Myth-busting: Toyota Rear View Monitor

We’ve been trawling the net and listening to drivers’ concerns about reverse parking cameras. Here’s our list of rear view myths – busted:

1. “I can’t afford to buy a car with a snazzy rear view camera system.”


Well, reverse cameras are available even on our smallest, most affordable car – the Aygo – it comes as standard on x-pression, x-pure,  x-cite and x-clusiv grades. So you can buy a snazzy car AND have a snazzy parking aid!

2. “I don’t want a driverless car to take away my control!”

Toyota’s Rear View Monitor for Yaris is a visual tool and therefore has no control over your car’s movements – or your input. You simply follow the guidelines in addition to your normal parking procedure.

3. “The camera is too complicated to use so I’ll rely on my eyes.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 15.47.48

The centre screen in your car automatically switches to rear view when you engage reverse in an instant. Primary colour-coding and no unnecessary menus make the whole process easy. The camera could see a wayward pedestrian or low-level obstacle that you may have missed…

4. “I don’t know what the blue and red lines mean on my screen.”

Rear view parking

The blue lines show the direction your car would take if you went straight back. They bend slightly as you steer to indicate your current route too. The centre dotted blue line shows the centre of your whole car, allowing you to park neatly. The red line is a reminder of where to start braking, or stop. Also use your mirrors and check the part of your own car caught on screen to judge how much space you have left. Shown is our Yaris demonstrator with Rear View Monitor.

5. “I don’t need a reverse parking aid, I’m too good at parallel parking.”

parallel parking

Accidents can happen to anyone however confident they feel. The likelihood of an accident at low speeds or when parking is actually really high. According to The AA, up to 51% of drivers had a parking scrape in 2014 – and these may have been preventable with rear view cameras.

6. “If the car is dirty, the rear view camera won’t work anyway.”

rear camera

Ok, this isn’t a total myth – but since the camera is nestled above your rear number plate (see our Yaris above) it’s very easy to wipe clean and this should only be needed if your car gets really, really mucky.

Do you think you need a car with a Rear View Monitor? If you have any questions just comment on our post and we’ll get back to you.

Find out more about the Aygo range or Yaris range – many of which feature Rear View Monitor.


  1. Hi, my daughter has just bought a Aygo (reg: FL67YWU). It has a very good reversing camera however I expected it would also have audible reversing sensors. Is this not the case ?

    Thanks, Nick

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for your question.

      This vehicle is not equipped with audible reversing sensors.

      We hope your daughter is enjoying her Aygo.


  2. Hi I have a 65 plate toyota aygo. I was wondering If you can help. My reverse camera was working this morning about 40 minutes later when I arrived at work I put it in to reverse and what should show as the camera is now black. Can anyone recommend how I’d get this fixed

    1. Hi Roxanne, thanks for your comment.

      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre. They are best placed to diagonise and fix the fault.


  3. My yaris has a camera fitted but does not seem to have any reverse lights, is this how it should be?
    Thanks regards Dean

    1. Hi Dean, thanks for your query.

      Please provide your vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you.


  4. I have a 2016 RAV4, until recently I have had no issues with my reversing camera, but last week the reversing guidelines including the dynamic guideline disappeared. I have tried to find the reasons why they might have vanished but have been unable to find an answer. The camera is still working fine.
    Please note that approx 6 months ago the head unit in the car was changed so I was able to have Apple CarPlay but the guidelines were not affected after the change.

  5. Hi My Yaris just buying for one month, we found that the reversing camera have some water inside and we have email to your distributor ,but no anyone to reply, can you help me to solve this problem ? Thanks

  6. We have just changed our 71 plate Yaris Excel Hybrid for a new Yaris Excel 2023 plate.
    But are very disappointed as the quality of the rear camera at night is terrible as the picture is very grainy and hard to see clearly when reversing.
    We have used the reversing camera in different locations but it has the same problem.
    We first thought the rear camera lens was dirty so checked and it looked clean but then decided to give it another clean but it made no difference as still grainy and still hard to see at night
    In the daylight the picture is clear so obviously it must be a fault with the cameras night time vision.
    Our reversing light works well so that’s not at the problem.
    Also another complaint we have with the car is the petrol cap flap when closed is not flush with the car as when closed is not a firm fit, also again the glovebox door when closed is not a tight fit.
    Our original 71 plate Yaris Excel was well built but seem to feel the new 73 plate seems to be of a lower standard.
    We have phoned the Toyata dealer and have booked the car in for Thursday 4 January to be looked at.
    Look forward to any advise regarding the camera fault.

    1. Hi Barry, thanks for your feedback.

      We recommend alerting your technician of any faults or worries you may have during your visit on the 4th.

      Please let us know if we can assist following this.


      1. Hi again Im not very happy as my car has now been into our dealer Steven Eagell Rayleigh on two occasions to look at why we are getting a blury image when reversing at night.
        The service department have told me my new car has a 9″ screen and the quality is not as good as my previous Yaris Excel 71 plate.
        I do not accept this as I went for the upgrade and expect the car to be as good as my previous car not inferior as that is not acceptable.
        They service department have now said all the upgraded cars which came out with 22 plates have the same problem.
        The service engineer even showed me another brand new Yaris Excell that showed the same blury image as mine.
        I also confirm I first reported the problem by phone on 28 January 2024 (which was 14 days from collection) I then put the complaint in writting on 5 January 2024 with a follow up email on the 11 January 2024.
        I have also sent a copy by Royal Mail Special Delivery on 11 January to Steven Eagell and also made numerous calls to the service department.
        I did get a call from the sales manager at Steven Eagell Rayleig on 11 January 2024 regarding my complaint and asked them to take this up with Toyota direct I was told they will.
        I also want to make it clear on all my emails I put I am registering my complaint in writting under the consumer rights act 2015 within the first 30 days.
        But I am now asking Toyota UK Direct to look into my complaint urgently as feel the car I received on 14 December 2023 has got a major problem and needs to be.
        My car registration is EF73FZK.
        We do like the car but can not ignore this problem as it is a safety issue and I do hope this matter can be sorted out.
        I await your reply

  7. Further to my previous message I want to correct the dates as below.
    I first reported the problem by phone to the dealer on 28 December 2023 (not 28 January 2024 as previosly satated).
    I then put the complaint in writting on 5 January 2024 with a follow up email on the 11 January 2024.
    I have also sent a copy by Royal Mail Special Delivery on 11 January 2024 to Steven Eagell and also made numerous phone calls via the service department phone number which is directed to Milton Keynes.
    On the emails and the Royal Mail Special Delivery which had copies enclosed I stated my complaint in writting under the consumer rights act 2015 within the first 30 days.
    I took delivery of the cxar on 14 December 2023.
    My car registration is EF73FZK.
    We do like the car but can not ignore this problem as it is a safety issue and I do hope this matter can be sorted out.
    I await your reply
    Barry Isaacs

    1. Hi Barry,
      We are sorry to hear about this.
      We would suggest getting in touch with our Customer Support team regarding this.
      They can be contacted on 0344 701 6202.

  8. I have 2023 rav 4 phev.

    Is there anyway of having 3second hold function on reversing camera function when switch between reverse Netral drive quickly.

    Would make it so much easier to park if I could see Image while rolling or driving forward.

    1. Hi Frank,
      Unfortunately, this isn’t a feature at the moment.
      However, we are always striving to improve our product range, so we will be sure to pass this feedback on.

  9. Hi, is the Toyota Parking aid 2 kit plug and play or do you have to connect to the reverse light power wire and is there a kit that connects with the rear camera on a AYGO Mk2 x-style facelift model.

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