Toyota RAV4 Black Edition: our new dark star

The new Toyota RAV4 Black Edition stands out from the SUV crowd with a powerful, one-colour treatment. The model’s deep, Galaxy Black paint combines with the RAV4’s sharply designed bodywork to reflect light and create attractive, jewel-like facets.

Toyota RAV4 Black Edition

This visual effect is heightened with matching black styling elements throughout. The front grilles, lower bumper, door mirror casings, skid plates, rear garnish and rear spoiler are presented in Galaxy Black, while the 19-inch alloy wheels also have a glossy black finish. Even the parking sensors are colour-coded, so the only interruptions to the all-black appearance appear to be the chrome badges and Toyota emblem.

Toyota RAV4 Black Edition

In the cabin, the seats are upholstered in high-quality black synthetic leather with (gently) contrasting grey stitching. This combines with black headlining and interior trim to create a strikingly crepuscular cabin ambience.

Toyota RAV4 Black Edition

Standard and optional equipment matches the current RAV4 Dynamic grade except the opening panoramic roof is not available on this special edition. It does, however, include a 360-degree panoramic view monitor, an electrochromic rear-view mirror, and a nine-speaker JBL premium audio system with DAB. Toyota Safety Sense and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both provided as standard.

All information is correct at the time of publishing.

Unfortunately, the Toyota RAV4 Black Edition has currently sold out in the UK.


  1. Recently purchased a brand new RAV4 Black Edition having previously owned a 2016 business edition. Now it seems that this was an end of line sale!

    Anyway, I have a few questions that I’ve been unable to answer so far.

    (1) I realised when I tried to locate my sunglasses driving the new car yesterday and the compartment is not there on the new design!  it was a neat place to keep them so it’s a shame that Toyota has redesigned it away. Why does Toyota do this?

    (2) the USB port to the multimedia system connects my old iPod (for which I used the aux port previously – aux port now removed by Toyota – see comment below).  But to do that I have to remove the USB flash drive with my music.  And this is also the only port for Apple Carplay.  The set-up could do with at least 3 USB ports to avoid the need to swap in / swap out and to allow more than one device to be used at once. Or 2 USB ports if Toyota configures the multimedia system to connect wirelessly to the iPhone / Carplay. How can I get USB ports added?

    (3) why did Toyota remove the AUX port? How can I get this installed on my vehicle?

    (4) the user interface / user experience with the multimedia system is non-intuitive, has too many buttons, fails to make full use of the touchscreen and requires a convoluted series of actions to achieve certain things (e.g. to set a destination for sat nav).  This would really benefit from a proper UI/UX design by Toyota. Or, better still, someone non-Toyota (e.g. Apple) with UX design capabilities

    (5) ditto the dashboard where the multi-information display is just a mess – there’s too many buttons on the steering wheel, non-intuitive sequences, confusing displays, failure to use the display (e.g. to explain abbreviations).  Again Toyota needs to invest in UI/UX

    (6) the user guide is equally bad – again user focused design revamp is needed.  The content of the index is quite simply bizarre!

    (7) the removal of the spare wheel should create extra storage space but for some reason Toyota has decided to fill the void with a huge block of polystyrene.  Why???  Please can you let me know how I can have this removed.

    (8) back to the multimedia system and it seems that the default is to play tracks on music albums on the USB stick in alphabetical order rather than album order!! I am unable to work out how to play an album in track order – what’s the trick?

    Hope you’re OK with 8 points in one post. Thank you in advance for responses.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on your new RAV4 Black Edition.
      1) We do not have any information on this redesign. We have passed on your feedback to our wider product team.
      2) You can find more USB ports inside of your centre console. Please note that these are for charging only.
      3) An AUX port cannot be installed on your vehicle.
      4) Your RAV4 should have Apple CarPlay, please provide the registration if you would like us to confirm this.
      5 + 6) Similar to point 1, we have passed on your feedback to our wider product team.
      7) Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on whether this can be removed or not.
      8) Our Multimedia Team would be best placed to assist you with this query. You can contact them here –
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.
      Furthermore, we appreciate your comprehensive feedback.

