Official: Toyota GT86 TRD confirmed for UK

Toyota GT86 TRD

After months of speculation, Toyota has finally confirmed that a TRD tuned version of the Toyota GT86 will be sold in the UK.

The Toyota GT86 has proved a huge hit among car enthusiasts since its launch last year. The new Toyota GT86 TRD will build upon that with a series of subtle modifications aimed at improving the car’s looks, and its suspension.

Just 250 examples of the GT86 TRD will be available, each equipped with design and performance features from TRD (Toyota Racing Development), one of the world’s most accomplished and successful after market engineering businesses.

On sale from March 1st, the GT86 TRD will be available with either a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox and in a choice of two colours: Pearl White and GT86 Black. On the road prices are £31,495 for the manual and £32,995 for the auto.

The TRD equipment package includes 18-inch cast TF6 alloys, deep front and side skirts, a rear bumper spoiler and a fast-response quad-exhaust system with a rear diffuser to increase stability. A TRD-branded radiator cap and fuel filler cover are also included, as well as a new TRD gear shift lever.

Acceleration and maximum speed are unchanged at 7.7 seconds for 0-62mph and 140mph for the manual and 8.4 seconds and 130mph for the automatic. There are slight changes in fuel consumption and emissions: 192g/km and 34.9mpg for the manual and 181g/km and 36.2mpg for the automatic (all figures official combined cycle).

GT86 is the first UK Toyota for which official TRD parts have been used to create a specific production model grade.

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An early GT86 TRD concept first appeared at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer, while TRD announced its own plans to build a GT86 race car in January.

It has also received major accolades from Top Gear magazine, Autocar, Auto Express and many more top motoring publications, while earlier this week the first GT4 racing version was announced by race specialists GPRM.

You can read our GT86 reviews round-up here, or find out more on the Toyota website.

Toyota GT86 TRD

Toyota GT86 TRD

Toyota GT86 TRD

Toyota GT86 TRD



  1. Hi Oliwer,

    I understood Toyota Europe has embargoed TRD parts for the GT86 and these will eventually be offered through dealers. Any update on when this might happen? There are numerous standard GT86 owners who want the opportunity to upgade using offical parts.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the post.
      I’m sorry to say that I don’t have an update about this yet. Do keep looking back onto the blog, as soon as we have news, we’ll let you know!
      Many thanks and sorry I can’t say more, I understand it’s frustrating waiting for news!
      Best wishes.

  2. At 31.5k you are into 370z money, but no performance upgrade? also the wheels are *still* terrible, do you use a different department to design them (prius!) ?

    1. Hi Adam,
      The wheels available on the GT86 TRD are the 18″ cast TF6 Alloy Wheels and tyres, which are different to that on the GT86 model.
      We hope this helps, many thanks.

      1. Sure, they are different, but not much of an improvement design-wise (imo). It’s a shame as the design of the car itself is decent. Reminds of my gen 6 celica, great body design let down by awful wheels!

    2. I know what you mean the wheels are shocking I prefer something functional like Speedline Corse myself and have a motorsport feel to them thich is what the TRD badge deserves!
      I can’t see how they feel cast alloys are anything to brag about 90% of alloys are cast if they where forged that would be different!

  3. Just wondering on the difference between the basic model of the gt and the gts and with the new release of the Trd. Some info would be good as I’m in the market for the gts but I’m keen for the TRD but just want to know the difference

    1. Hi DJ,
      You can find the specification and more details on the GT86 through our website: The GT86 TRD adds to this specification:
      – front and side skirts
      – rear bumper spoiler
      – a high response 4 exhaust system, with rear diffuser for additional stability
      – TRD-branded fuel cap cover and raidator cap
      – 18″ cast ‘TF6’ alloy wheels and tyres
      – TRD branded gear shift.
      Your local Dealer will be happy to take you through the GT86 and GT86 TRD to find which would suit your needs, you can find their contact details here:
      Thanks for your interest and please let us know if we can help with anything further.
      Kind regards.

      1. I’m trying to understand whats so good about a TRD branded filler cap or radiator cap surely the only times your going to see them is when your filling up (cap is under a flap), servicing the car(topping up coolant) or you’ve broken down (eg steam coming out the radiator cap). Not the sort times you need to be reminded you bought the more expensive model with very similar performance to the standard model.
        My current car is part of a limited run of 295 but it wasn’t sold as a limited edition because it was just a unique colour… yellow

      2. well i have looked at the diferences but there is acouple of things that r different from the base model to the top of the range model. but things like air con is not available in the basic model but is in the top of the range and things like that, will the trd have all the same things that gts have or no??? thats wat im trying to find out. if it does. ill be going down and puting a depoist on it when they cum in, but if not then i don’t really think that it will get much attention, but i hope im wrong

  4. Good morning,
    To clarify there are two grades of the GT86 – the GT86 and the GT86 TRD. The GT86 TRD gains the features listed in our previous reply, in addition to the GT86 standard grade specification. Both grades come with dual zone auto air conditioning.
    As discussed, you can see the full specification for the GT86 standard grade on our website: and for the GT86 TRD through this blog post. Our website will be updated with this information next week.
    We hope this helps.

  5. Thanks for the update, but just wondering as well, with the TRD will it have everything that the gts has on the car or still just the base model with the TRD options.

  6. Hi Imran,
    Thanks for getting in touch. There are no plans for TRD to be available and we couldn’t comment on any future plans for it.
    TMG (Toyota Motorsport GMbh, formerly TTE) still manufactures accessories to serve customers in the niche market. Unfortunately it is a separate entity and we do not deal with them directly. If you wish to contact them, you can find their details here:
    Hope this helps.

  7. Hi.

    I was wandering if you can help.

    Can you confirm how many GT86 TRD were built in red??

    Your press release states they were only black or white.

    I have reason to believe red car(s) were built, sold and referenced as TRD on the VIN sticker.

    It would be amazing to establish this fact

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Aktar, thanks for getting in touch.

      Speaking to our sales and supply team, they have informed us there have been 3 Toyota GT86 TRDs made.


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