Toyota Yaris Cross: everything you need to know

Toyota Yaris Cross

Introducing the new Toyota Yaris Cross compact SUV. The urban sprawl. It’s the context in which modern motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV. But this class of vehicle is often too large and unwieldy for the city, and neither as economical nor environmentally efficient as many road users would prefer.

Toyota Yaris Cross

It is into this familiar scenario that Toyota launches the all-new Yaris Cross compact SUV. It is a vehicle that combines our small car expertise and all-wheel drive heritage in one robust model specifically tailored to handle the rough and tumble of urban life, allied to a genuine emphasis on environmental performance.

Toyota Yaris Cross: true hybrid, true SUV

The Yaris Cross benefits from our fourth-generation hybrid powertrain technology. The Yaris Hybrid of 2012 was the first supermini with a full hybrid system, and since then more than half a million have been sold in Europe. Our unmatched experience and ongoing development of this technology ensures that the latest powertrain in the new Yaris Cross delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Toyota Yaris Cross

The new 1.5-litre, three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine in the Yaris Cross is developed directly from the larger 2.0- and 2.5-litre powertrains used in the latest Corolla, Toyota C-HR, RAV4 and Camry. It offers a remarkable thermal efficiency of 40% and a maximum output of 114bhp, the result of which is responsive performance with high torque at low engine speeds and excellent fuel efficiency. Provisional WLTP emissions data suggests that the front-wheel drive model will start from below 120g/km of CO2 and the AWD-i version from below 135g/km.

As part of the next-generation Yaris family (as above, between GR Yaris and Yaris hatchback), the Yaris Cross shares the model’s new GA-B compact car platform. This ensures a high level of body rigidity and a well-balanced chassis, making the car responsive and agile. It also shares the big-small design and packaging concept that has characterised every Yaris model since 1999, presenting a roomy interior within compact exterior dimensions that make it highly suited to urban driving.

Special attention was paid to the new model’s practicality and versatility. Details include a powered rear hatch and a height-adjustable luggage deck, giving the flexibility of either a secure underfloor compartment or more space to carry larger items. The deck board itself can be divided in two and the luggage compartment has a new flexible belt system to keep items secure when driving.

Yaris Cross is also a genuine SUV, featuring a raised ride height, larger wheel and tyre combination, and the availability of intelligent all-wheel drive to reinforce its credentials. It benefits from our experience in originating the concept of the recreational SUV 25 years ago with the RAV4 – currently the world’s best-selling SUV – and more recently in producing the stylish and highly efficient Toyota C-HR. Indeed, arrival of the Yaris Cross will give Toyota an SUV range that spans the B, C and D segments.

The rear drive system is electric and therefore lighter and more compact than traditional mechanical alternatives. In normal driving, the Yaris Cross operates with front-wheel drive, but when low-grip conditions are detected, all-wheel drive is engaged automatically. The system also directs drive torque to the rear axle when pulling away and accelerating.

Toyota Yaris Cross

In terms of size, the Yaris Cross shares its 2,560mm wheelbase with the new Yaris hatchback but is 240mm longer overall, with 60mm added to the front and 180mm to the rear, securing more interior space. The ground clearance is 30mm higher and the vehicle is wider and taller overall – by 20 and 90mm respectively.

Model range and specifications

The Toyota Yaris Cross is available with four core grades, Icon, Design, Excel and GR Sport.

Yaris Cross Icon provides a well-specified entry point. Key equipment features include:

  • 16-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels
  • Toyota Safety Sense (details below)
  • Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with eight-inch touchscreen, DAB, Bluetooth and six-speaker audio system
  • Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Smart entry and push-button start
  • Reversing Camera
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • 4.2-inch multi-information display
  • Power windows with auto up/down control
  • Automatic headlights and wipers

The Yaris Cross Design further provides: –

  • 17-inch dark grey/machined five-double-spoke alloys
  • LED projector headlights
  • LED rear lights and sequential indicators
  • Light blue ambient cabin lighting
  • Aluminium roof rails
  • Black headlining
  • Seven-inch multi-information display
  • Rear privacy glass

