Toyota introduces new Land Cruiser Utility Commercial vehicles

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s ‘unstoppable’ muscle is being wielded in a wider market with the launch of the UK’s first commercial vehicle versions of the legendary SUV.

The new models come with all the built-in quality, durability and reliability that have earned Land Cruiser a worldwide reputation for go-anywhere performance. With a robust, body-on-frame construction, proven all-wheel drive capability and a highly capable 2.8-litre D-4D engine, the Land Cruiser Utility Commercial has the perfect pedigree to be a formidable workhorse.

Gareth Matthews, Toyota Light Commercial Vehicle Manager said: “Bringing the exceptional strength of Land Cruiser to our LCV line-up adds a valuable new dimension to the range, alongside the rugged Hilux pick-up and versatile Proace medium-duty van. We are sure that the quality and performance that have made Land Cruiser such a strong performer worldwide will be sought after by customers who need a vehicle they can rely on to do the job, every time.”

Short- and long-wheelbase versions are available with three and five doors respectively, sharing the same smart body styling as the recently launched new 2018 Land Cruiser. Overall length is 4,395mm for the SWB and 4,840 for the LWB; both vehicles are 1,885mm wide, with the three-door measuring 1,830mm high and the five-door 1,845mm. Inside, the rear seats have been removed to create a spacious load area, extending to 1,574 litres in the SWB and 2,216 litres in the LWB; respective payloads are up to 593 and 756kg respectively (according to vehicle kerb weight). Both vehicles can tow braked trailers with loads of up to three tonnes.

The load space is designed to be practical and hard-wearing with an edge-to-edge non-slip flat floor tray. The division between the front cabin and rear cargo area is a full height metal bulkhead with a strong mesh top section fitted with a hatch for easy access. Loading is via the wide-opening side-hinged tailgate, or (on five-door models) through either of the rear side doors. The rear windows are blanked out with panels that match the Land Cruiser’s body colour.

The no-nonsense character of the Land Cruiser Utility Commercial is reflected in its 17-inch steel wheels, but where cabin comfort, convenience and safety are concerned, the provisions are generous.

The two front seats have cloth upholstery and adjustable head restraints. Standard features include air conditioning, cruise control and a six-speaker audio system with CD player, Bluetooth and (on the LWB model) Aux-in and USB connections. Dusk-sensing headlights, smart entry, front fog lights and roof rails are also included in the specification.

Front, side and driver’s knee airbags are fitted and the vehicle is equipped with Multi-terrain ABS, Active Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Trailer Sway Control and a tyre pressure warning system.

The new models are on sale from 1 April, with commercial vehicle on-the-road prices of £27,546 for the SWB model and £28,509 for the LWB. Deliveries to customers will commence in July.

Land Cruiser Utility Commercial: off-road thoroughbred

Like its passenger vehicle counterpart, the Land Cruiser Utility Commercial is designed and engineered to cope with demanding off-road conditions.

The Land Cruiser LWB has a minimum ground clearance of 215mm; for the SWB model the figure is 205mm. The approach angle, which determines the maximum gradient the vehicle can approach without the underside of the front bumper hitting the ground, is 31 degrees. Its maximum wading depth is 700mm.

Even with such generous ground clearance, there can be a risk of the underside of the vehicle hitting the ground when driving over very rough terrain. For this reason, both the front and rear bumpers and ladder frame cross-member have been designed to slide easily over any obstacles. Many other SUVs have box-shaped cross-members, which means they can easily become caught on obstacles, bringing the vehicle to a halt and potentially causing damage; Land Cruiser’s slanted cross-member is shaped so that it can slide up and over such hazards.

The vehicle is engineered to excel over sand, rocks or any other demanding conditions it might encounter; giving maximum traction at all times to deliver the level of off-road performance for which the model is world-renowned. Its proven permanent four-wheel drive system uses a Torsen limited-slip centre differential and a shift actuator which makes for easier shifting between the high and low ranges of the six-speed manual transmission.

Land Cruiser Utility Commercial: 2.8 D-4D engine

Land Cruiser’s 2.8-litre D-4D turbodiesel engine is a 2,755cc 16-valve DOHC unit which develops 175bhp at 3,400rpm. Paired to a six-speed manual transmission, it produces 420Nm in the SWB model and 450Nm in the LWB, available from 1,400 to 2,600rpm. It will accelerate the vehicle from rest to 62mph in 12.1 seconds, and on to a 108mph top speed. Official combined cycle fuel consumption (LWB) is 38.1mpg with 194g/km CO2 emissions.

