Toyota’s 30 years of Le Mans 24 Hours

The countdown to the start of one of the world’s most famous races has begun…

And to mark the 30th anniversary of Toyota’s first official participation in the demanding Le Mans 24 Hours, a new short film has been released charting the story of its racing campaigns.

Le Mans 24 Hours

From its earliest involvement as a manufacturer, supplying engines for the Dome and TOM’s teams in the 1980s, through to today’s technically advanced TS040 Hybrid, Toyota has long been a committed and respected competitor. In 16 races entered, it has secured a series of impressive results, but has yet to mount the top step of the podium.

As the current World Champions in the World Endurance Championship, Toyota Gazoo Racing has the pedigree and the potential to prosper in this year’s race, with two TS040 Hybrid cars set to take to the track. The three-man driver squads for each car include leading British talent: Anthony Davidson, the current joint World Champion (with team-mate Sebastien Buemi) is in the line-up for the No1 car, with fellow Briton Mike Conway embarking on his first Le Mans as a Toyota pilot in the No2 car.

Le Mans 24 Hours

Qualifying for this year’s Le Mans takes place this Wednesday and Thursday with the race getting under way at 3pm local time this Saturday.

Toyota’s 30 years at Le Mans
(Chassis name in brackets)

  • 1985    No36 (85C-L): qualifying 29th; Race 12th. No 38 (85C-L): qualifying 22nd; race DNF (mechanical).
  • 1986    No36 (86C-L): qualifying 40th; race DNF (mechanical). No38 (86C-L): qualifying 30th; race 20th.
  • 1987    No36 (87C-L): qualifying 14th; race DNF (mechanical). No37 (87C-L): qualifying 16th; race DNF (mechanical).
  • 1988    No36 (88C): qualifying 8th; race 12th. No37 (88C): qualifying 10th; race 24th.
  • 1989    No36 (89C-V): qualifying 24th; race DNF (mechanical). No37 (89C-V): qualifying 17th; race DNF (accident). No38 (88C): qualifying 25th; race DNF (accident).
  • 1990    No36 (90C-V): qualifying 10th; race 6th. No37 (90C-V): qualifying 14th; race DNF (accident). No38 (90C-V): qualifying 16th; race DNF (mechanical).
  • 1992    No7 (TS010): qualifying 3rd; race DNF (mechanical). No8 (TS010): qualifying 4th; race 8th. No33 (TS010): qualifying 5th; race 2nd. No34 (92C-V): qualifying 11th; race 9th. No35 (92C-V): qualifying 15th; race 5th.
  • 1993    No22 (93C-V): qualifying 10th; race 5th. No25 (93C-V); qualifying 12th; race 6th. No36 (TS010): qualifying 2nd; race 4th. No37 (TS010): qualifying 5th; race DNF (mechanical). No38 (TS010): qualifying 4th; race 8th.
  • 1994    No 1 (94 C-V): qualifying 4th; race 2nd. No4 (94 C-V): qualifying 8th; race 4th.
  • 1995    No27 (Supra LM): qualifying 30th; race 14th.
  • 1996    No57 (Supra LM): qualifying 36th; race DNF (accident).
  • 1998    No27 (TS020): qualifying 8th; race 9th. No28 (TS020): qualifying 2nd; race DNF (accident). No29 (TS020): qualifying 7th; race DNF (mechanical).
  • 1999    No1 (TS020): qualifying 1st; race DNF (accident). No2 (TS020): qualifying 2nd; race DNF (accident). No3 (TS020): qualifying 8th; race 2nd.
  • 2012    No7 (TS030 HYBRID): qualifying 5th; race DNF (mechanical). No8 (TS030 HYBRID): qualifying: 3rd; race DNF (accident).
  • 2013    No7 (TS030 HYBRID): qualifying 5th; race 4th. No8: qualifying (TS030 HYBRID): 4th; race 2nd.
  • 2014    No7 (TS040 HYBRID): qualifying 1st; race DNF (mechanical). No8 (TS040 HYBRID): qualifying: 3rd; race 3rd.

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