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Please note that this blog post was first published in 2009, so some references to specification, equipment, fuel economy, emissions and other features may not reflect the latest version of Prius – you can find out up-to-date information here.

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The following topics have already been discussed:

– Customisation: options, availability and costs (including audio; roof rack, cycle rack, towbar; leather)
– Difference between second-generation Prius and new third-generation Prius
– Wheel size
– Miles per gallon
– Satellite navigation
– Bluetooth and phone sync

– How a full hybrid works
– Battery charging
– Battery lifespan and replacement

– Heated seats
– Cold weather driving

– Servicing: frequency and costs

– Delivery lead times
– Depreciation
– Warranty
– Road tax
– Insurance

Thanks for all the interest in the new Prius.


  1. I can not find the eco button on my 2008 Toyota Prius spirit. I found the EV button but there is no other buttons near it?? Does anyone know where it is?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Is your car a 2nd generation Prius?
      The 2nd Gen Prius does not feature the “ECO” or “Power” buttons, they only feature the EV Mode button. The “ECO” and “Power” buttons became available with the introduction of 3rd Gen Prius in 2009, and continued on the current 4th Gen Prius.
      We hope this helps.

  2. Thanks. Yes i believe it is a 2nd generation. Also i did a history chk as i just bought it used. but the identification number is not being recognized on the toyota website. could someone look into this for me as i am a bit worried

    1. Hi John,
      Could you please provide us with the VIN number and Reg number and we can look into this for you.

      1. Do you have an email so I can email you the details personally. As i am a bit uncomfortable sharing them on the web page.

      2. Hi John,
        If the email you have given is correct we can contact you using that?

  3. Hi, audio system of my car (Prius2009) after the battery change doesn’t work and need to load a disc. what is dies disc and what can i do?
    my car is us toyota and service center in germany cannot help me.

  4. Hi Mahdi,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. Please contact the Customer Relations team at Toyota Germany for further assistance.


    1. Hi Malcom,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      For RHD vehicles, the 12V power outlet is located in the rear console box, just lift the centre arm rest cover open.

      Hope this helps.

  5. I purchased a 2010 Gen3 Prius a few months ago & there was a misfire in cylinder 1. I did not have a spark plug remover to remove the cylinder 1 plug & check. So I took it to Vantage Toyota at Preston. I was initially booked for half of hour for an investigation. While I was there, I was told that they need a further half hour & then another 1 hour to do this complicated inspection. My car is fitted with CCTV & I could see the mechanics going all over in circles trying to identify a cylinder misfire. I was even told that there might be a head gasket problem. After all that time, Vantage billed me for 2 hours labour to clean & refit the same old spark plug which was day light robbery. After this bad incident I did not want to step any Toyota dealership ever.

    Now my Prius is having catastrophic brake failure. I called today (10/10/2018 @ 16.30hrs) & spoke to a lady quoting my private registration number. To my surprise the car is not even recognised by your system. I had to dig the old original registration number for you to know my car. I explained my issue & was told to contact Toyota recall administration to check if there was a recall for my particular issue. As I expected I was told that there is nothing wrong with my model & all should be in ship shape. From past, I have learnt about fatal accidents involving the same brake issue in the USA.

    Please check CNN news URL below:

    Please forward to 2 minutes & 30 seconds on the video & this is the exact same problem I am having with my car. Maybe there is no recall for my car, but there is certainly loads more people experiencing the exact same problem as I am having.

    When driving slowly over an uneven or a slippery surface & you hit a grit or a pot hole, I step on the brakes & the brakes do not respond immediately for a moment as if there is no traction & the car just slips. The brakes response is fine if moving at high speed or if stopping at an emergency. But it loses total braking capability if the car hits a pot hole or a bump when braking.

    When I called Toyota customer relations, they asked me to call my local Toyota dealer & book the car in for an inspection. With my previous experience of booking for a simple inspection which would have lasted 15 minutes, but somehow took 2 hours I am reluctant to take it to you as I will be billed for an insane amount as I have lost all faith in your dealership. I have not put my CCTV footage on Youtube when the car was at your dealership as I was fed-up & just wanted to forget my bad experience & move on.

    I would like if someone would call or email me with what I need to do & what my options are as there is certainly a safety issue with my car.

    1. Hi Warren,

      Thanks for contacting us and we are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We take safety extremely seriously and therefore a member of our Customer Relations team will be in touch with you regarding how we can move forward.


  6. Hi

    I am importing Toyota Prius 2013 model from Japan to drive in the UK. I would like to know what amendments or what parts needs to replaced before I bring it on the road.

    Many thanks

      1. hi
        I changed Toyota prius 2010 gen 3 Bettrey
        And by mistake I put the Bettrey wrong way round
        Now car is not starting
        Please let me know what should I do now

      2. Hi Umair,

        Thanks for getting in touch. We would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre, as they will be able to assist you further.


      1. Hi I’ve got Toyota Prius hybrid 1.8 it’s making noise when u start I’ve changed spark plug egr volve now when u driving abt 5mph it’s missing car shaking wat can be fault thanks

  7. Hello , I am planing to go to Europe for 10 days and was wondering if my 2009 Prius T3 1.5 2nd gen UK speck need to use light deflectors or there are adjustment on the lights where I could adjust them from RHD to LHD. Thank you

    1. Hi Villy,

      Thanks for sharing this with us. While we don’t offer this as an official Toyota accessory and can’t recommend a specific product, the car requires stickers to prevent the kick on the headlamp aim to drive abroad.

      If you carry out an internet search you should be able to find a suitable third party product.


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