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  1. I am interested but hope it is properly undersealed. I am worried it will rust as badly as my 4 year-old Hilux has.

    1. As a UK buyer I had the same concern WRT under body rust.
      I viewed a few LCs and Hilux on UK forecourts (new vehicles), and they were showing surface rust even as brand new, still on the forecourt.
      I ordered a LWB LC Commercial Dec 20 for deliver summer ’21, and have paid for the vehicle to be under sealed as the first job before I even collect from the dealer.
      Am surprised tbh that Toyota do not integrate a ‘factory’ under seal treatment as part of the manufacturing process, esp given that Toyota sell globally including to many countries that have harsh winters and therefore corrosive salt on the roads for say three months per annum. UK is a prime example.

  2. Hi what is the specific length of the load bay for the LWB with and without the bulkhead (up to back of front seats), as I’m thinking of using one for an overland trip?

  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in our response. As the bulkhead is standard spec we only have dimensions available where this is included. Please see below:

    – Maximum: 1629 x 1380 x 1087 (L x W x H)
    – Minimum: 1480 x 1045 x 982 (L x W x H)

    The maximum measurement:
    L= Between separator and rear edge of rear floor (at floor level)
    W= Between panel trim rear door (LWB)
    H= Between N1 floor an OE roof (close to separator)

    The minimum measurement:
    L= Between separator and rear edge of OE roof (at roof level)
    W= Between panel trim wheel arch (LWB)
    H= Between N1 deck board rear and rear edge of OE roof

    There is a min and max to allow for places in the cargo area that are slightly shorter/more narrow such as where the wheel arches take up space.


    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      All grades of the Land Cruiser have a maximum towing capacity of 3000kg braked, and this cannot be increased due to a number of reasons, with the most paramount being safety.

  4. Ordered my landcruiser lwb last November, in my time of order satnav was optical included it in my purchase now being told it will be delivered without satnav??!! Is there anything Toyota could do to correct?

  5. Hi Toyo Team,
    does the rear door of the swb version with the spare wheel mounted fit on a lwb version? Or is there a way to have a spare wheel door mounted on an lwb version ( I’m aware that you would loose the opening window)

  6. Hi I have a Land cruiser utility swb on order. Hopefully to be available in September (ordered end of March) I have ordered one without actually seeing one let alone test driving one as none are available to see. It looks great and has some good reviews an i’m buying one on these alone.
    I have a dog transport box from my existing vehicle and want to know if it will fit in this eg. the EXACT dimension between the two rear wheel arches and the distance from the steel bulkhead to the rear door.
    All the dimensions i’ve seen differ and wondered if you could give me the correct ones.
    Many thanks B Strickson

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your Land Cruiser order!
      If you are able to provide us with the measurements for the transport box by the end of today, we can check to see if this will fit.

      1. Hi
        Width:- 1075mm
        Length:- 1150mm
        Height:- 750mm
        I’m more concerned about the width. I know it’s going to be tight but hopefully i can raise it to fit where the arches curve inward if you see what I mean.
        The length I can shorten if necessary. The height will be no problem.
        Many thanks for your reply.

      2. Hi Brian,
        Thanks for your reply, and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
        We have been dealing with some conflicting information, which we will detail below.
        The Commercial Load Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) as detailed in our documents for the Commercial SWB Land Cruiser are 1068x1060x959.
        However, we have conducted a casual measurement of one of our Press vehicles, which returned the figure of 109.5cm (1095mm) between the wheel arches.
        This means that we are unable to confirm whether or not your transporter cage will fit. We’re so sorry that we can’t be of more help.

  7. I have a Landcruiser Lwb commercial on order that is apparently being held back by Toyota at the dealer due to emissions. Can you advise how long this will take to resolve.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your new Land Cruiser!
      Your Toyota Centre will be best placed to advise on any changes to delivery time, so we would recommend contacting them for further updates.

      1. It’s not the dealer holding it back, Toyota are refusing to allow them to release it

      2. Hi Mike,
        Thanks for your reply.
        We can only advise that your Toyota Centre are the place to contact in terms of delivery times.
        This seems like something that your Toyota Centre would need to discuss with Toyota UK if they are not already.

  8. The SWB active commercial is on my shortlist but I would like to have a look around one and test drive. Could you tell me where this would be possible around the Lancashire/Merseyside area.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment and your interest in the Land Cruiser Commercial!
      The nearest demonstrator that we have of this particular model is at Listers Toyota Grantham.
      They can be reached on: 01476575555. Alternatively, we can pass your email address over to them – let us know which you’d prefer!

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