Marathon Prius UK Test Drive – What You Thought

We’ve enjoyed a fascinating few days keeping up with the lads’ progress on the road with the Prius. It’s been great to see them meeting up with people who read the blog and even better to read those peoples’ reactions to the car. The blog has seen a lot of commentary about our ‘door step challenge’, so I thought it would be cool to look in more detail at the comments that people have left.

To do this, I’ve built a ‘word cloud’. For those that are unaware of what word clouds are all about, they’re simply created by counting the number of times words are used – the more often they appear, the bigger the word is displayed in the word cloud.

In this case, I’ve collated every comment posted on the blog about the challenge and run them through Wordle (a word cloud creation tool). Wordle analyses the text and creates a map where big words have been used a lot, and small ones used just a couple of times.

So here’s what Wordle produced from reader’s reactions to the challenge:


We’re delighted with the result, with the largest words showing that people like the car (and the challenge itself). There are some less positve comments, of course, which we’ll follow up where we can.

So thanks for all of your comments so far – I hope you find this slightly offbeat look at what you’ve said interesting. Simon’s recovering from his gruelling week on the road, but we’re still working on answering your unanswered questions.


  1. After the test drive, my long review, and a couple of nights thought, we decided to get buy the new Prius. Popped down to my local dealer (Shields Toyota Hamilton) to place an order but they were not able to do an advance order yet. I thought that was odd because I’ve seen other people comment they’ve already placed orders, but they were adamant and most unhelpful. Time to find a different dealer.

  2. Hi Mark – really sorry to hear you had problems. We’ve passed on your comment and hope that the centre will be able to take your order soon. Please let me know if you haven’t heard further by the end of this week.

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