Land Cruiser V8 price and specification

The Land Cruiser V8 has never wanted for much in terms of quality, performance, luxury and unmissable road presence. Now current model goes even further in terms of sharper design inside and out, more creature comforts and advanced handling technologies for exceptional off-road capabilities. Here’s what you can expect from Toyota’s new flagship 4×4…

The Land Cruiser V8 gains a new frontal design that features high-intensity discharge units and LED daytime running lights. The UK model is fitted with new black roof rails, side mouldings with chrome details and new-design 20-inch alloy wheels. The rear light units have also been refashioned and LED turn indicators have been integrated into the door mirrors.

Inside, the key changes include new, air conditioned/heated front seats, a central cool box, heated steering wheel and all-round improvements to the quality and appearance of the trims and finishes.

2012 Land Cruiser V8

New off-road handling and driver assistance systems
The changes in equipment specifications are led by the introduction of a comprehensive array of handling and driver-assistance systems that work together to make the full spectrum of off-road driving scenarios easier and safer to negotiate.

The new features include:
– The world’s first Turn Assist, reducing the vehicle’s turning radius when driving through tight off-road bends.
– Crawl Control, with five speed settings for tackling steep climbs or descents.
– Multi-terrain Select, with five selectable modes to tailor vehicle performance to different off-road conditions.
– Multi-terrain Monitor, providing a 360-degree view of the area immediately around the vehicle via four external cameras.
– Tyre Angle Display, displayed together with the predicted tyre path guidelines on the Multi-terrain Monitor, showing changes in steering angle between zero and 45 degrees.
– Variable Flow Control power steering, with a unique, dedicated off-road setting.

2012 Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser V8 retains its 4.5-litre V8 turbodiesel engine and six-speed automatic transmission, with adjustments to bring exhaust emissions in line with Euro 5 standards. These include the addition of diesel particulate filter (DPF) and new fuel injectors in the common rail system. Maximum power is 268bhp at 3,600rpm, and maximum torque of 650Nm is delivered between 1,600 and 2,800rpm.

Toyota Touch Pro
Land Cruiser V8’s adoption of new technologies includes the standard provision of Toyota Touch Pro, an advanced multimedia and navigation system with a digital tuner, Bluetooth and a rear-view camera. Controlled by means of a new eight-inch central touchscreen colour monitor, it offers advanced route planning and display functions, with voice controls, 3D landmark representation and “one-shot” destination input. Easy connection and integration can be made with mobile phones to download contacts, send and receive text messages (including a text-to-voice function) and e-mail.

The system also delivers on-board internet connectivity, via a compatible mobile phone, including Google Local Search and data on local parking availability, fuel prices, and the option to download online points-of-interest. Access is also provided to TPEG data on traffic flows and weather conditions.

2012 Land Cruiser V8

Premium In-Car Entertainment option
A premium in-car entertainment package can be specified as an option. This provides two eight-inch seatback-mounted monitors that are designed for a clear view from a wide angle range, and to be resilient to screen “jitter” when the vehicle is on the move. The system can play content in a wide range of file formats from DVD, CD, USB 2.0 and SD Cards. The tablets can play from a single source, or operate independently, so viewers can watch different DVDs, or use separate games consoles.

Toyota 5 Year WarrantyLand Cruiser V8 is priced at £65,990 on-the-road. As with all new passenger cars in the Toyota range, the Land Cruiser V8 comes with Toyota’s 5 year warranty as standard.

To see more images of the 2012 Land Cruiser V8, click here.


  1. I purchased new from Toyota UK the 2012 V8 Landcruiser which I exported to Zimbabwe. I would like to update the navigation system to the Southern African maps, previously when I have written to Toyota they said contact the local Toyota agent, they cannot help as this navigation system is not put in any of the Lancruiser V8`s that come to this part of the world. I have tried Navteq and I am not getting any response from them. Please could you steer me in the right direction to get an update on my navigation system.
    Just as a matter of interest, this vehicle is so suited to our African roads and such a pleasure to drive.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We’ve discussed your query with our technical team who suggest that your local importer should be involved as they may be able to help you with this. Unfortunately we have no influence over individual country protocols. For us to investigate this further we’d need your registration and chassis number, which you can email to us:
      We’re delighted that the Land Cruiser V8 is coming into its own over there!
      Many thanks and kind regards.

