Toyota dominates Autocar’s new hybrid top 10

Top 10 Best hybrid

The experts at Autocar have recently published a new Top 10 Best hybrid hatchbacks for 2022. It arrives in recognition of the fact that electrification is seen as the future of mobility and that modern car-buyers are looking to move closer towards zero emissions travel by purchasing a car with a hybrid petrol-electric powertrain.

When it comes to full hybrid cars, Toyota is recognised as the pioneer and world leader of electrification technologies. We have been innovating within this market for over 25 years, and our latest hybrid models have been proved to spend an average of 54% of their travel time in electric mode.

Which of the latest Toyota models can be found in Autocar’s new Top 10 Best hybrid hatchbacks list, and how many positions within the Top 10 have we filled? Why not scroll down to find out…

Autocar’s Top 10 Best hybrid hatchbacks 2022

1. Toyota Corolla

“Having spent more than two decades introducing the world to the hybrid powertrain, Toyota is now well advanced with normalising it – and there isn’t a car on sale that does this better than the current Corolla hatchback.

“It combines a healthy dose of visual style with tangible perceived cabin quality, and like one or two other of its showroom siblings introduced over the past few years, it’s based on a new global model platform and has been dynamically developed and tuned – quite successfully – for distinguishing ride and handling sophistication. In its range-topping 2.0-litre hybrid form, it even performs with a bit of sporting edge.

“The Toyota Corolla… will appeal to people who prefer their motoring lives to be kept simple – but not as much as the all-round ownership credentials of a car that they can feel equally as good about owning and driving as they do about their outgoings at the pump.”

2. Toyota Yaris

“Not only does [the new Toyota Yaris] look better than ever, but it’s sweeter to drive, too. It’s… proof that opting for a hybrid doesn’t have to mean giving up on the dynamism and sense of character that always mark out the best compact cars. [It also offers] easy drivability around town and an impressively frugal rate of fuel consumption. Job well done, Toyota.”

Hybrid top ten: prius plug-in

4. Toyota Prius

“The granddaddy of petrol-electric hybrids further refines the formula Toyota developed back in 1997. Overall, the Toyota Prius* is even more usable than before and genuinely frugal. Although it doesn’t look like it ought to be so, the car’s greatest asset has become how normal it is to drive: more responsive on part throttle, well within its comfort zone at high speeds and genuinely pretty rounded in daily use. [It is] the best-selling hybrid car the world has known.”

Toyota C-HR: Hybrid top ten

6. Toyota C-HR

“If you want evidence of Toyota’s expertise in the field of hybrid powertrains, consider the fact that four of the cars in… this list are made by the Japanese firm. The Toyota C-HR was updated in 2019, with suspension tweaks and a larger, 2.0-litre powertrain… being added. Of course, its usability didn’t suffer in the process. Around town, it’s still a suitably polished and refined crossover, with good ride comfort and decent enough practicality. It can’t be accused of looking like just another derivative, identikit crossover.”

*Please note that the Toyota Prius is no longer available to buy as a new car in the UK, however it is available on our used car website. Alternatively the Prius Plug-in is available with the benefits of extended electric vehicle driving.

Learn more: How does the Toyota hybrid system work?


  1. I am only interested in true hybrid vehicles not mild hybrid gimmicks.the vehicles must also be available on the mobility scheme

  2. I would have put YarisCross in there as well,love it,after two months still only the third one I have seen !

    1. Hi Gerry,
      We are so pleased to hear you are happy with your Yaris Cross.
      We wish you many more happy miles.

    2. Ditto, we love our Yaris Cross which we got on New Year Eve 2021, now 11 weeks in and no problems to report, it’s a really nice drive and comfortable as well, all the extra’s that we have had added to the cars drivability and the ability to keep the cars interior looking first class, I haven’t read the full report yet but will have to read it to find out why the Yaris Cross didn’t make the top 10. Anyway it gets a 10 out of 10 from us.😁😁

  3. I bought a Toyota C HR last December and I think it is the best car I ever had. I am 82 years old and have had various cars since I was 17 years old. Wonderful!!!
    Geof Holden

  4. Good news for Toyota topping the table of hybrid hatchbacks, they deserve it!
    When will they produce a plug-in Corolla Touring, as they have the technology, and the demand is there; just look at how many new Corolla-size cars there are on the road! In this class, Toyota are being left behind by all the other ‘copy-cat’ cars emerging; just look at VW, Vauxhall, BMW, Renault, etc.
    Please hurry, as my 2014 Auris Excell Touring has only 2+ years left of it’s 10 year warranty and is still running like a dream, so I want to move it on as I have a Taxi driver pestering me to buy it! I wonder why?

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      We will pass on this feedback to our wider product team.

    1. Yep totally agree re 12v battery. I’ve a Yaris Hybrid . It’s 10 Months old and the battery has let me down and rescued by AA. Take a look at You Tube to see how many others have been affected. The real kick in the teeth is Toyota do not cover this on warranty. Poor stuff frankly

      1. Hi Robert,
        We are really sorry to hear about this.
        If there is anything we can do to assist you at this time, please let us know.

  5. I’m pleased to see Toyota making attractive cars again.
    My dad had several Corolla’s all very reliable but dull.
    But now as I’m getting older I could fancy one or any of the other winners the Yaris & C-HR appeal most.
    Just one criticism. Why can’t the automatic be a twin clutch auto rather than the CVT? I dislike CVT automatics. That change would make these cars near perfect.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for your comment, and we thank your dad for his loyalty over the years.
      We also appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback on the transmission.
      We are always looking for ways to improve our product offering, so we will pass this feedback onto our wider product team.
      If there is anything else we can do to help you get behind the wheel of a Toyota, please let us know.

  6. will the yaris cross going on motabilaty as i think its lager then chr i need a car as big as the grandland x as is the one i have now to be able to get in it

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We do not have any information on this currently.
      However, according to our SUV Size Guide, the Toyota C-HR is larger than the Yaris Cross – other than it is 5mm shorter!
      We hope this helps.

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