How to use a tyre repair kit

A tyre repair kit is one of the most important pieces of emergency equipment you can carry in your car – offering a quick and safe-to-use alternative to a space-saving or full-sized spare tyre.

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It’s reckoned that on average, UK motorists suffer a puncture once every five years. Tyre repair kits reduce road-side risk by a factor of five and more than halve the time a car is immobilised (source: Tyre manufacturer Continental).

Using a Tyre Repair Kit can be quicker, easier and safer than jacking up your car to change wheels, which means you’ll spend less time in a potentially dangerous situation at the roadside.

The kits also reduce a car’s overall weight, and therefore improve fuel economy.

In this short video, we show you the simple steps you should follow to use a tyre repair kit correctly, and describe the situations in which you should use it.

Finally, it’s important to remember that  all new Toyotas come with 12 months free AA roadside cover. If you can’t use the Tyre Repair Kit, or don’t feel confident then contact the AA to arrange roadside recovery.

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By Dan Strong


      1. Hi John,

        Yes, tyre repair kits do have an expiry date, which is clearly labelled on the kit. We have just checked a 70 plate C-HR and the tyre repair kit has an expiry date of June 2026. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Dan,

      That depends on the puncture and the amount of sealant remaining. We’d always recommend replacing the kit after it has been used, just in case you get another.


  1. Regarding puncture repair kit. Why does Toyota not produce a space saving wheel for the new CHR GR Sports model which has a 19 inch wheel.

    Would it be recommended to use a universal space Saver wheel such as the Road Hero Spare Wheel, which they say 100% fits the Toyota CHR 19″ vehicle

    Anyone have any experience or advice on this.

    1. Hi Pete,
      Firstly, the space saver wheel is not an option on the C-HR GR Sport as this helps to create more luggage capacity as well as increase fuel efficiency.
      Secondly, we would recommend discussing this with your Toyota Centre. They would be best placed to advise on the options available for your vehicle.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi I’m based in UK I used my Toyota air compressor and put red plug in bottom and it used all the sealent.Can I get the sealent bottle or refill it?

    1. Hi Koj,
      If you believe there is a problem with your vehicle or tyre repair kit, we would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre.
      They will be able to physically inspect this and provide any necessary repairs.

  3. I had to use the tyre repair kit this w/e to fix a puncture.If I hadn’t used the repair kit the puncture could have been repaired costing £25.Having used the kit the tyre shop wouldn’t consider repairing the puncture,result having to buy a new tyre £178. The CHR 2.0 has done less than 2000 miles.No spare wheel has cost me money ,not saved me money as the Toyota sales spiel puts out.I think Toyota should reimburse me the cost of the tyre plus a new can of repair solution.I will be buying a space saver at the first opportunity.

    1. I had the same issue. A tiny puncture and it could not be repaired because it was close to the edge. It cost me an arm and a leg and have to replace the sealant. How I miss the old days.

  4. I had a puncture today in my 2020 Corolla hybrid. I connected up the compressor and sealant, and plugged the compressor into the power socket in the car. I turned on the car’s power and got the Ready indicator on the dashboard. However, the compressor was completely dead when I tried to switch it on. Luckily someone in a car parked next to me offered to plug it into his car’s power socket (a diesel) and it then worked. So why was there no power from my car to the compressor?

    1. Hi Neil, thanks for your question.

      We would recommend contacting your Toyota Centre regarding this, as they can inspect the issue.


      1. Thanks – turns out that the fuse to the power supply had blown some time previously.

  5. I have just had to use the emergency repair kit on my Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid. I can’t find a replacement sealant to fit the supplied compressor – do I need to buy a complete kit?

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