Toyota Hotspot brings WiFi to your car

Toyota Hotspot, an in-car multi-media device that allows Toyota owners to connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices to the internet while on the move, has arrived on sale.

Similar in size to a home WiFi hub, the smart black box makes getting online easy – simply start the car, pair your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the unit and Toyota Hotspot will remember the device for future journeys.

The hotspot allows for multiple devices to be connected at once, meaning that drivers can stream music through digital services such as Spotify, while passengers can browse the web or stay in touch with friends on social media.

WiFi data is provided via a SIM card. The hotspot is equipped with a SIM card reader, giving owners a choice of data plan and provider for the device.

The fitment of two 3G antennae mean that WiFi is available at high speeds, and the system can cope with even the harshest conditions, remaining fully operational at temperatures twenty below freezing. A three-year warranty provides further piece of mind.

Toyota Hotspot is available as a dealer-fit accessory from Toyota dealers (dependent on availability) for £350 including fitting on the following models:

Auris (2012 – Current)
Avensis (2011 – Current)
Prius (2011 – Current)
Prius+ (2011 – Current)
Prius Plug In (2012 – Current)
Proace (2013)
RAV4 (2012 – Current)
Verso (2012 – Current)

Fitment time is approximately one hour and there are plans for a range-wide rollout of the kit in the future.

Read more about Toyota’s range of accessories here.



  1. I have a Toyota Icon (Land Cruiser) with the WiFi fitted, I have issues connecting Via Bluetooth with my Blackberry sometimes works sometimes not (not withstanding coverage of course) bottom line is its temperamental, you mentioned in an earlier post that the touch and go can link direct to the WiFi, if so how as tethering is a bit touch and go (excuse the pun).


    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for your post. Sorry you have experienced some problems connecting via Bluetooth.
      We did check this further with our accessories team who have advised that only Touch 2 with Go Plus has the feature to link directly to the WiFi, but we are not sure whether this is the specification of your Land Cruiser. We hope this helps clarify but please let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. The question “Can the Hot Spot Device handle 4G” was asked in 2013 and the answer was going to be be known later in 2014. It is now 2016, is there an answer to this question ?

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for your post. Sadly the Toyota Hotspot still doesn’t handle 4G and can only support 3G connections. An alternative to this Hotspot is: tethering the phone to the vehicle and use it for Connected Services. This will then use the phone SIM card and depending on the signal/area, it may allow 4G speeds. However, we would advise contacting your local dealer if you need any assistance with this accessory. They will be able to support your further. Hope this helps. Many thanks!

  3. All your advertising suggests that “Hotspot” is available for all current Toyota models. When I ask my dealer to fit the system on my MY17 Rav4 Hybrid they tell me Hotspot is not available for my car. Could you please advise
    Many Thanks
    Geoff Sheard

    1. Hi Geoff,
      The WiFi Hotspot has been removed from most brochures and the website. The product was discontinued because it was a 2G/3G product, which meant it had fallen behind in terms of available speeds. A new 4G product is being developed with more services but at this moment in time we have no information on when this will be available. Hope this helps.

    2. I had a Toyota Hotspot factory fitted in my new Auris last year – I have yet to find a data only SIM which I was told by the garage was necessary. So basically this has never worked and does not look like ever working – am I entitled to a refund ????

      1. Hi Judy,
        We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble. We would have to suggest speaking to Toyota customer relations about this issue, they will be able to best advise you in this situation.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately we do not offer a Wi Fi Hotspot as a genuine accessory for the 2010 Toyota Prius.

  4. Hi I have just purchased a Hilux Invincible X, and every time I put the Wi-Fi code into my phone it says wrong code, so I try again with the new code that it’s generated but it wont work either.
    Any ideas please.

  5. Hi – I have a 2021 (Aug) Prius Plug In with the wifi box in the glove box. I can connect to it using the phone (wifi) but I’m not sure where the sim for the box goes to enable the hotspot? Or is there a way to connect the box to my phone and use my phone data but still enable others connecting to the wifi hotspot to access the internet – albeit effectively via my phone?

  6. Hi
    The 3G network in the UK is being closed down and my provider (Three) is doing that in September. The hotspot uses 3G technology so it wil not work after September, is there a newer version that can be fitted.

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch.

      We will need your full registration number in order to check on this.


      Toyota UK

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