The Yaris Cross Excel model is one-half of the dual high-grade strategy. It builds on the Design specification with features including: –

  • 18-inch dark grey/machined five-triple-spoke alloys
  • Power tailgate with kick sensor
  • Nine-inch Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system
  • Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert with auto brake
  • Intelligent parking sensors, clearance sonar and automatic braking
  • Door mirrors with auto-retracting function
  • Power lumbar adjustment on driver’s seat
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated front seats
  • Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
  • Dual-zone automatic air conditioning

The GR Sport grade adds a sporting touch to the Yaris Cross and acts as the second half of the high-grade dual strategy, sitting above the Excel model. It builds on the Excel specification with features including: –

  • 18” Machined-face five double-spoke alloys
  • GR Sport Suspension tuning
  • GR Sport Leather steering wheel
  • GR Sport Meshed lower front grille

Toyota Yaris Cross: Safety Sense

All Yaris Cross models will benefit from Toyota Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance systems as standard. This equips the car with intelligent features that can recognise many of the most common accident hazards, warn the driver and initiate steering and braking control if necessary, to help avoid or mitigate the effects of a collision.

The package includes a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian and cyclist recognition and Emergency Steering Assist; full-range intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control; Lane Departure Alert and Lane Trace Assist; Road Sign Assist; and Automatic High Beam. Yaris Cross also come with eCall which can automatically summon emergency services assistance in the event of a serious impact.

Toyota Yaris Cross: Options

Yaris Cross customers will be able to extend their car’s specifications with a choice of options and option packs.

The Tech Pack (Design grade) provides the latest, 2021 Toyota multimedia system (Smart Connect) while the City Pack (Excel grade and above) introduces semi-automated parking and satellite navigation. A Toyota Skyview panoramic roof and the JBL sound system are available for the Excel model.

Yaris Cross Icon FWD£24,350
Yaris Cross Design FWD£26,040
Yaris Cross Excel FWD£28,615
Yaris Cross Excel AWD-i£30,975
Yaris Cross GR Sport FWD£28,970


  1. I have a Yaris cross design can u tell me if I can get remote connect I have all my location and hybrid coaching etc but no remote connect I can’t really find answer thank you james

    1. Hi James, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please provide a vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.


  2. Hi, I just bought a Yaris cross icon but haven’t received the car yet. And I just found out it doesn’t have usb connector. How can I connect the Google map in my phone to the car? Does the car have built in sat nav? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for getting in touch.

      Please provide a vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.


  3. i have the yaris cross design it has no parking sensors and the wing mirrors do not retract how do i know or find out if it is the design…..j brown

  4. I bought a new Yaris Cross Hybrid 12 months ago and was not made aware of the battery problems when I bought it although I told the Toyota dealer the car would cover around 5000 miles a year mainly for short journeys. I find I am now faced with the flat battery problem suffered by many Yaris Cross owners.
    I contacted the Toyota dealer who sold me the car and asked them to fit leads to the battery so that a trickle charger could be attached. The dealer said this could not be done as they were not insured to fit non-Toyota parts. According to posts I have seen on Toyota Yaris owners forums Toyota seem to recommend the use of trickle chargers, but I am unable to find an official Toyota charger. My dealer suggested using an Auto electrician to fit one, but could not advise if this would affect my Toyota warranty. Please advise me if doing so would affect the warranty. Incidentally I have contacted other Toyota dealers who would be happy to fit one but they are 50+ miles away from me.
    It has been stated on a Toyota Yaris forum that the battery is too small to serve its purpose and that a Varta B36 12v 44 amp would fit into the battery space and do a much better job and save all this anxiety over whether or not the car would start. Can you advise on this?
    I have to say that as a pensioner who bought this car as my first brand new car, guided by the reputation Toyota had, I am extremely annoyed and disappointed that Toyota is prepared to sell a car supposedly fit for the future which is actually going back to when you needed a starting handle to get your car to move (better than having to call out AA though!)
    The dealer gave us a sheet of paper from Toyota recommending the solution to the problem is starting the car and leaving it running for 1 hour a week whilst not leaving the car unattended – it is ridiculous to expect anyone to stand outside or sit in the car for an hour especially in current weather conditions. I hope you are able to answer my queries, thus helping not only myself but also the many other Toyota Yaris owners who also have this problem judging my the comments on the various owner forums previously mentioned.

