MyToyota – introducing your personalised customer portal

Imagine if there was one place where you could manage everything to do with your car – book a service, get reminders for tax and insurance, send journey plans direct to your in-car navigation ahead of time, check the owner’s manual, and much more. Well, there is, and it’s called MyToyota.

MyToyota ( is our dedicated customer portal, but personalised just for you. Once registered on MyToyota, you can associate up to five different Toyotas with your account which makes it ideal for the many multi-Toyota families out there.

How does MyToyota work? It’s split into different sections to help you easily find the information you need or to perform tasks like booking your car in for a service at your preferred Toyota dealer or setting up the route for your next family holiday.

To explain the registration and log-in process, and to get an overview of what MyToyota has to offer, we’ve prepared this short video introduction:

The sections of MyToyota are as follows:

The My Vehicle area is where you register and view records or set reminders for your Toyota vehicles. Reminders include service bookings, and renewals for insurance, tax, MOT (where applicable) and roadside assistance. You can also view your vehicle’s entire Toyota service history, and access details of your multimedia system and other vehicle features.

Access the MyToyota Journey Planner to set up routes and send them directly to your Toyota’s Touch 2 with Go or Touch 2 with Go Plus in-car navigation system. To set up this feature, follow the instructions on the website.

The e-Store is where you’ll find a range of apps and connected services that you can download to your Toyota’s in-car multimedia system. Here you’ll also be able to download software updates and purchase map updates for your navigation system.

Once you’ve set up your preferred dealer on MyToyota, head to the Online Service Booking area to book your vehicle in for a service.

The Owner’s Manual section is where you can find the correct owners manual for your specific Toyota and its factory-fitted multimedia system. Even though every Toyota is intuitively designed so that you can just get in and drive, you’d be surprised at some of the lesser-known features and tips that are contained within the owner’s manual!

Information in this article was correct at the time of publication.


  1. You tell everyone all about my toyota but not where to do this wouldn’t it be easy to add a link?

  2. Please can you guide me to where I can download the latest software for a 67 plate Yaris with Touch 2 + Go…. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Please set up an account on MyToyota through the link provided in the article.
      Once you’ve set up an account, go to the e-Store where you’ll find a range of apps and connected services that you can download to your Toyota’s in-car multimedia system.
      Here you’ll also be able to download software updates and purchase map updates for your navigation system.
      If you require further assistance you can contact our connectivity team here –

  3. I ordered a new Toyota C-HR 2 months ago. Can I please have an update on when my vehicle will be ready for collection and detail of the car so I can register it on My Toyota.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your order.
      Your Toyota Centre is best placed to advise you on details of your order.

  4. Hi, My plug in Hybride toyota is 2015 can I still up grade the SAT nav or is it too old?
    Please advise me. Thank you

  5. My mytoyota account stopped working, whenever I try to log in I get “Looks like something went wrong. Please retry after some time.” If I try a different password I get “Please provide valid credentials to login” so I know when I’m using the correct password.
    I have tried a password reset, it still doesn’t work.
    I have tried using my user name instead of my email address, it doesn’t work.
    I have tried different browsers and the app on both iOS and Android, it still doesn’t work.
    I put in a case about this but it seems to have dropped into a black hole (CASE1762827) so I can’t send routes to my car or see my hybrid driving info etc.
    My account worked for years and worked on my brand-new Rav 4 for about a month and then just stopped. Please can this be fixed, it looks like there’s a problem with my account but no-one seems to be able (or bothered) to fix it. I spent a lot of money on a new Toyota and expect better service.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.

      We are very sorry to hear about this experience and apologise for the inconvenience.

      Did you contact our Connectivity Team regarding this?


      1. Hi Chris,

        We have checked the case and can see that the Connectivity Team are looking into this. There may have been slower reply times over the Christmas and New Year period, but these should being to pick up again.


  6. I registered my car on the My Toyota portal using the VIN number. However the wrong number plate is shown. I am guessing that the previous owner had a personalised plate. How do I update this to show the correct plate?

  7. I want to use Traffic updates on my Toyota Yaris and it seemed to be going OK, now having registered for a Toyota account, it now says I need to register for a Toyota Eu. account . Although we will not be taking the car abroad I will register if it is need to use the Traffic on my touch & Go?

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