Lost car keys? Don’t panic and read our advice instead

Lost car keys are no reason to panic.

Although losing your car key is always inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world – and your Toyota dealer can certainly help. Read on for our advice on what to do if your car keys go walkabout.

Situation: I’ve lost one of my car keys

Don’t worry. If you have another key your Toyota dealer can supply a new one for you relatively simply. Give them a call (find their details here) and arrange an appointment. They can examine your car and the remaining key, and organise for a new key to be ordered, cut and programmed for you. This usually takes one or two days.

If you do not live within close proximity of a Toyota centre, many police forces recommend contacting a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.

Situation: I’ve lost all of my car keys

This is a trickier scenario. If you don’t have any of your car keys and your car has remote locking or other similar features, it will likely have a code that will need to be reprogrammed. It’s also possible that your car will need a new ECU. Toyota has to comply with legal standards when supplying security products, so each process must be carried out by the book.

Due to the security technology within a key and the work involved in getting a new set of car keys, losing all your keys can be expensive. This varies by model but will usually be several hundred pounds or even more. It will also usually take one or two days for the keys to be ordered, cut and programmed.

If you cannot move your car you may need to arrange for it to be recovered to your dealer. And if you do not live within close proximity of a Toyota centre, many police forces recommend contacting a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.

Situation: I’ve locked my keys in the car

Locking the keys in a car is a rarer problem than a few years ago, as smart entry or keys with transponders make it much harder to do.

However, if you do manage to lock your keys in the car you should call Toyota Roadside Assistance or your breakdown provider.

Best advice: don’t lose them!

True, this might not sound very helpful if you have lost your keys, but the best course of action is to not lose sight of them in the first place. Get into the habit of keeping your keys in a regular place. Whatever suits you, as long as it’s safe and out of immediate sight.

If your car has so-called ‘keyless entry’, we recommend not leaving your key fob anywhere close to where you park your car, because it could present an opportunity for thieves to use a device known as a ‘relay transmitter’ to remotely access your car.

Why are car keys expensive?

While it might seem that cars keys are simple (they just open the car, right?) they are actually pretty complex. This is one of the reasons why Toyota Car Insurance policies include key cover (vehicle, house and office) as one of the many benefits for policy holders.

From remote locking to keyless entry and start for more recent models, a key can contain a sender, receiver, the physical key itself and other parts – most importantly, the coding that lets it only communicate with your car. It’s the reprogramming process that costs money, as strict control is needed over codes. Like other manufacturers, Toyota must comply with EU standards.

Depending on the car you have, parts may need to be ordered and this can take time. Re-coding keys can be relatively straightforward but nevertheless takes time and labour.


  1. Hi, my cousin in Poland has lost the main key with the buttons for his 2011 Toyota Auris and is unable to get a repacement locally. I have the vehicle’s vin number and wondered if you could help?

    1. Hi Zeeshan,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately we are unable to help you find your keys, but there is helpful advice in the blog post above regarding the steps to take should you have lost either one or both keys.
      If you still have a spare key, you can arrange an appointment with your nearest Toyota Centre, and they will organise for a new key to be cut and programmed.
      If you have lost both of your keys, this will be more difficult and expensive, but your nearest Toyota Centre should still be able to sort this for you. You can read more details in the blog post.

  2. Hello

    I own a 2016 Toyota Aygo & I don’t have any keys for my vehicle as they have been lost. Is there any way I can have a brand new set of keys with remotes reprogrammed for the car and if so what sort of price would I be looking at thank you.

    Kind Regards.

  3. What is the cost of a new key for a Toyota aygo 2010 the dog chewed the key and the immobiliser part is missing. Still have the key and the board inside the key.
    Car won’t turn over because there is not immobiliser chip. Been quoted £360 plus vat I thought that was expensive.
    Please help.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, that does sound about right. It can be expensive, as explained above in this blog post.

      We hope you’re back on the road soon!


  4. Good day. I lost the Aygo 2014 key brought to Copart before 6 months. You help me .thank you

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