Pricing announced for new 2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux in Titan Bronze - front-three-quarter

Prices have been announced for the new 2021 Toyota Hilux, with on-the-road costs ranging from £26,895 for the entry-level Active Single Cab to £40,475 for the range-topping Invincible X edition.

The full breakdown of prices and specs are shown in the table below. Invincible and Invincible X models have been available to pre-order since 1 September, while Active and Icon derivatives are available to order from 5 October through Toyota retailers.

New Toyota Hilux: prices

Active Single Cab 2.4D Six-speed manual £26,895 £22,466 
Active Extra Cab 2.4D Six-speed manual £28,395 £23,716 
Active Double Cab 2.4D Six-speed manual £29,145 £24,341 
Icon Double Cab 2.4D Six-speed manual £31,795 £26,549 
Icon Double Cab 2.4D Six-speed automatic £33,295 £27,799 
Invincible Double Cab 2.4D Six-speed manual £34,925 £29,158 
Invincible Double Cab 2.4D Six-speed automatic £36,425 £30,408 
Invincible Double Cab 2.8D Six-speed manual £35,400 £29,553 
Invincible Double Cab 2.8D Six-speed automatic £36,900 £30,803 
Invincible X Double Cab 2.8D Six-speed manual £38,975 £32,533 
Invincible X Double Cab 2.8D Six-speed automatic £40,475 £33,783 

Since its launch in 1968, the famously unstoppable Toyota Hilux has proved its toughness time and again, from conquering volcanoes and both poles to winning the gruelling Dakar Rally.

Now the revised eighth-generation model presents a stronger proposition than ever thanks to a striking new design for the 2021 model year, the option of a powerful 2.8-litre powertrain, and equipment upgrades that will increase its appeal for business and leisure users.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible in Titan Bronze - rear three-quarter

New Toyota Hilux: design

The frontal design has been completely reworked to incorporate a powerful, three-dimensional treatment across the grille and bumper. It is a change that increases the vehicle’s road presence and reinforces its robust, go-anywhere credentials.

Depending on model grade, new front and rear LED light units are available, plus 18-inch black alloy wheels with a contrasting machined silver face. A striking new Titan Bronze metallic body colour (seen in these images) has also been added to the Hilux palette.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible - interior and dashboard

The upgraded cabin features a redesigned combination meter in the instrument cluster and a centrally mounted eight-inch multimedia screen. The latter now uses buttons and dial controls for improved functionality in all driving conditions, while the software is faster to improve responsiveness. Smartphone connectivity is provided through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible - window and JBL speaker

Top quality features include smart entry and push-button start, satellite navigation, automatic air conditioning, front and rear parking sensors, and a nine-speaker JBL premium sound system with an 800W eight-channel amplifier and Clari-Fi technology for improving the reproduction quality of digital music files.

New Toyota Hilux: powertrains

The existing 148bhp 2.4-litre powertrain has now been joined by a more powerful 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine, which will ensure the pick-up stays on the performance pace within its segment. This powertrain will be available with a choice of either six-speed manual or automatic transmission, and all UK versions will have all-wheel drive.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible in Titan Bronze - viewed from above, with electric roll deck

Provisional figures for this engine reveal a 201bhp output and 500Nm of torque, enough to despatch the dash to 62mph in ten seconds – approximately 3.2 seconds faster than the current 2.4-litre unit. Combined cycle fuel economy is predicted to be around 36.3mpg with CO2 emissions of 204g/km. All figures are subject to change, pending final homologation.

New Toyota Hilux: driving dynamics

Engineers focused on improving the model’s on-road prowess, without sacrificing any of its legendary off-road capabilities.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible in Titan Bronze - front fog lamp detail

Regarding the former, comfort and driveability have been enhanced through improvements to the suspension and power steering. The front and rear shock absorbers have been retuned, and there is an improved leaf spring design with new bushing. These contribute to a smoother ride with less shock when driving over joints and holes in the road surface.

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to note that Hilux has retained its sturdy body-on-frame construction, a design that is hard-wearing and better able to withstand the torsional forces encountered in extreme driving conditions. Accelerator response has been tuned for greater driver control, and the vehicle stability control has been updated to include a new tyre angle monitor.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible in Titan Bronze - rear deck open

Where practicality is concerned, the one-tonne payload and 3.5-tonne towing capacity are delivered across all three body types: Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab.

New Toyota Hilux Invincible X

The range-topping Hilux Invincible X Double Cab (seen in these images) is distinguished by exclusive exterior styling details, including bespoke grille and front bumper, skid plate, arch extensions, door handle and tailgate designs.

2021 Toyota Hilux Invincible in Titan Bronze - side profile view

The Invincible X also comes with its own combination meter design, black metallic and dark chrome trim accents within the interior, and even a model-specific key. Blue illumination is integrated into the door trims and the perforated leather seat upholstery features a two-tone treatment.

New Toyota Hilux: Active and Icon grades

Active: Active grade models now feature Toyota Safety Sense 2 as standard, while the fuel efficiency of Extra Cab and Double Cab models is boosted with the addition of stop/start technology. Further standard features on all Active models include air conditioning, radio and CD player, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, auto headlights and a rear differential lock.

