Toyota i-ROAD take two

Toyota is launching further trials of a two-seater version of its i-ROAD short-range urban electric vehicle. The nimble three-wheeler is joining the Open Road project, which has been running in Japan since July with a single-seat model.

i-ROAD’S ability to carry two on board is already being put to the test in Europe, where the vehicle is playing a central role in a three-year connected public transport pilot scheme, Ha:mo by Cité Lib, in Grenoble, France. With the benefit of official type certification from the Japanese government, its performance can now be put under closer scrutiny.

The Japanese i-ROAD are being loaned for one-month periods to motorists who will specifically be using them to carry two people, for example on commuter, shopping and school runs. Toyota will use feedback and data from the tests to assess how i-ROAD can meet different mobility requirements.

Toyota i-ROAD

i-ROAD has undergone some modifications to meet Japanese requirements, including changes to its reflectors and vehicle width indicators. It has also been fitted with an “approaching vehicle” audible warning.

The local authority in Shibuya, Tokyo, has expressed interest in i-ROAD’s urban-friendly performance and will be conducting further trials with Toyota to look at the possibility of using it for a new community-based programme.

Meanwhile in Silicon Valley in the USA, the Toyota Onramp 2015 conference challenged a group of innovators and entrepreneurs to come up with ideas for how i-ROAD could be used in different ways in a Smart Mobility Challenge.

Jason Weiner took first prize with an M-i-ROAD concept, by which the vehicle can be driven as an electric bike or a car to suit different user groups, such as teenagers who don’t hold a car licence and senior citizens. Weiner was awarded $15,000 and the chance to develop his idea further in collaboration with Toyota.


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch. The i-ROAD is still in testing phase and as such, we do not have a planned release date. Please keep an eye on our blog and social channels for updates on our vehicles.

    1. I wish it was quick or have UK test programme. I am a Honda pcx rider and had a dramatic accident in October resulting extensive injury involving several bones around knee joint . Something like this would be super while recovering it would mean I could go to work.

      1. Do I need liecense driving for the B category? Or I can drive with A ?

  2. iRoad is a great personal mobility solution for urban context like Tokyo and London. Please please please do talk to London Mayor and the UK administration to shape regulations in favour of the new form of urban transportation.
    I would be sign up for one, even if it could be a trial scheme.
    Thanks and keep going!

    1. Hi Antony,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      We don’t currently have any more information to share on i-ROAD concept, but keep an eye on our blog and social channels for the latest!

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