How much will the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid cost?

The highly anticipated plug-in hybrid version of the current Toyota RAV4 will be available to order from 4 January 2021, ahead of customer deliveries beginning in the second quarter of 2021.

Toyota RAV4 PHEV (Europe spec)

RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid

The new RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid is the new flagship of our hybrid electric range and with a system output of 302bhp is also the most powerful RAV4 we’ve ever produced. Its default operating mode is all-electric, where its new plug-in hybrid system will offer a 46-mile driving range on a full battery charge (WLTP data) and speeds up to 84mph. Official fuel consumption is 282mpg with 22g/km CO2 emissions (WLTP combined cycle), securing a benefit-in-kind rate of just 6.0% for company car taxpayers.

Toyota RAV4 PHEV (Europe spec)

Featuring a 2.5-litre petrol engine, a more powerful electric motor and a larger battery, the RAV4 Plug-in delivers more rewarding performance (0-62mph in six seconds) and drivability, with 50% more available at 37mph compared to the standard RAV4 Hybrid.

The new model will be available in two equipment grades: Dynamic and Dynamic Premium. On-the-road prices for the former are £47,395, while the latter will cost £50,895.

Toyota RAV4 PHEV (Europe spec)

Based on the equivalent RAV4 Hybrid specification, Dynamic will offer 19-inch machined-face alloy wheels, nine-inch multimedia touchscreen, access to connected services, heated front and rear seats and LED projector headlights. To support its EV capability, it will come with a 6.6kW (32A) cable for fast charging (wall box system required).

The Dynamic Premium version adds black leather upholstery, front seats with ventilation and memory settings, panoramic roof, head-up display and a JBL Premium Sound System.


  1. The blog states Order book open on January 4th, but have you released finance offers yet. I can’t consider an order unless I know Interest rates, GFV etc. And of course a full spec.

    1. Hi Rob, thank you for your interest in the RAV4 PHEV.

      We have no information on finance options for this model at the moment, but any updates will be communicated through the sign-up link. No doubt you are already registered with this, but here it is just in case:


  2. I’ve got the Rav4 Hybrid 2019, and I am very happy with it, and getting on average for more urban driving 50MPG, however when I look at the price of the PHEV it is priced for facilities that most do not require. Toyota I believe have produced a car at the wrong range end, as you can buy other high Mark Manufacturers cars for even cheaper than the Rav4. The Hybrid version taking into consideration fuel costs, still works out over a number of years cheaper than the PHEV, Toyota should take a look at the Range!

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for your comment and your feedback.
      The RAV4 PHEV doesn’t have many direct competitors, but its price is in line with industry norms considering its extensive equipment. We realise that, in isolation, this may seem like a lot, but given its size and electric range, we think it is competitively priced.
      We also believe in a multi-fuel future as we appreciate that different powertrains are not suitable for every person, hence why we offer both hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains so that consumers can choose the vehicle best suited to their needs.

    2. Hi, may I ask if the new RAV4 plug-in would have option to include panoramic view monitor and digital rear view mirror?

      1. Hi Michael,
        Thanks for both your comment and your interest in the RAV4 Plug-In!
        This model does not have the option to include a panoramic view monitor or digital rear-view mirror, but it does come with an electrochromatic auto-dimming rear-view mirror as standard.

  3. The RAV4 PHEV is an appealing proposition. A couple of questions: (i) does it have a heat pump like some other PHEVs and EVs, to help maintain cabin temperature without use of the petrol engine? (ii) given the elevated pricing, might you offer some alternative interior finishes & colours to help differentiate it from the standard RAV4?

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear that you’re interested in the RAV4 PHEV!
      In hybrid mode, the gasoline engine may operate in order to extract heat from the engine coolant via the heater. In EV mode, heating is done by a heat pump system.
      Externally, there are details that distinguish the RAV4 PHEV from its hybrid sibling, reflecting its “refined sports” character. There is a metal-look finish to the lower front moulding and rear garnish above the licence plate, dark chrome detailing in the headlight units and a dark plating for the front grille. The rear skid plate is painted black. The charging point is concealed beneath a flap on the right wing. RAV4 PHEV is fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels as standard. These have a five-double-spoke design with a contrast bright machined and black finish.
      The plug-in model also introduces a new body colour to the RAV4 range, Scarlet Flare, offered in a bi-tone finish with a black roof and pillars.
      Regarding interior differences, a framed rear view mirror, a silver insert on the upper dashboard and a silver gear shift surround on the centre console are just a few of these for the RAV4 PHEV Dynamic grade in comparison to the Hybrid Dynamic grade. However, interior trim options are not available.

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      Sorry, heated steering wheel is not available in the UK market. Regarding HUD, there needs to be a difference between the two models, so some features are only available on the higher specificaiton model.


  4. Hi thinking of buying Rav4. Can you confirm if there is a spare wheel option as this is an absolute must for me. Currently driving a ford kuga and really like the heated front screen, how quickly does the screen demise/defrost? Lastly is wireless charging available in the uk model

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks both for your comment and your interest. Are you referring to the RAV4 Plug-In or the RAV4 Hybrid?
      As this blog post focuses on the Plug-In variant, this is the information that we have provided:
      The RAV4 Plug-In does not come with a spare wheel. It comes instead with a Tyre Repair Kit.
      Unfortunately it is impossible for us to say how long the windscreen will take to defrost as this is dependent on many factors. RAV4 Plug-In does not have a heated windscreen.
      A wireless mobile phone charger is available on the Dynamic and Dynamic Premium grades.

  5. Booked a RAV4 hybrid in UK. Was told there is shortage of chips so the delivery is going to be delayed, but no time frame given. Any idea when the production is going to start and when will UK start to see more RAV4’s coming into the country?

    1. Hi Ramakant,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on delivery times.

  6. Hi. I understand there is a new bulletin out explaining how the buyer of a new Plug-in PHEV can have a free home charger fitted. I have a Dynamic Premium plug-in on order, expected May 2022. Please see below posting from Marianna at Toyota. :


    The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme applies to anyone who owns, leases, or has ordered a qualifying vehicle.

    If you could provide me with your post code, I will be more than happy to contact your local Toyota Centre and ask them to contact you back to discuss his further.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards



    Can I get a link so I can contact Marianna or the relevant department to ask them to speak to my dealer to arrange this.

    Merry Christmas and regards

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment.

      We are not sure where you found the quoted information. In order to obtain a wall box charger, you will need to get in touch with your local Toyota Centre who will be able to order it on your behalf.


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