We meet the nation’s most dedicated MR2 owners

The MR2 Driver’s Club is one of those very special things: a collection of people, all united in their passion for Toyota’s classic mid-engine runabout.

They meet annually, and this year we joined them at Hatton Country World where over 150 fantastic examples of the MR2 were on display.  Read on to find out why the MR2 continues to mean so much to them.

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Mark Kenworthy

How long have you had your MR2?

“I bought it on 4 June 2004, so today is its birthday! I have owned it since new, and covered 63,500 miles in it. Other Toyota models I’ve owned include a Starlet, Carina E, Avensis CDX, Corolla SR, and I currently own an Auris Hybrid.”

Why did you want one?

“A brochure had been sent through the post for the Red Edition, so I went to the dealer to take a look. My wife could see I wanted the car so she said go for it! However, on reflection, I preferred it in black so I bought the standard car instead of the special edition.”

How does driving it make you feel?

“It’s fun! It’s enjoyable to drive and puts a smile on your face. I enjoy the gearing of the car, the road holding and driving with the roof down.”

What makes your MR2 special?

“There aren’t many Roadsters. But what makes it special is that it feels like a proper sports car with its limited-slip differential, mid-engine and rear-wheel drive.”

What has been your best MR2 road trip?

“A drive through mid-Wales on the A483. It’s a fantastic road.”

Michael Jackson

How long have you had your MR2?

“I’ve had it for two years, although I currently own four Mk1 MR2s!”

Why did you want one?

“I had seen this car on the internet, and saw it had a body kit fitted. When I bought it, it had two wings missing, a dent in the rear quarter panel, no handbrake and no driver’s seat!”

How does driving it make you feel?

“Awesome! It was the car I wanted when I left school in 1985 and saw a Helios Blue car driving past.”

What makes the MR2 special?

“There’s no other car in its class for a mid-engine runabout.”

Best road trip?

“Wales. From Portmeirion to Cardiff, all the way over the national forest.”


Sarah & Mike Robinson

How long have you had your MR2?

“We inherited the car in December 2016. My nan had owned the car from new, but it had been left unused in a garage for 11 years. We have been working on the car for the past six months to bring it back to this condition – it all started when we realised the fuel tank was full of sludge which then led to the injectors needing to be cleaned… and so on!”

Why did you want one?

“I always remembered as a child going out with my nan in the MR2 – I have always loved it.”

How does it make you feel when driving it?

“Emotional. This car has very many happy memories for me.”

What makes the MR2 special?

“Rarity. I didn’t realise the car was so special until I joined the club and started attending the meets. It’s a rare colour combination, too, and my nan always said I should keep it.”

What has been the best road trip you’ve taken in your MR2?

“To this meet! I’ve only done seven miles in it since December so the ride here has been the best one.”

Steve Tudor – Club Chairman

How long have you had your MR2?

“Five years. I had owned an import previously. I bought it for £900.”

Why did you want one?

“They are fun to drive. A friend of mine had raced in the MR2 Championship, which inspired me to buy the import and then, of course, the anniversary model.”

How does driving it make you feel?

“I enjoy it even more in the sunshine with a T-bar roof.”

What makes your MR2 special?

“This is one of only 250 anniversary models made and there are now only 60 left in the UK. It’s good to get so many here today!”

What has been the best road trip you’ve taken in your MR2?

“It was a club event around the Peak District. It took place over a weekend and involved about 25 cars – we managed to cover about 70 miles in two hours!”

Carol Moran

How long have you had your MR2?

“Seven and a half years. I knew exactly what I wanted and I bought the car in Brighton. I was willing to travel far for the right car!”

Why did you want one?

“When I was 17 and in my first job, my boss had a Mk1 model and I wanted one. My brother-in-law let me drive his and I fell in love! The rest is history.”

How does driving it make you feel?

“It makes my hair stand on end.”

What makes the MR2 special?

“They just don’t age. They still look modern and they are beautiful.”

Best road trip?

“I went to France in 2010 on a club event of about 20 cars to Le Havre. Good weather, good company and amazing cars!”



  1. So now you see why Toyota should make a new MR2! The Mazda MX-5 has had its own way far too long – a new MR2 is long overdue.

  2. I’ve had 2 MK2, MR2’s. My first, was a G Reg – 1990 Rev 1 GT-T bar, which I owned for a year 96-97. I loved it so much I ordered a new GT-T bar in 97 Rev 4 which I still own now. Fantastic cars, reliable and timeless in looks. I’ll never sell it, I have so many great memories.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      That’s great to hear! We’d love to see a picture. You can post one to our Facebook page and mention you came to us on the blog.

  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction I have a rev 3 mr2 import got my mot done and I have a leaking break caliper would I need to buy a new one or replace it and where is best place to get one from

    1. hi wheres it leaking from usually its from the banjo union with the 2 crush washers not replaced, there are many places to get them refrbed you can can get kits, or just go to a mpotor factors for a replacement

  4. Hi we have a limited edition Toyota MR2 MARK 2 AQUA PURLE that failed it’s mot, and we had to buy a new car with more seats because I’m pregnant. We don’t want to scrap her as she’s a beautiful car that you can do up still if you have the money. We was wondering if someone would buy her of us, and take good care of her and not let her die. Looking forward to hearing from someone who would care and love her.
    From Christina Hill.

  5. Can you adjust fuel mixture on a mr2 spider?
    Can you do so with remapping the ECU?
    Anyone know the price of remapping a mr2 spider?
    Recently changed the precat manifold with none cat manifold and one of the manifold sensors stopped working, and now it’s running rich, I purchased a new sensor will this cure the rich problem or does it need remapping?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      Great car! We can’t advise on aftermarket modifications, but there are plenty of specialist Japanese car tuning companies here in the UK and a very helpful owner community too, for example the MR2 Drivers Club and MR2 Owners Club. Try their forums for advice!


  6. I owned a 1993 rev 2 mr2 imported from Japan. I bought the car in 2000 and both my wife and I adored it so much it, that it became part of our wedding celebrations in 2002. I sold the car in 2005 after our son was born as we needed something more practical. Last week I bought the same car back and brought her home 15 years after parting. Everything still works and she’s in fantastic condition, and it certainly doesn’t feel like a car that’s nearly 30 years old. The cars a credit to toyota engineering. Both my wife and I look forward to a 20th wedding anniversary road trip in her next year!

  7. I love the MR2 as well. A lady friend of my wife and I in her 70,s at the time had had this Aqua 1993 MR2 since it was three in 1996. She could not sell it to anyone that she did not know as she was afraid it would be wrecked. It had a genuine 63.000 miles on it with full service history, e Ben old petrol bills. So I bought it off her to help her. But of course I fell in love with it.comfortable, reliable, beautiful and superb colour. I am now 85 but still drive it locally, it now has 67.000 miles on it and sits too long in my garage. I shall have to part with it soon as I am having difficulty with my knees. But what a superb car by Toyota.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s a great story.
      We are glad to hear that you love your MR2!
      Many thanks.

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