Toyota Insurance Services: Why insure your Toyota elsewhere?

Toyota GR86 ownership

Enjoy the thrill of driving your Toyota with our fully comprehensive motor insurance policy designed to give you total peace of mind. Trusted by Toyota owners, it provides one of the highest quality offerings in the market as endorsed by Defaqto carrying their 5* award. All our Toyota vehicles have many advanced systems and components, which have been built with expertise and passion. The same applies to the expert care and cover that comes with Toyota Motor Insurance, so why trust your Toyota with anyone else?

This policy has been designed with you and your Toyota in mind, with all repairs carried out by one of our approved Toyota repairers, looking after your vehicle with the utmost care and protecting any existing warranties.

Why choose Toyota Insurance Services?

  • Genuine Toyota parts – In the unfortunate event of an accident and there is damage to your car, we will only repair your Toyota with genuine parts (excludes windscreen/glass replacement).
  • No Claims Discount Protection – We can protect your No Claims Discount from two years onwards at no extra cost. Every year you drive without claiming on your policy, we will give you an extra year of no claims discount. This could reduce your annual insurance cost when you come to renew.
  • Uninsured Driver Promise – If you make a claim for an accident that is not your fault and the driver of the other vehicle is not insured, you will not lose your No Claim Discount with us or have to pay any excess. You will need to provide details of the other vehicle, including the registration, make, model, and driver details.
  • Vandalism Promise – If you make a claim for damage to your car caused by vandalism, you won’t lose your No Claim Discount with us. The incident must be reported to the police and assigned a crime reference number, and the damage can’t have been caused by another vehicle. You will need to pay the accidental damage excess.
  • Courtesy Car – In the event of a claim and if your car is being repaired at one of our authorised repairers, we’ll provide you with a courtesy car (this will be a small car such as an Aygo X or similar. Subject to availability).
  • European Cover – Complimentary comprehensive cover for up to three days whilst driving in the EU, with the option to extend to 90 days for an additional premium.
  • 24-hour accident helpline – We’re on hand to support you when you need us the most through the unfortunate event of an accident at any time.

How to get a Toyota Insurance quote

Getting a quote could not be easier, click the button below and get your insurance quote within minutes:

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  1. Hi to all,
    I own a Rav 4 bought new 12-2020.
    I have been with Toyota Insurance for over 15 y.
    To my surprise when I receive my renewal begigning of September , I have been told that if i accept the renewal I would be require to install an approved secondary Thatcham Category 2 electronic immobiliser at my own expensises.
    Without it my 3 year old car costing over 35k is not eligeble for Toyota Motor Insurance. How come?????
    Clearly Toyota Insurance is aware of a flaw in the car security system.
    Toyota must take full responsability and recall the car to have it fixed.
    I would like to hear from Toyota UK and Toyota Motor Insurance

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear of your experience and understand your frustration.

      Our Customer Relations team are best placed to help you with this.

      They can be contacted here:

      The team will do their best to provide information to any queries you may have and support you with this.


  2. I won’t use Toyota insurance I’ve had Toyotas for over 23 years every time I changed my car always try Toyota first and every time it goes up my car now is a Yaris 2021 my insurance is £ 324 with 3 points. And this is with a big insurance company but Toyota want just over £500 WHY. My partner has a 11 year Aygo pays £263 Toyota £472 most insurance companys are better value than Toyota

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