Reserve and Relax: the easy way to buy a new Toyota

Reserve and relax

Toyota is taking the stress out of new 21-plate car purchases with Reserve and Relax, an online programme that gives customers all the information and support they need while showrooms remain closed due to lockdown restrictions.

To help them find the car that suits them and to have all their questions answered, customers can organise a video consultation with an expert sales representative from their chosen Toyota retailer. This will include a walk-around presentation of the vehicle.

After choosing their desired model, the customer can configure it to their personal specification, selecting the colour, trims and equipment features they want. Once a fully refundable reservation fee has been paid, the new vehicle will be prepared, a test drive offered at an appropriate time and, when the customer is ready and showrooms have reopened, a “no-touch” vehicle collection, fully compliant with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines, will be arranged. Online orders provide three days’ complimentary insurance, so the customer can simply drive their car away when it is ready for them.

Cars can be reserved for just £99, fully refundable at any time prior to the order being processed and the vehicle build being commissioned. For peace of mind, if customers are not delighted with their car, they can return it within 14 days for a refund.


  1. I understand I can leave an unrelated comment under this article and it will be seen and dealt with. I have what seems like it should be a simple problem but is proving difficult. I am looking for the English language owner’s manual for the 4th generation Toyota Yaris Hybrid. When I search on Toyota UK’s website it presents me with a manual that does not cover the hybrid version. I know this because I have looked at the Spanish version which does. It’s bad enough that Toyota can’t put up the correct manual but that is not my complaint.

    After spending 24 hours trying to find the manual, I called up Toyota UK customer service. The lady was initially incredulous and then tried to get me to call up Toyota in Portugal (which is where I am buying the car). I explained that I am looking for it on Toyota UK’s website because I should be assured of finding the English language version there. The fact that it isn’t there is a problem that should be addressed. She eventually agreed and said she would contact Technical support and update me. No-one has updated me.

    I also then decided to contact a dealer in Portugal. He said he would contact the importer and someone would be in touch shortly. No-one got in touch. I then contacted the importer in Portugal who said she would pass the issue on to Technical support and I should expect a call. Nothing!

    Toyota, it should not be this difficult for a customer to get his/her hands on an owner’s manual. The first thing that Toyota UK customer service (since this is an English language manual and the other countries do have their native language manuals in place) could/should have done is find the manual and either point me at it or email it to me. That would have sent me away happy. Then they should have sought a solution to the fact that the manual is not where it should be on the UK website. It’s now 48 hours since I first thought ‘let me download the owner’s manual for the new car’. Poor show.

    1. Hi Mainoo,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear this.
      There are two Owner’s Manuals listed on our website – one for the hybrid version, one for the non-hybrid version. It’s quite possible that you have simply clicked on the non-hybrid version.
      We have checked the website, and the hybrid Yaris manual is definitely present. We have linked the 4th generation Yaris hybrid manual, as of 06/2020, here:
      However, as you have mentioned, this is a UK Owner’s Manual. We can therefore not guarantee that the features described will be the same as on your vehicle due to differences in specification between countries.

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