What are the towing capacities of the latest Toyota models?

What are the towing capacities of the latest Toyota models? This is one of the most frequently asked questions received through our busy social media platforms, and it is coming up more regularly as families plan staycation holidays and business owners think about the capabilities of new fleet purchases.

The following table lists all new Toyota models currently on sale and their maximum applicable towing figures. The blank spaces represent models that have either not been engineered to tow or are not homologated to tow in the United Kingdom. In these cases, luggage carrying capacity can always be increased with official Toyota touring accessories.

Toyota towing capacities

Yaris 450kg 450kg 


Yaris Cross550kg750kg75kg
Corolla (all models) 450kg 750kg 75kg 
Toyota C-HR (all models) 725kg 725kg 75kg 
RAV4 (FWD) 750kg 800kg 70kg 
RAV4 (AWD) 750kg 1,650kg 70kg 
RAV4 Plug-in 750kg 1,500kg 70kg 
GR Supra    
Prius 725kg 725kg 60kg 
Prius Plug-in    
Land Cruiser (all models) 750kg 3,000kg 120kg 
Hilux (all models) 750kg 3,500kg 140kg 
Proace (1.5D) 750kg 1,800kg 72kg 
Proace (2.0D) 750kg 2,500kg 72kg 
Proace City (1.5D 75)    
Proace City (1.5D 100) 750kg 1,250kg 74kg 
Proace Verso (1.5D) 750kg 1,800kg 72kg 
Proace Verso (2.0D) 750kg 2,300kg 92kg 

What is the difference between braked and unbraked trailers?

Most larger trailers and caravans feature an integrated braking system that is activated through a mechanical link from the tow bar. This means that when the tow car brakes, the inertia of this force prompts the application of what is known as the ‘overrun brakes,’ which are installed to reduce the brake effort carried out by the tow car. Smaller, lighter trailers with no integrated braking system are called ‘unbraked’ and are entirely free-wheeling. These trailers therefore rely on the tow car to carry out all the brake effort.

Why is nose weight important?

Nose weight refers to the maximum vertical load that is exerted on the tow bar by the attached trailer or caravan (this also applies to tow bar-mounted cycle carriers). This figure is established by Toyota in order to maintain a safe level of traction and steering through the front wheels.

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    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      If there is a specific Toyota model you wish to find out about, we can look into this for you.

      1. Hi Steve,
        The Model Year 2021 Toyota Aygo 1.0l 5-door manual has a minimum Kerb weight of 840kg and maximum of 910kg.

  1. I wish to purchase the Toyota detachable tow bar for my RAV4 AWD 2020 (supplied & fitted by my local Toyota dealer) but cannot find the specific nose weight for the detachable model.
    I have found information that states the maximum nose weight for the RAV4 is 70kg but I want to know if the detachable tow bar will take that weight.

    1. Hi Ian,
      Please confirm your vehicle registration and also which version of detachable towbar you are looking to purchase so we can look into this for you.

      1. EX70CEK
        I’m interested in the detachable vertical 13 pin tow bar as shown on the Toyota RAV4 web page.
        I shall be using it to mount a cycle rack but want to check if the detachable option has a high enough nose weight.
        Thank you.

      2. Hi Ian,
        The vertical load for the detachable vertical 13 pin tow bar is 80kg.
        Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

  2. Hello, i am about to purchase a RAV4 PHEV. Does a towbar have to be factory ordered or can it be dealer fitted at a later date? Also in previous responses you give what seem to be conflicting answers to tow ball or nose weight load. Is it 70kg or 80kg?

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Due to WLTP legislation, we would recommend you to order the towbar with the vehicle so the C02 is registered.
      It is compatible to be fitted at a later date. However, pricing would differ to ‘factory’ price.
      Furthermore, the nose weights is 70kg.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. Hi,

    Is the new Toyota Hilux able to tow 3500kg? I’m trying to figure of the difference between getting a 2.4L and 2.8L Invincible.

    It all gets very confusing when you look online between the different models you can get as there are so many different towing capacities between each of them.

  4. Hi
    I am in the process of purchasing a 2Lt C-HR excel, delivery date April 2020 can you please let me know why I cannot have my preferred colour Obsidian blue which is available on Corolla.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      This is because different colours are available on different models.
      However, we appreciate your feedback which we have passed on to our Wider Product Team.

  5. I have just purchased a 21 reg chr excel ,2ltr hybrid and am considering using it to tow a touring caravan. What is the maximum permitted tow weight please ?

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please could you provide the full vehicle registration so we can check this for you.

  6. can you tell me if a Land Cruiser or a Hilux can tow a horse trailer with a 16.2 and a 17 hh horse on. Thanks

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment.

      This isn’t something that we are able to confirm for definite as it depends on the weight of your trailer and horses! Say your horses are in the region of 500-600KG, two would be fine as the towing capacities of the Hilux and Land Cruiser are 2,800KG and 3,000KG respectively. But in terms of the trailer, it depends on the size, if it has living quarters etc. So you’d need to check the weight of that yourself.


  7. Good day

    I have an older Toyota Rav 4.
    It’s a 2007 FWD 2.4L. Engine 2AZ-FE
    I’m trying to find the brakes towing capacity. I’ve found 1500kg braked. Would this be correct?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment.

      If your RAV4 is a UK vehicle, we can check this using your VIN. If you are not from the UK, you’ll need to contact Toyota in your area so they can check the relevant systems.


  8. Hi I’m looking to lease a new Rav4 self charging hybrid this 2022 for towing my caravan would prefer 2wd for better mpg but the towing figures are no good for most caravans ,I cant get my head round towing capacities 2wd towing limit is substantially lower compared to 4wd ,same engine, same power same amount of batteries, my experience owning a 4wd SUV is mpg is going to be a lot lower than 2wd in the real world , surely the difference cant make that much difference to make a massive jump in towing capacity ? I would like to know if there’s going to be a change in the future or not
    Thanks Ian

    1. Good afternoon Ian.

      We’re sorry to hear you’re disappointed. We currently don’t have any information on a change to these figures.

      The RAV4 Hybrid Design with Intelligent All Wheel Drive offers 47 – 48.7 combined MPG, depending on spec. This car will offer you 1,650kg braked towing capacity.

      We’d recommend a test drive at your local Toyota Centre, you can book this here: https://fal.cn/3lwKk

      Thank you.

  9. I would like to buy a new Rav4 Plug in Hybrid but am having trouble finding a definitive answer to the maximum towing capacity and in particular the maximum nose weight of the 2022 model.

    As towing is a must I can only buy this if I can get a validated number.

    Can you help please?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The unbraked towing capacity is 750kg.
      The braked towing capacity is 1500kg.

      1. Thank you but that is not the information I have so could you please confirm. I understand the Rav4 PHEV in the UK is 1500KG braked towing capacity (they are all AWD).

        I still do not know the allowable nose weight, the US call it tongue weight. If you do not know the answer is there any where I can find the official UK spec please?

        Please note that this is exactly the confusion caused by not having a comprehensive spec list available.

      2. Why is is so difficult to spend £42,000 with Toyota?

        What is the maximum noseweight of the Rav4 plug in Hybrid please?

      3. Hi there,
        Thanks for your comment.
        The maximum nose weight on the RAV4 Plug-in is 70kg.

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