      1. Hello

        Thank you for your responses to the points raised a few days ago. Please consider and respond to these comments on your response:

        point 1) – the original feedback message omitted to say that the driving glasses compartment on the previous RAV4 was in the ceiling by the rear view mirror

        point 2) – I was aware of the two USB charging ports in the centre console. My request was for more than just the single USB data / multimedia port. Toyota providing only one is really poor. There needs to be at least three. Please will you respond as to whether and how I can get more ports installed.

        point 3) – this is also really poor by Toyota

        point 4) – the response does not address the point. I did not ask whether the car has ApplePlay. (by the way, the car does have Apple CarPlay but I do not use it because the USB stick with my music is using the only USB data port.) I would welcome a telephone discussion with your “wider product team” on the point that your response does not address. This goes to the heart of my dissatisfaction with the vehicle.

        points 5) and 6) – thank you for passing these comments on. I would welcome the telephone discussion with your “wider product team” to cover these too.

        point 7) – thank you for your suggestion. If I decide to keep the RAV4, I will raise this with my Toyota Centre on next visit. Yet again, this is another example of a bizarrely poor design decision by Toyota.

        point 8) – thank you for contact details for your multimedia team. I have referred points 2), 3), 4) and 8) to them.

        The concerns that I have raised about the catastrophically poor design of the multimedia system (hardware, software and general functionality) and the multi-information display on the dashboard are such that I do not find the vehicle enjoyable or relaxing to drive. Some specific issues (that I have not listed) actually create distractions for the driver and therefore are indirectly dangerous to driving. I am seriously considering returning or selling the car and finding a manufacturer that does not have all of Toyota’s design limitations.

        Over the last 20 years, I have purchased four Toyotas – a Previa in 2002, Auris in 2014 and tow RAV4’s in 2018 and 2021. Throughout that time, Toyota has had a strong reputation for excellent engineering and amazing reliability while at the same time being generally weak on design aspects. This still persists with the new RAV4. As suggested above, I would welcome a telephone conversation with your “product team”, to ensure that they understand these issues and for me to decide whether to stick with Toyota or choose a different manufacturer.

        Thank you for taking on board this message.

        Enjoy your day.

      2. Hi David,
        We would recommend you call 0344 701 6202.
        This is our Customer Relations Team who will be best placed to deal with this for you.

  2. Good evening, can you tell me whether the Rav4 black edition 2021 has welcome lights when unlocking the car? I’ve noticed I can set it to have follow me home lights when exiting the vehicle, but it doesn’t seem to offer the same spec when entering the vehicle? I have viewed the manual and there is no mention of welcome lights being available. Thank you

  3. This is my 4th Rav 4 and each time there are many improvements – the speed of the multimedia and sound quality being one. I agree with David H – omission of sunglasses holder a pain, digital read out a mess (30 fonts sizes & colours?)
    Safety wise there is no way to identify which buttons do what at night: no lighting on the windows controls for example and no tactile way of differentiating each button.
    Seats very comfortable- top marks.
    My one question – has the foot operated rear hatch been deleted or is it just not working on my car? Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Could you please provide your vehicle registration so we can look into your question?

    2. Dear Toyota – following feedback left here on 5 October 2021 and a message a few days later to your Multimedia team, it is now early January 2022 before the Multimedia team has engaged to reply. It may well be that this action was prompted by further feedback that I left on Feefo. Hopefully Toyota’s “wider product team” will also engage now on the other issues raised.

      I have read with interest this feedback from Andrew and agree with his observations about the buttons, non-illumination (esp window / mirror / locking controls embedded in the door, rear boot door button, fuel tank cap), no tactile surfaces on the multiple panels of buttons. The row of aircon system and related buttons are frequently impossible to discern in daylight, though that may be partly due to bad eyesight!

      The driver’s seat is very comfortable and the seat warmer is excellent! Still have the car but still considering getting rid of it. No idea how fuel economy compares with the previous RAV4 because have not been able to locate how to display the average lifetime fuel economy yet….

    1. Hi Andrew,
      According to the system, this vehicle is not equipped with the kick sensor function for the back door opening.

  4. Could you arrange a test drive for me in the Toyota Rav black edition as near to me as possible.for Sunday 9th January or Tuesday 11th .thank you

    1. Hi David,
      Unfortunately, the RAV4 Black Edition has currently sold out in the UK.
      However, if you provide us with your town/city, we can see what other options are available.
      Please let us know if you would like to proceed.

  5. Hi,
    I recently ordered a new RAV4 Black Edition Excel which I am expecting in March 2022. However, I cannot find any specific link to specs or gallery for this black on black version? Can you provide the same so I know exactly what I’m getting?

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Excel and Black Edition are two different grades, please can you confirm which you have purchased so we can assist you further.

  6. Hi.
    I concur with alot of the observations, I think the omission of a heated steering wheel and the lack of interior ambient lighting for the door panel buttons is a poor design, especially when selling as a special edition and the cost to include them would have been insignificant.

  7. Hello,
    Does the 2021 Black edition have adaptive headlights that refocus when driving in Europe, or do we still need to use stick-on deflectors?

    On a side issue, the heated steering wheel would have been most welcome. Likewise illuminating the controls in the driver’s door arm rest, so it is possible to find the window controls as well as the rear view mirror controls etc.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


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