs a 300bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine with two 60bhp electric motors to provide four-wheel drive – improving cornering speed and stability.

Unveiling the car, Didier Leroy, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe said; “We are the only manufacturer who could take such a bold step… The fact is, more and more people are buying our Hybrid cars.”

“But despite this success, we must continue to focus on delivering excitement and passion. Key to our success on track is our Hybrid Racing System engine. So, we started to dream about how this engine could work in a road car – and this is the result. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R.”

“We are the the World undisputed hybrid leaders. I can promise that this is a position we will maintain.”

Mr Leroy was joined on stage by Daniele Scholachi, Vice President at Toyota Motor Europe,  who continued; “We believe this car could have two driving modes, one for track and one for road.”

“However it is used, we are sure that it could put a big smile on the face of the driver…”

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Yaris Hybrid-R rear

By combining this impressive power output with an advanced traction control system, the Yaris Hybrid-R  also explores the idea that by controlling the speed of individual wheels, The Hybrid-R’s speed, stability and safety can all be increased together.

Though there are no plans to put the Yaris Hybrid-R into production, the way in which its hybrid engine works offers an insight into possible future development options for petrol-electric powertrain technology.

Yaris Hybrid-R profile

The front wheels are powered by the race developed, turbocharged engine while those at the rear are each individually driven by a 60hp electric motor – the same as those used in the standard Yaris Hybrid.

Uniquely, a third electric motor also features, and is mounted on this car’s six-speed sequential gearbox. This 60hp motor provides no extra drive, but works as a generator during deceleration to recover energy from braking. During acceleration it sends electricity to power the rear electric motors.

Inspired by technology developed for the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car, the supercapacitor has been shown to be perfectly suited to the requirements of driving on track, which requires brief and immediate bursts of power.

Yaris Hybrid-R interior

By Dan Strong


  1. I’m sure it has a lot of potential but the words “we must continue to focus on delivering excitement and passion” ring very hollow when Toyota, who I really want to remain loyal to, refuse to produce any cars (aside from one, the GT86) which fulfill this criteria.
    Where is the Yaris TS or 1.8SR or the equivalent Auris? I’ve waited and waited but am now going to have to buy another make because Toyota refuse to produce cars with excitement or passion – very sad and misguided.

  2. I can’t wait to see this car in the flesh (metal)! The front looks epic and I can only imagine it has performance to match. If you need someone to test drive it and write/vlog about it after, let me know 😉

  3. Cars like this are frustrating, bring them out to show they CAN design something that looks and goes amazing, but then bringing out something uninspiring, samey samey and slow. Toyota are miles behind heir competitors now in the style and engine dept. Even manufacturers like KIA and Hyundai are coming out looking good. Shame.

  4. Why couldn’t this get put into production, it looks amazing, sounds like it will be amazing to drive, I would much rather have this than any van built car out there!

    1. Hi Liam
      Thanks for your post.
      Great to hear your comments. No plans to put this into production unfortunately, we wanted to build a concept car that showed the flexibility and our technical knowledge of hybrid technology. I am sure that we will see a sports car on the raod in the future which features this technology but no news at present as to what or when this will be. Keep an eye on our Blog though for any updates.

  5. Sadly, it’s always tomorrow…
    Whatever happened to the good old days of the TS Yaris or even our SR1.8?

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks for your post and it is good to take a trip down memory lane.
      We do accept that this will not make it into production however it does show the versatility of hybrid even though we are looking several years into the future. Good to hear that you have the 1.8 SR.

  6. Thank you David, the only reason we still have the 1.8SR is that there is no new Toyota equivalent and our Toyota dealer is so good that we have been reluctant to go elsewhere.
    There comes a point when we have to change (very shortly) and, as it stands, that will have to be another make and, once a customer is lost for one car, the likelihood is that they will be lost for several.
    It’s a great shame.

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