Toyota Supra Owners club celebrates 20 years of the MkIV Supra


A rare gathering of nearly 100 Toyota Supras met on Monday to mark the mighty muscle car’s 20th anniversary in style.

The Toyota Supra Owners Club hosted the birthday celebration, supported by Toyota GB, at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon. The line-up ranged from cars in original UK specification to highly modified machines, including some of the finest examples in the country.

View our gallery below of see more images on the Toyota UK Facebook and our Flickr page.

Supra’s UK history began in 1982 with the arrival of the Celica Supra, although a first generation Supra had already been sold elsewhere in the world. The third generation reached Britain’s shores in 1986, a thoroughbred super GT cruiser which Toyota developed to sit above the Celica range and compete towards the higher end of the sports car market.

The final model Supra, the Mk IV, was launched in the UK in 1993 to media acclaim as the fastest most powerful Supra ever. It delivered genuine supercar performance thanks to its twin-turbocharged 326bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine and has lit up race tracks and drag strips ever since.

You can read our detailed history of the Supra range here.

Supra owners have indulged in a considerable array of modifications to their vehicles with customisation kits and the option of tuning the 2JZ-GTE engine to more than 1,000bhp. This trend continues today with the Toyota GT86, for which a great range of personalisation options are available, alongside the TRD edition of the car.

The club organised a Supra convoy to the museum and Toyota GB hosted a hog roast lunch. Owners were able to visit the museum’s historic vehicle collection and take home a batch of commemorative Toyota Supra cupcakes.



  1. NICE!! that’s freakin amazing guys!! & I am proud to say that not only do I own a 94 my self, but I drive it as well!! its currently in its building phase, i.e. body panels, other performance parts, etc. I do know that if you own any car or truck, its not cheap- especially this car…lol sad to see that my car was not one of the one’s that were there… 🙁 hopefully mine will be there at the 30th gathering!!…lol

  2. My son has a 1994 Supra non turbcharged model fr which he is seeking a new headlight bulb, so far without success. The Tyota dealers have not been helpful.
    Do you have any suggestions as to where in South Yorkshire he might try?

    1. Thanks for your post.
      Sorry to hear about your difficulties in obtaining a headlamp bulb for your Supra. We would not normmaly expect this to be a problem and any Toyota dealer will be able to order parts for your car. We would be happy to check this if you have the chassis or VIN number handy?

    1. Hello Brett
      Thanks for your post.
      We appreciate the opportunity and if you have a link to the car on sale then we will look at this. While we do not have any current plans to add to our historic fleet we are always happy to look at different models on offer.

  3. Hi anyone know here i can get a full exhaust system for a 1989 3.0 litre non turbo non catt Toyota supra.having trouble finding one

  4. Hello Dave
    Thanks for your post.
    Have you been along to your local Toyota dealer to check availability?

  5. Hello Joe
    Thanks for your post.
    Sorry to hear about your Supra and there could be several reasons that are causing the non start. It is never that easy to make a diagnosis online and we would recommend that you arrange to have your car taken to your nearest Toyota dealer who will be able to help you further. We did speak with our technical team though who have suggested checking the battery and starter motor. What you have described would suggest an electrical fault. Hope this helps.

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