Introducing the Toyota FT-Se concept


The new Toyota FT-Se two-seater concept is an exciting potential showcase for high-performance sports cars in the carbon neutral era. It incorporates expertise from Toyota Gazoo Racing‘s motorsport participation and next-generation battery electric technology to present our vision of how a driver’s relationship with their vehicle could evolve and deepen.

FT-Se: Future Toyota Sports electric

With measurements broadly similar to that of the current GR Supra, the FT-Se has a powerful low, wide stance and sleek silhouette inspired by advanced aerodynamics. Inside, the cockpit delivers an immersive driving experience, with a low instrument panel for high visibility. New design kneepads protect the occupants from G-force impacts during driving, whether on the road or in the FT-Se’s natural habitat, the race track.


Progress in the fields of electrification and intelligent technology has allowed us to build on the direction indicated by the Toyota Sports EV concept revealed in late 2021. Enhanced handling stability and aerodynamic performance complement the response and pure thrills of a high-performance, next-generation electric powertrain.

Slim, high energy density batteries are an important factor in enabling the FT-Se to push the boundaries of performance. Combined with the downsizing and weight reduction of components such as the motor, transmission and air conditioning unit, these create new possibilities for enhancing traditional sports car qualities such as stable cornering, responsive handling and confident braking.


An involving and evolving partner

The FT-Se is intended to constantly evolve with ongoing software updates, all the while reflecting the driver’s lifestyle and individual values through customisation and convenient functions for stress-free operation. We believe that future mobility will go beyond providing physical transportation tools to become a lifestyle partner. The FT-Se concept is a vision of how a battery electric sports car could become a one-of-a-kind vehicle to set a driver’s pulse racing and foster a long-term bond.

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  1. This looks awesome. It would great if there was one with the 3 cylinder Corolla turbo engine. I miss my old mr2 turbo and the lotus emira has become too expensive. This would be a great mr2 replacement.

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