      1. Hi Kerry,
        I will emails details to the Toyota email address you sent me, Regards

    2. Hi. I also have the same issue with the navigation system. Did u manage to get African maps onto your system?

      1. Hi Nicole,
        Thanks for your interest in the Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Unfortunately, this is no longer for sale from us new.
        If you are looking for this specific V8 model of the Land Cruiser, we would recommend searching our Used Cars to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy:

  2. Hi, I’m very interested in a Land Cruiser V8 but have a query regarding the UK spec? Does the UK car have adaptive cruise control or is it a traditional ‘dumb’ system?

    And also are things like the automatic boot lid and heated steering wheel included in 2015 cars? I believe early UK spec 200s were advertised as having them but in actual fact didn’t. Finally(!), can the rear fold-up seats be removed from the car to maximise boot space?

    Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Liam
      Thanks for your post and for your interest in the Land Cruiser V8.
      Specifications of this car do vary across different global markets however for the UK, we can confirm that the cruise control is not adaptive. We do not have a power boot (if you mean a button to raise and lower), the steering wheel is not heated and the rear seats are locked in position. Sorry that each of the answers is a no but hope this has helped clarify. If you need any further assistance or have any other questions please let us know.

      Ref his comments on 200s being advertised… As we don’t use the 200 terminology in the UK I’d images he’s seen whatever advertising it is abroad and vertain specs do vary between countries

  3. How much is the entertainment system option? I’m aware that by now Toyota UK has no longer selling LC V8. But I would love to know the price at the time when Toyota UK is still selling them. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for getting in touch. This is a question for your local Toyota dealer, they will be able to help advise!

  5. Hi,
    I have a 64 plate V8 which is the 4th one that I have owned. Does anyone else have a problem with the second row of seats rattling even though they have been put down correctly and a terrible burning smell coming from the rear wheels. Both these points have been ‘investigated’ by the local dealership but they can’t seem to solve the mystery. None of these things happened with my previous 3 land cruiser Amazons.
    My car will be 3 years old in September and with these problems I am thinking of changing, not sure if it will be another Landcruiser as these problems are really annoying.

    1. Hi Linda,
      We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues. Have you reported the problems with your vehicle to our customer relations team? They may be able to investigate this further for you?

      1. Hi Ella,

        Yes each time the car went in for a service they logged my problems and claimed they could find nothing wrong. The car also went in again just with the problems and although the manager, Steve, drove the car and said that the noise from the back seats was awful they could not find any problem, although the service engineer said that a previous – rather large – customer had complained of the same thing and they ‘stuck’ a piece of leather to the side of one of the seats and that stopped the problem!!.

        So in short my car has been back at least 3 times over 2.5 years and I still have the rattle/vibration on the second set of seats and the burning smell from the back wheels. I bought my car from Westover Toyota in Bournemouth and it has only been serviced by them.

        Hoping this can be sorted out.



  6. Hi Linda,
    We can’t see your case on our records. Did you report it to the Centre or via telephone/email to Toyota UK.

    1. Hi Ella,

      No as I said it was reported to the dealership garage, Westover Toyota in Bournemouth, as I was told they were the people who would deal with it. I did say that if they were unable to resolve the issues I would go to Toyota direct, they said there was no need to do that. If you contact them they will have the work sheets with the details on.

      1. Hi Linda,
        Unfortunately, we are not able to get these work sheets from the dealer. Customer relations may be able to do this. I will pass on your details to the CR team and someone should get in touch with you regarding your queries. Many thanks.

  7. how can we differentiate landcruiser full option & basic what are the criteria please list for &send for us via the email address below stated

      1. Hi Abu, thanks for your interest in the Land Cruiser.

        The current model has a 2.8L diesel powertrain. This is priced from around £43,690, depending on which grade and additional options you choose.
        Here are the full details:


  8. Hi Gary here,reading some of these questions on here i read that toyota is no longer selling the Land Cruiser any more is that just in the uk or any where??? Als what have they replaced it with,as was considering buying one very soon,as i normally buy a Range Rover but just lately they dont seem to be getting things right,ie to many problems,so i was thinking of a Land Cruiser,but that now sounds it wont be the case,also what is the cost for the replacement if there is one,or would i need to import one ???,thank you Gary

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