      1. I bought one. from a toyota dealership later a private auto electrician said i had wasted my money as it wouldnt do the job.?

    1. Hi Ian bought Yaris cross demo one year ago wouldn’t start same as everyone’s had AA OUT TWICE and Green flag 3 times I’ve renewed with green flag but they won’t come to a house call as they say it’s a Toyota problem. Stoneacre Sunderland have kindly come out and started it twice I’m a fit 77 but I’m not standing in the NE cold running the battery up to charge. Now here’s a thing a little birdy told me Toyota have upgraded the 2024 starter battery and have bought a carpet to brush 2021-2-3 owners under, it I’m on holiday in July for 3 weeks so I’ll ask stoneacre to restart it for me they are good so they will, here’s hoping Jim j.

      1. I recently took my 7 year old petrol Yaris to my local Toyota dealer for a service, while I was there I was able to speak to the manager. I told him I was thinking of buying a hybrid but was put off by the 12v battery issue. He said Toyota are well aware of the problem and are going to start fitting a different battery, he didn’t know when, he also didn’t know if they would replace the batteries in the cars they’ve already sold.

  5. I have a Yaris Cross just 1 year old and had the same problem due to low mileage (just before its first service needing visits from the AA) even though it is used every day. If I’d known this was a common issue I would not have bought it. I ended up buying a trickle charge solar panel and have started to plug it in for a few hours every week – let’s see if it works! I am a bit disgusted that I have to do this with a new car. If this is a common problem Toyota should not sell these cars to low mileage users or fit a solar strip on windscreen that can trickle charge when ignition is off.

  6. Good morning, I received my Yaris Cross Design on Wednesday and it was worth waiting for but I have a couple of issues and hope you can help.
    I would to milage in figures to be displayed but can’t work out how to do it, also when parking I can see the camera when reversing but I sensor sound at all.
    Again I have looked at the manual and my son in law has the CHR and he looked but we can’t see how to turn them on.
    Can you help, it’s brand new and was just dropped off to me.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Firstly, thank you very much for choosing Toyota!
      Please may we take the vehicle registration of your Yaris Cross so we can assist you further?

    1. Hi Adrian
      All brand new Toyota’s come with a manufacturers warranty which will cover any manufacturing defect should they present themselves.
      Full warranty terms and conditions can be found on our website.
      Kind regards

  7. I am thinking of buying a Yaris Cross but am very disappointed that the battery issue seems common for light users and need to consider if I can live with the light user battery problems
    Can you please advise;
    Are Toyota aware and if so have you improved the new model coming out in August accordingly
    Does it void the Toyota warranty if I upgrade to a better battery
    Similarly does a solar trickle charger fitted void the warranty
    It would seem unreasonable if a: you are aware and will void warranties for customers trying to drive their cars less than weekly and this comes as a shock from me as I have owned a fantastic Toyota for over 20 years
    I hope I don’t have to change manufacturer but the response to this post may keep me loyal or move me to another manufacturer

    1. Hi Maria,thanks for getting in touch.

      Great to hear that you are considering the Yaris Cross.
      If the vehicle is not being used regularly or there aren’t other measures in place to maintain the 12V battery (solar charger, trickle charger etc.), it can still cause the 12V battery to go flat.
      We advise taking appropriate steps to maintain the 12V battery if the vehicle is being used infrequently or only for short journeys. This includes the measures above or taking the vehicle for a longer drive each month or leaving the engine running for over 30 minutes each month when safely parked – whilst washing the vehicle for example. Upgrading the battery may not be required if maintained and the use of a Solar Charger/trickle charger is a good idea, correctly used will not impact the warranty.


      Toyota UK

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