Toyota Hilux Active - front three-quarter

Icon: Icon grade models are only available in Double Cab form, and include power folding door mirrors, reversing camera, privacy glass, LED front fog lamps and side steps. Further practical features include new 17-inch alloy wheels and an automatic limited-slip differential to improve low-grip driving in two-wheel drive mode. New interior features include smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, coupled with the new eight-inch multimedia touchscreen.

Toyota Hilux Icon - front three-quarter

New Toyota Hilux: accessories

Customers can choose from a wide range of accessories to personalise their Hilux and equip it to suit their specific work or leisure requirements. Items include a range of bed liners, hard tops, roll covers and sport bars.


      1. Hi Robert,
        Thanks for your comment.
        The 2021 Hilux Invincible X does come with scuff plates.

  1. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear that you’re not a fan of the Titan Bronze colour, although this is only available on the Invincible X model.
    The Invincible grade Hilux comes in Pure White, White Pearl, Silver Blade, Decuma Grey, Galaxy Black, Crimson Spark Red, Scorched Orange and Nebula Blue colour options.
    You can explore these on our car configurator:
    We hope you’ll find one you like!

    1. Hi Darren,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry that you’re not a fan of the Hilux Active Extra Cab model.
      The seats in the Active Extra Cab are PVC are fitted to make it easier to wipe down and clean when getting in and out of the car on a farm or construction site, for example. There are fabric seats in the Double Cab variant of the Active grade.

      1. i think you have missed the point here
        i have had many a new hilux since 1987 [ which had cloth seats ]
        i am a big fan of the extra cab i changed my 3.0 invincible for it and i bought a new on in 2017 at £23000 inc vat from a uk toyota dealer
        and now due to change it
        but the have jumped up £6000 pounds in 3 years and a lower spec and still have the 2.4 bmw
        engine in and not the 2.8 cummins engine in
        as for the seats they may be easy clean
        but far from being healthy and hygienic i have done over a million miles in land rovers for some of the big construction companies with pvc seats and all they do is sweat you the big companies may want pvc seats to stop the dust going in to the fabric but not joe public
        it should be a no cost option
        you must try a 100 plus mile trip on pvc seats
        it seams toyota uk is selling us the most basic truck for a hi price
        toyota france spain germany ect you can but the extra cab with the same spec as the icon has in the uk
        so like my first comment after 33 years of buying many a new hilux i will not be sitting pvc seats in a new hilux

        [all the comments from the public to toyota uk but nothing changes / we just meaning less reply]

      2. Hi Darren,
        Thanks for your reply.
        The 2.4 diesel engine in the new Hilux is not a BMW engine – this is a Toyota engine.
        We’re sorry that the Active grade Extra Cab specification doesn’t suit your ideal needs.
        As previously mentioned, if cloth seats are a necessity, these are available on other models in the range.

      3. I’ve got the pvc seats and the only time it’s a problem is wearing shorts !!they have tiny perforations which allows them to breathe I wasn’t sure but to be honest they are fine and very practical if you have a dirty job to do , you could get covers or get some invincible seats from a breaker ..
        It is a shame they don’t import the higher spec extra cab I’m surprised they don’t do an sat nav and dab radio option very strange …

      4. Hi Finners,
        Thanks for your reply.
        As previously mentioned, navigation is available on the Invincible X model if this is a necessity, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are fitted from Icon grade upwards, meaning that maps can be used from your phone.
        DAB is available on all but the Active model.
        We’re sorry that the Active grade specification does not meet your ideal requirements.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Invincible and Invincible X models have been available to pre-order since 1 September, while Active and Icon derivatives available to order from 5 October through Toyota retailers.

    2. In New Zealand and maybe Aussie you can buy a Hi lux cab and chassie then put your own back on that suits your job or needs.
      Is this not a option in the UK, and if not why.

      1. Hi Gavin,
        Thanks for getting in touch with us.
        Yes, we do a range of standard and bespoke conversions, including tippers and pickers. What sort of conversion are you looking for?

  2. What will the price of a new double cab active be and will it be able to come in the new Titan bronze colour. If not what other colour options will be available that there isn’t a waiting list for

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thanks both for getting in touch and for your interest in the new Hilux!
      For the Active grade Double Cab, the retail price is £29,145. For commercial use, the price is £24,341.
      Titan Bronze is a colour exclusive to the Invincible X model, so this is not available on the Active grade.
      The Active grade is available in Pure White, Nebula Blue, Silver Blade, Galaxy Black, Decuma Grey, Crimson Spark, Scorched Orange and White Pearl colours. Your Toyota centre will be able to advise you on lead times.
      These can be explored on our car configurator:

  3. I would like to purchase an Invincible X with a large deposit and higher purchase finance but it looks like Toyota only offer PCP finance options on this vehicle. Does Toyota offer higher purchase options for the Invincible X and if so where can I find the information on your website? I will not purchase the vehicle with A PCP deal.


    1. Hi Hugh,

      Sorry to hear you are disappointed with your new vehicle. The Hilux can be driven on the road in rear wheel drive or four wheel drive mode, depending on driver preference. Many modern cars don’t have CD players. Our research shows most people don’t use them. Clearly that’s not the case with you, and we apologise for that. However, we’d always recommend checking the vehicle’s specification before buying one, to make sure it has all the things you need/want.


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